LP's (R-Z)

RAD. Loud & Fast (Sacramento) 15.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Sacramento’s RAD is a living, sweating, biting example of an era gone by. They carry on the fury, brevity, and humor of the mid-‘80s when punk and thrash were crossing over, but with totally modern sensibilities. They began in 2011 and quickly become Sacramento’s first and only hardcore apologists. RAD is LORY GILPARTIC (SHARK SANDWICH, RIFF RANDALS) on vocals, ANTHONY LEW on bass, CRAIG HANCOCK (Shark Sandwich) on drums and CHARLES ALBRIGHT on guitar and backing vocals. With their debut LP, Loud & Fast, they make no more apologies. Loud and Fast is a 20-song love letter to American hardcore and thrash. RAD would like you to believe they are Negative Approach with a sense of humor, or DRI at there most cathartic. But actually, RAD is just a good band. They’ll play in your basement. They will play your backyard. They will play in your living room. Middle Class and the Fix won’t.

RADIO BIRDMAN. Radios Appear (4 Men With Beards) 23.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Originally released in 1977, Radios Appear, is the debut album from one of most important Australian bands of all time. Though they are often lumped in with the punk-rock sound of their contemporaries in London and New York, they actually owe more to the earlier sounds of Detroit, specifically the Stooges and the MC5. Their debut is a scorching piece of snotty rock and roll unparalleled in their country or beyond.

RADAR EYES. S/T (Hozac) 14.00 EUR. We’ve been waiting for this moment from RADAR EYES for years. This debut album is more of a pinnacle of modern noise pop than just another invigorating album to get warmed up to on a cold morning. Soaring guitars and heavenly vocal interplay, all screaming along with such interstellar melody and power, you’d think they were on the brink of signing to Creation Records. They have been quietly building an explosive array of hits for the past few years, and now their incredible shine has become unavoidable as they crush together spacey noise with pop hooks so devastating, we just had to ask them to put out their debut album. Here, finally on the LP format they’re best suited for, they’ve aligned their angelic guitar transcendency to come to full fruition, heralding a fresh new layer of palpitating excitement to their timeless sound they’ve honed to such a fine point. This is a band that understands how to control themselves under all the constraints, firing off powerfully direct, gigantic synthesized pop anthems that twist and turn with the best of their influences and lock themselves deep inside your head.

RADIOACTIVITY. Silent Kill (Dirtnap) 21.50 EUR. Seems pretty safe to assume that almost no one doubted RADIOACTIVITY’s ability to follow up their 2013 Dirtnap debut with something equally stunning. Frontman and chief songwriter JEFF BURKE (THE MARKED MEN, THE REDS, THE POTENTIAL JOHNS) has certainly done more than enough to earn that kind of expectation and pressure. But Silent Kill, which finds Burke backed by Marked Men compatriot MARK RYAN and two-thirds of BAD SPORTS (DANIEL FRIED and GREGORY RUTHERFORD), does more than merely match the virtues of its self-titled predecessor.  Radioactivity's first LP was rightly hailed as a sort of sequel to The Marked Men's remarkable run through the first decade of the millennium, and while Silent Kill bears the unmistakable hallmarks of that band's tightly wound "Denton sound," Radioactivity can now lay claim to a sonic territory of their very own. Burke's distinctive hooks dig as deep as ever, but the scope of his vision has expanded, and now that the Burke/Ryan/Fried/Rutherford all-star team has had some time to cohere, Radioactivity can do all sorts of damage in less than thirty minutes.  Although the twelve songs on Silent Kill abide one strict rule--providing garage punk pleasure at all costs--Radioactivity bend that mandate in myriad ways. Breathless ragers like "Battered" and "No Alarm" are as fleet and raw as anything in the combined canon of Radioactivity's members, while mid-tempo heartbreakers "Way Out," "Connection" and "Where I Come From" find Burke and company opening up their sound to let in a little tenderness. And then there are songs like "Not Here" or "With You," which enact perfect unions of melody and kinetic energy. Admirers of Burke's legacy will be not only satisfied, but pleasantly surprised.

RAMMA LAMMA. Ice Cream (Certified Pr) 19.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Rocketing forth from the neon-Blatz-sign jungle of Milwaukee with the power of a trillion Pinky Tuscaderos, RAMMA LAMMA adds several dozen gratuitous exclamation points to your summer with the release of their debut long-player, Ice Cream! Transporting you via guitar to a magical universe full of round lightbulbs where the boys wear stripes, the girls wear Creem Boy Howdy t-shirts, and pretty much nobody wears pants, Ramma Lamma turn it the fuck up and blitz through a ten-pack of fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll anthems that will jar awake the ACTION! centers in the reptilian forebrains of even the most droopy-lidded rock codgers! Drawing strength and impurity from a wide swath of Rock’s Glorious Pantheon—90’s garage ruckus like the Bobbyteens meets 70’s era Chapman/Chinn junkshop meets the Rezillos and Buzzcocks and everybody gets drunk, stoned and laid ((in a half hour, yet!))—Ramma Lamma haul you by the belt loops ((see, you shouldn’tve been wearing pants!)) into a jellybean-colored world of fine-lookin’ women eating ice cream, fine-lookin’ boys performing unmentionable acts of depravity at a high skill level, wet denim, wet denim, w-w-w-w-w-wet denim, and -- not at all surprisingly—rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a land where the Nervous Eaters teach grade school! A land where Girlschool are the police force! A land of perpetual horniness where Grand Funk and the Guess Who once settled their differences with a Bat-Fight! Party poopers are thrown swiftly and unceremoniously from Ramma Lamma’s speeding Durango 95 of rock ‘n’ roll; the worthy are in for the ride of their lives. Ice Cream: One of the few works of human genius that actually leaves the listener about twenty IQ points dumber for having experienced it! Lick it before it licks you back!"—Rev. Norb Rozek. Packaged with double-sided inserts.

RAT COLUMNS. Do You Remember Real Pain? 12” (Adagio 830) 17.00 EUR. DAVID WEST (RANK/XEROX, TOTAL CONTROL, LACE CURTAIN) delivers five new songs of his shoegaze driven earnest unashamed guitar pop. Five songs of wonderful frosted jangle, sad pop post punk with potential ear wings that let you melt away under the sun on some beach. Just beautiful. The new record goes hand in hand with their current European tour and gets a pressing of 500 records with silkscreened covers.

RAT COLUMNS. Fooling Around E.P. 12” (Blackest Ever Black) 22.50 EUR. First vinyl release of the definitive version of "Fooling Around," which appeared in truncated form on RAT COLUMNS' 2014 album Leaf (R.I.P. Society). Its void-chasing motoric and moody jangle evoke Splendour of Fear-era Felt or David Kilgour at his dreamiest, strapped to the engine of NEU!'s "Für Immer." "Living in the New World" summons Orange Juice or The Modern Lovers, but with a darker, more delirious edge; "Should I Leave You Alone?" closes with square-jawed dub-bass and chewy tape FX yielding to baroquely beautiful guitar phrasing and limpid Moog tone-float. Picture sleeve; includes insert and download code. Edition of 500.

RAT COLUMNS. Sceptre Hole (Smart Guy) 13.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! RAT COLUMNS is a trio from San Francisco, California that generates dark, ill-fit- ting pop wanderings, introspective jangle and chime, mangled noises and various points between. The band was started by DAVID WEST (RANK/XEROS, BURNING SENSATION) in the isolated environs of Perth, Western Australia, and following a move to the northern hemisphere the trio format was happened upon with the addition of drummer/guitarist MATT BLEYLE (VIOLENT CHANGE, SPOONS, ABI YOYOS) and bassist JON YOUNG. The three recorded the LP Sceptre Hole in the second half of 2011. As on the previous four-song 7” (SmartGuy Records, 2011), JAMES VINCIGUERRA (TOTAL CONTROL, SOVIET VALVES, AIDS) contributed some drums to the effort. Sure, Sceptre Hole flies closer in to the pop sun than before it also keeps a toe in the murky waters of guitar noise and dour ambience.

RATAS DEL VATICANO. Tiempos De Austeridad (Hbsp-2x) 15.00 EUR. More primo, kick-ass punk rock from Monterrey, Mexico’s RATAS DEL VATICANO. Pressed on one-sided vinyl with an etching on the B-side. Edition of 500 copies.

THE RATS. Intermittent Signals (Mississippi) 17.00 EUR. REISSUED!!! Second LP, recorded in 1980, buy Portland punk legends THE RATS. FRED and TOODY COLE of DEAD MOON, PIERCED ARROW, THE RANGE RATS, THE WEEDS, LOLLIPOP SHOP and a million other bands are joined on this one by SAM HENRY of THE WIPERS and NAPALM BEACH. A very eclectic LP with elements of Punk, new wave, art rock, psychedelia and early Rock and roll. Great nuts and bolts song writing. A true punk rock classic.

THE RATS. Rats (Mississippi) 17.00 EUR. REISSUED!!! First LP, recorded in 1979 by Portland punk legends THE RATS. FRED and TOODY COLE of DEAD MOON, PIERCED ARROW, THE RANGE RATS, THE WEEDS, LOLLIPOP SHOP and a million other bands along with ROD RAT present a punk rock masterpiece. Stripped down and lo-fi. The record has a slight psychedelic edge and some definite roots in early rock and roll. The record that started to define the aesthetic that would later inform what Fred and Toody accomplished with Dead Moon. Nuts and bolts great songwriting on songs such as “Teenagers,” “World War 3,” “Social Indigestion” and more.   

RAYDIOS. Now (Dirtnap) 12.50 EUR. Our first release from a Japanese band, and we couldn't really ask for a better one than this. For those not in the know, THE RAYDIOS is FINK from the legendary TEENGENERATE and current member of FIRESTARTER. This is their 2nd album, coming about 10 years (!) after their Demo LP on Screaming Apple. The CD version of Now is released by Japan's Mangrove Records last year (and is being distributed by Dirtnap in the USA), and is just now seeing the light of day on vinyl. It's been remastered for vinyl and remixed by Fink himself, and sounds GREAT. Musically this is no frills, crunchy, mid tempo rock n roll. Less trashy than Teengenerate, but not quite as ‘pop’ as Firestarter, this is kinda a middle ground between the two. Total dream release for Dirtnap. Pinch us.”

RAYMILLAND. Recordings ’79-’81 LP+CD (BDR Records) 16.00 EUR. Raymilland formed in the summer of 1978 in St. Louis and lasted until the fall of 1981. Although starting out playing standard punk covers by the Buzzcocks, Damned, and Ultravox, their original influences and ideas about music leaned more toward the no-wave bands of NY and the more experimental bands from the UK. Raymilland played live eight times; four in St. Louis and four in Chicago. A fifth Chicago date slotted to open for Joy Division never happened when the US tour was canceled due to the death of Ian Curtis. Raymilland released one single in 1980 on Praxis; an influential Chicago music/art magazine, had one song included on the first Sub-Pop compilation cassette, and another on a compilation cassette released by the legendary Dong Dong Tapes from the Netherlands. A self produced demo cassette to attract label interest and procure live gigs was so influential that Wax Trax Records sold bootleg copies in their Chicago retail store. Although the band was constantly recording; there were no further official releases. Almost 30 years later BDR Records persuades the band to release a collection of those recordings. The members reviewed their vast archive to assemble the definitive Raymilland collection, and the result is Recordings '79-'81.

RAYON BEACH. Memory Teeth EP 12” (Horizontal Action) 10.00 EUR. “We get really excited about bands sometimes, right? Well folks, RAYON BEACH are one of the most head-blasting, endorphin-rushing musical anomalies we've stumbled across in a while, and these six tracks of exotic punk psychedelia are just what the doctor ordered. Located terrestrially in Austin, TX but borne of outer limits only imagined by acid casualties trying to find where Syd Barrett lives, Rayon Beach take us on an incredible ride through surreal soundscapes and off-center arrangements, and pull it all together under a tight black umbrella, soaked in afterbirth and glowing like weird moon rocks. With aural slices so scrappy and inspirational, they effortlessly conjoin shards of obscure noise, not unlike the uncategorizable brilliance of The Deviants, Swell Maps, and The Soft Boys, in that inescapable running of the primal Pink Floyd nuance through the chainsaw-style state of mind. With no Gold edition, and only 550 black vinyl copies available of this high-powered 12" EP's maiden pressing, you might want to jump all over this before it's morphed into something unrecognizable from it's original state. Watch out for Cryptic Scissor as well, a side-project emanating from Rayon Beach and Woven Bones as part of the next round of the HoZac Hookup Klub, coming soon.”—HoZac

REACTIONARIES. 1979 (Water Under The Bridge) 16.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! An awesome 1979 rehearsal recording from San Pedro, California’s REACTIONARIES—D. BOON, MIKE WATT and GEORGE HURLEY of THE MINUTEMEN, along with vocalist MARTIN TAMBUROVICH. Recorded in the shed in back of George’s house on 17th Street, across the street from San Pedro High School, January 1979.

READING RAINBOW. Prism Eyes (Hozac) 13.00 EUR. The Virginia-bred, Philadelphia-based garage pop duo READING RAINBOW explores the tension of dreams-versus-reality on their second full-length release. Since debuting in 2008 with a series of distorted, beautiful 7-inch singles, the band’s ability to lyrically tackle broad themes and big questions has set them apart. Twelve tracks.

REALLY RED. Volume 1: Teaching You The Fear (Alternative Tentacles) 17.50 EUR. Alternative Tentacles is proud to present the first-ever complete, three-volume collection of Texas punk legends Really Red. None of their catalog has been available for years—some not for decades! Really Red was the backbone of Houston’s underground from the early punk era clear through ’80s hardcore. Like The Dicks in Austin, they directly challenged an insanely violent police department at no small risk to their own lives. Their sound itself incorporated art and post-punk elements, with a musical and lyrical depth on par with bands like Mission of Burma, Wire, or Dead Kennedys. Singer Ronnie Bond (a.k.a. U-Ron Bondage) was never afraid to push intelligence or mess with Texas. Kelly Younger’s guitar style is as unique in its own way as that of The Gang of Four’s Andy Gill, while Bob Weber’s taut, precise and sometimes unorthodox drum patterns would not be heard again until the likes of John Wright of NoMeansNo. It’s all driven forward by the driving, elastic basslines of John Paul Williams. This collection presents the sound better then it has ever been, so hear them again for the first time—or the first time ever. Volume 1: Teaching You the Fear is the much-loved first album that’s been unavailable since Empty Records reissued it ten years ago. More manic and locked-in then the early singles, this is Really Red in their prime, fired up and focused to lay down what they likely thought was their one shot to get it all on vinyl. The title track even calls out specific murders by the Houston cops that they wouldn’t even admit were crimes! The release comes with part one of David Ensminger’s (Left of the Dial) extensive interview with Bond. A true classic of its time—or any time—Teaching You the Fear has been restored from the original tapes and re-mastered by Jello Biafra to sound better then ever!

REALLY RED. Volume 2: Rest In Pain (Alternative Tentacles) 17.50 EUR. Alternative Tentacles is proud to present the first-ever complete, three-volume collection of Texas punk legends Really Red. None of their catalog has been available for years—some not for decades! Really Red was the backbone of Houston’s underground from the early punk era clear through ’80s hardcore. Like The Dicks in Austin, they directly challenged an insanely violent police department at no small risk to their own lives. Their sound itself incorporated art and post-punk elements, with a musical and lyrical depth on par with bands like Mission of Burma, Wire, or Dead Kennedys. Singer Ronnie Bond (a.k.a. U-Ron Bondage) was never afraid to push intelligence or mess with Texas. Kelly Younger’s guitar style is as unique in its own way as that of The Gang of Four’s Andy Gill, while Bob Weber’s taut, precise and sometimes unorthodox drum patterns would not be heard again until the likes of John Wright of NoMeansNo. It’s all driven forward by the driving, elastic basslines of John Paul Williams. This collection presents the sound better then it has ever been, so hear them again for the first time—or the first time ever. Volume 2: Rest In Pain is the long-lost second album that hardly any Really Red fans back then knew existed! Unavailable for almost 30 years, now all tracks are restored for the first time ever, with vastly improved sound—fiercer and heavier, but still vintage Really Red. Side two shows the band’s roots with an awesome Texas psycho cover of The Red Crayola’s “War Sucks.” These guys actually saw The 13th Floor Elevators live! Rest In Pain was remastered at Fantasy by Jello Biafra and comes with part two of David Ensminger’s (Left of the Dial) interview with Bond.

REALLY RED. Volume 3: New Strings For Old Puppets (Alternative Tentacles) 17.50 EUR. Alternative Tentacles is proud to present the first-ever complete, three-volume collection of Texas punk legends Really Red. None of their catalog has been available for years—some not for decades! Really Red was the backbone of Houston’s underground from the early punk era clear through ’80s hardcore. Like The Dicks in Austin, they directly challenged an insanely violent police department at no small risk to their own lives. Their sound itself incorporated art and post-punk elements, with a musical and lyrical depth on par with bands like Mission of Burma, Wire, or Dead Kennedys. Singer Ronnie Bond (a.k.a. U-Ron Bondage) was never afraid to push intelligence or mess with Texas. Kelly Younger’s guitar style is as unique in its own way as that of The Gang of Four’s Andy Gill, while Bob Weber’s taut, precise and sometimes unorthodox drum patterns would not be heard again until the likes of John Wright of NoMeansNo. It’s all driven forward by the driving, elastic basslines of John Paul Williams. This collection presents the sound better then it has ever been, so hear them again for the first time—or the first time ever. Volume 3: News Strings for Old Puppets could be the surprise hit of the bunch. Here in one place are all the highly sought-after Really Red 7-inches, plus more from the early days that has never been released in any form until now. The LP kicks off with the KBD cult classic Modern Needs and the even rarer Crowd Control singles, followed by an unlikely punk cover of Petula Clark’s “Downtown.” Finally seeing the light for the first time is “Little Death,” the song Jello wanted for the 1981 Alternative Tentacles compilation Let Them Eat Jellybeans that only survived on a cassette he found in his vaults. Then it’s on to the hardcore era and the New Strings for Old Puppets EP itself, before a final rewind to the live songs originally released as the Despise Moral Majority official bootleg EP. The sound is dramatically improved, and it ain’t a muddy bootleg anymore! This is one kickass album, lovingly curated and remastered by Biafra with part three of David Ensminger’s (Left of the Dial) extensive interview with Bond.

RED AUNTS. Come Up For A Closer 2xLP (In The Red) 27.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! The Red Aunts were an all-female punk band that formed in 1991 in Long Beach, California, when Terri Wahl (guitar / vocals) recruited friends Kerry Davis (guitar / vocals), Debi Martini (bass / vocals), and Lesley Ishino (drums). Their brand of unfiltered music is toxic, taking a sharp claw to every riot grrrl cliché it can shred.  After five albums, several years of touring and a huge fanbase, they called it quits in 1998. The ladies recently decided it was time to wake people up and save the music with their unique form of rock. Come Up for a Closer Look is their “Greatest Hits” compilation, a gatefold-sleeve double-album complete with killer art and photos, plus liner notes by Red Aunts fan Sasha Frere-Jones.  “The Red Aunts are nothing to mess with ... wonderfully reckless rock.” —L.A. Times.

RED MASS. S/T 12” (Psychic Handshake) 12.50 EUR. Absolutely killer four song 45 RPM 12" debut by a Montreal collective led and masterminded by Choyce (aka - Roy Vucino, formerly of CPC Gangbangs, Les Sexareenos, Daylight Lovers and Les Enfants Sauvages, just to name a few of his many groups). Brewing for several years prior to CPC Gangbangs untimely demise, RED MASS delivers on the promise of the Gangbangs artier and more progressive moments without losing one ounce of the ferocity or catchiness they were known for. This might very well be the best thing we’ve heard to date from Choyce, but its only the beginning. The scope and potential of Red Mass is enormous. These four songs offer a brief, exhilarating glimpse of their vision.

REDD KROSS. Neurotica (Sympathy For The Record Industry) 14.00 EUR. From Wikipedia: Neurotica is the fourth record from the band Redd Kross. It was released on Big Time Records (an RCA Records subsidiary) in 1987. The album was produced by ex-Ramones drummer Tommy Erdelyi.

REGULATIONS. To Be Me (P.Trash/Ny Vag) 12.50 EUR. Still unwrapped you can already feel this new long release by Swedish Überrockers REGULATIONS buzzing inside its sleeve and in the moment you put the needle in the groove you know you're finally home and that this is the Christmas present you desired and deserved!
Twelve new sharp fusillades that make this silly Hardcore-Punk heart inside of your beaten body jump with joy and pounding pleasure. When it comes to timeless and catchy early 80s US Hardcore sound in these fast and modern times of ours, the REGULATIONS take the biggest part of the cake. Once more they managed to step back to the classic Hardcore of the ADOLESCENTS, the CIRCLE JERKS or BLACK FLACK and stir it up with ingenuity, inspiration and passion in meldodic mid-tempo songs like ''Baghdad Beach Party'', ''Creature in a Cage'' or ''In the Shadow of a Mall''. You also find two excellent slower and distorted tunes with ''To be me'' and ''Down the street'' as well as the fast sweeper ''Busy night'' and the yet to be a classic ''Don't bother me'' which could have been recorded ages ago.
This record sure will keep you warm and shaking your bones to these freezing days coming ahead.

REIGNING SOUND. Shattered (Merge) 17.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Shattered is REIGNING SOUND’s first album for Merge and the first full LP by the group since 2009’s Love and Curses. The band’s principal songwriter/member is GREG CARTWRIGHT, who’s been leading the shifting cast of characters since 2001. You may be familiar with some of the band’s work, as this album is preceded by five studio efforts as well as numerous EPs and live records. Or perhaps some of Greg’s other projects have been on your musical radar: THE OBLIVIANS, PARTING GIFTS, COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS, ‘68 COMEBACK, DEADLY SNAKES, DETROIT COBRAS. Regardless, as far as Reigning Sound is concerned, this is as good a place to start as any because through many line-up changes and mood swings, the central, constant feature is the way Greg writes songs.   This particular embodiment of the band includes longtime keyboardist DAVE AMELS, who joined the band seven years ago when Reigning Sound recorded an album, consisting mostly of Cartwright’s songs, with former Shangri-Las lead singer Mary Weiss. Dave proved to be key in putting together the current line-up as well. About three years ago, Greg was asked to make a promotional EP for Scion. Recordings were set to take place in Nashville where he had lined up two local friends to round out the band, but as fate would have it, both had to bow out at the last minute. Luckily, MIKE CATANESE, BENNY TROKAN and MIKEY POSTt—Dave Amels’ bandmates in Brooklyn soul group THE JAY VONS—were up for the task. The four flew to Nashville, learned the songs, and recorded them with Greg in a couple of days. Thus was born the group that you hear on Shattered. They’ve been touring and playing together ever since, and Shattered proves that the musical union is both exciting and consistent for fans of Cartwright’s songwriting. The album was recorded at Daptone’s Brooklyn studio (where drummer Mikey works in the office) and masterfully engineered by WAYNE DOUGLAS. The recordings are warm and punchy, a mixed bag of rockers, ballads, and something in between. There are only 11 songs on the album, but the band reckons it’s just right.

REIGNING SOUND. Too Much Guitar (In The Red) 14.00 EUR. Few familiar modern garage rock’n’roll would find fault with the view that Greg Cartwright is one of the today’s brightest talents. His singing and songwriting are second to none, as demonstrated in his previous bands The Oblivians and The Compulsive Gamblers. The Reigning Sound, his current vehicle, was born in Memphis, Tennessee, sired by a Flash & The Memphis Casuals 45 and nursed by a Barbara Pittman single. Childhood was not easy for this musical what-not. Kids shunned it for its rock’n’roll sensibility and obvious lack of polished shtick. In true stepchild fashion, though, the band continued to develop a unique sound all its own that didn’t really focus on preconceived genres. Rock’n’roll, R&B, gospel, pop and soul all melt into their The Reigning Sound’s distinctive Memphis sound. Their debut album on Sympathy For The Record Industry demonstrated their talents for crafting great, moody soundscapes. Their second album, Timebomb High School on In The Red, captures their full spectrum, from rockers to ballads. On Too Much Guitar, Cartwright goes for the throat with their hardest edged, toughest recording to date. Half recorded at Memphis’s famed Easley Studios and half recorded by Jay and Alicja of the Lost Sounds inside Cartwright’s own Legba record store, the album is a powerhouse that at times recalls the garage punk energy of The Oblivians — no doubt what a lot of his fans have been waiting for.

THE RESIDENTS. Residue Of The Residents – 2xLP (Superior Viaduct) 23.00 EUR. Residue of The Residents collects outtakes, rare tracks and other experiments from this legendary San Francisco collective. Originally released on Ralph Records in 1983 and spanning The Residents’ career up to that point, this first-time vinyl reissue has been expanded to a double LP and contains 26 songs from the late ’70s and early ’80s—the group’s most fertile period. Highlights from the first LP include the Morricone-inspired “The Sleeper,” the dreamlike “Whoopy Snort” (initially on the LAFMS compilation Blorp Esette), the intense collage piece “Kamikaze Lady” from the pre-Residents 1971 Baby Sex tapes, and the RAO Studio Orchestra version of “Ups & Downs” (which may be the group’s finest pop moment). The second LP features many insider favorites that have not been available on vinyl for decades: “Loser = Weed” (initially released as the B-side to the Satisfaction single), “Death in Barstow” and “Melon Collie Lassie” (from the Babyfingers EP), as well as The Residents’ contributions to the great Subterranean Modern compilation. Balancing the group’s conceptual impulses with a dark palette of electro-esotericism, Residue of The Residents is an intoxicating collection that serves as an ideal starting point for the uninitiated.

THE RESONARS. Greatest Songs Of The Resonars (Trouble In Mind) 16.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Many people may not realize, but Tuscon native MATT RENDON has been making some of the world's greatest pop music since 1997, having released 6 full-length albums and 3 singles under the moniker THE RESONARS. What started as a band, became a solo effort with Rendon playing everything his own damn self and this 14-song compilation gathers together some of his greatest compositions from the opening guitar scree & wall of vocal harmonies of "Definitely Crescent Ridge," to the cascading guitar jangle of "Marina," all the way to the winsome chords of "Paint My Window Green." Hits. All of 'em. Limited edition of 1,000 copies on randomly colored vinyl. Includes a download.

RETRASERES. Grandes Exitos Vol.3 (Mongolic Records + 4 sellos) 10.00 EUR. ¿Pensáis que el mundo es una mierda? Pues estáis en lo cierto.
No contentos con grabar una maqueta y tocar un buen puñado de conciertos, Retraseres se han propuesto joderos el 2015 editando su primer LP... Un auténtico despropósito grabado en directo con 14 temas ventilados en 24 minutos...
Con golosas colaboraciones y una portada increible de JORGE PARRAS.
Formados, aunque no mucho, en 2013 con el único y egoísta propósito de divertirse, Retraseres son Jussi, Pedro y Luis, un bajista (el menor de 16 hermanos) tocando la guitarra, un científico-guitarrista aniquilando un bajo y otro tipo que sólo sabe aporrear. Este trío de valencianos degenerados que hacen alarde de su discapacidad intelectual haciendo pseudocanciones de influencia Punk se lo pasan teta. A finales de 2013 graban su primera maqueta, "Cocktail de Gambas", y tras patearse los garitos de Valencia y alrededores cierran el año 14 grabando su primer L.P. "Grandes Exitos Vol.3", un tsunami de 14 temas en 24 minutos tocados en directo.

REV. NORB & THE ONIONS. S/T (Certified Pr) 14.50 EUR. "Sometimes you want your punk, and you want it served up stupid. Maybe stupid ain't the right word. You don't need it overly smart. Screw all the political hubbub and messages deep. Serve up a punk that's willing to just get drunk, shred some leads and allow you to throttle about, pogo-ing till those brainmeat start to dribble out of your ears like blue raspberry residue under a Slushy lid. Rock n' rollers and outta' controllers. THE ONIONS deliver this sorta tough, dunderheaded fun that we all need from time to time. A remedy to help scrub away the the multitude of shitty news stories about drive by shootings, police brutality and over imaginative bath salt incidents. Pound away those troubles in a case of Old Milwaukee and plop this fucker on the Hi-Fi. After all has been said, you still need to know that The Onions aren't a dumb band. They kid around, true—but they are most definitely not a joke. Manitowoc, WI scene player BRAD DAUGS has been honing his beefy chops since he was just a tender lumpling in LAST SONS OF KRYPTON, 300 B.C. After heavy digestion of KBD comps and all sorts of other things leather jacketed and full o' fury, Brad and Co. found kinship in another "sconie pep-punk weirdo, THE REVEREND NORB (BORIS THE SPRINKLER). Stitched together, they wear a heap of influences on their sleeves, clotting up like green globs of snot..."—Rob Fletcher (1-2-3-4- Go! Records). Packaged with double-sided inserts with re-sealable plastic outer sleeves.

REVELATORS. Let A Poo Boy Ride (Crypt) 12.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! The unissued 2nd album, recorded in 2 days in 1998, and a goddamn masterpiece! John Schooley, Jeremiah and Bill Randt (back then drummer for the New Bomb Turks) wail through 13 cuts and reach the ultimate climax with "Jitterbug Swing". Play at the right volume (yess - all the way up, buddy) and get blown away by Schooleys buzzsaw guitar and Jerimiah's howlin' vocals. Tracks: We Told You Not To Cross Us/ Missouri Mule/ I Can't Stop Lovin'/ Love One Day/ Killin' Me/ Jack Johnson/ What I Want/ It's A Sin/ Lone Star/ Take It Back/ Buzzard & The Hawk/ Rainin In My Heart/ Jitterbug Swing.

REVISIONS. Revised Observations (Dirtnap Records) 12.00 EUR. Justin Maurer of CLOROX GIRLS asked Douglas Burns of THE OBSERVERS and RED DONS to perform an acoustic set at one of Maurer’s book readings for, Don’t You Take Your Life. Burns, along with fellow RED DONS members Hajji Husayn and Derek Skokan, adapted songs he wrote while in the OBSERVERS and SPEDS into an acoustic format for the set. This LP includes songs from the new RED DONS LP as well.

RIP. Lekeitio 84 (Metadona) 12.00 EUR. ¿Qué se puede decir de RIP que no se haya dicho ya? Poca cosa la verdad sobre esta mítica banda de punk de Arrasate. Corría el año 1984 cuando el sello BCT (Bad Compilation Tapes) de California editaba la cassette "Spanish HC", con varias bandas de punk ibéricas de la época. Entre ellas un directo brutal de RIP grabado el 26 de mayo de 1984 en el pueblo costero de Lekeitio. Recuperado del original y remasterizado por Jack Control (Texas), hoy se edita en un bonito y cuidado LP con una portada que no podia ser otra que su glorioso logo y un elaborado fanzine de 12 paginas A4. RIP en todo su esplendor, toda su esencia y toda la rabia que este cuarteto desprendía en directo resumido en 12 canciones míticas, incluyendo 5 de ellas como 'Antipolitica' o 'Crimen de estado' que quedaron en el olvido. Esas canciones que siempre has coreado y gritado, esa voz inconfundible y rabiosa de Carlos, esos riffs que tanto te han hecho menear la cabeza y esas letras tan directas y furiosas... Con un gran sonido de directo, derrochando energía y mala hostia por los cuatro costados y donde más les gustaba estar, encima de un escenario. Una banda histórica de punk a nivel mundial, que ve la luz en vinilo de la mano de Metadona Records.

RIVER CITY TANLINES. Coast To Coast (Big Legal Mess) 14.00 EUR. THE RIVER CITY TANLINES (the name being a play on the concept of a “farmer tan”) is a three-piece rock band from Memphis, TN. ALICJA TROUT, the principle songwriter, is a veteran of countless noteworthy punk/indie bands over the years, including THE CLEARS, LOST SOUNDS, and her other current projects, ALICJA-POP, MOUSEROCKET, and BLACK SUNDAY. Likewise, the powerful rhythm section of TERRENCE BISHOP and JOHN BONDS are no strangers to success, having played together behind such names as Jack Oblivian, R.L. Burnside, Jim Dandy & Black Oak Arkansas, and Monsieur Jeffrey Evans. In 2009 the Tanlines appeared in Craig Brewer’s (Hustle and Flow, Black Snake Moan) web-series (and soundtrack) for MTV, “Five Dollar Cover,” and performed “I’m Your Negative” in a rollerderby fight scene. They also have a song (“Black Knight,” a crowd favorite at live shows) featured in the EA Sports video game Skate. Together since late 2004, the band has toured extensively in North America and Europe playing clubs and festivals, and has ten releases on various record labels around the world.

R.O.B.O. Todo Se Derrumba (Blondes Must Die Records BMDR-023/Beat Generation) 12.00 EUR. Han tardado un par de años desde su debut, "Ciudad Infectada". Un EP donde dejaban claro que lo suyo era punk rock básico, sencillo, sin florituras y directo al estómago. No hay mucha evolución en este tiempo transcurrido. Las canciones siguen siendo breves, pero lo suficiente para que los temas tengan el gancho necesario con estribillos pegadizos a la vieja usanza. "Todo Se derrumba" se compone de 14 disparos donde los temas se suceden sin pausa a la velocidad de un rayo. Inconformismo, rabia, nihilismo es lo que sus letras narran. Por si ustedes no lo sabían el grupo está compuesto por gente, no precisamente nueva, que tienen el culo pelado en estos menesteres: Muletrain, Silla Eléctrica, Sudor, Las Señoras, Aerobitch, Moho, Looking For An Answer, Denak, Desguace Beni...y un largo etc que puede resultar mareante como la descarga que provoca este disco. Coeditan Beat Generation y Blondes Must Die en una edición limitadísima, presentación artesanal con serigrafía y más chucherías.
Edición limitada de 525 copias. 400 con “Portada Marrón ” y 125 con “Portada Blanca”.

ROCK*A*TEENS. A Major Motion Picture – 2xLP (Chunklet) 25.50 EUR. The perfect 'best of' collection from the undisputed kings of Cabbagetown! A 22 track, double album featuring recordings from their first four full lengths performed live at the Star bar during an extended residency in 1998 & 1999. "CHRIS LOPEZ wrote some of the most eloquent, sardonic, romantic, &, well, basically the best rock and roll songs of the 1990s. His band wrapped them in a florid southern reimagining of 1950s garage rock that always sounded sloppily, scarily out of control & yet dead serious.”—Will Sheff, OKKERVIL RIVER. Vinyl only release limited to 300 copies with download featuring bonus material.

ROCK*A*TEENS. Sweet Birds Of Youth – 2xLP (Merge) 22.50 EUR. In ’94 and ’95, ROCK*A*TEENS were a fixture in the Atlanta and Athens scene: KELLY HOGAN towing along her little teacup dog; CHRIS VERENE wearing makeup and pigtails (and a dress, maybe?); and JUSTIN looking like a wet, unfurled flannel shirt. Then there was CHRIS LOPEZ. He was always polite, always cool, but his aloof demeanor underpinned a crushingly shy guy. Who in the hell knew he had this shambolic group the Rock*A*Teens tucked up his sleeve? Flash ahead to 1998. Merge had just released Baby, A Little Rain Must Fall, and around this time, the estimable BALLARD LESEMANN had replaced Chris Verene on drums. Ballard had long been considered the Bun E. Carlos of the Georgia music scene. He had a hard thump on the floor tom, a solid foot on the kick drum, and a flair for being a showman behind the kit. I mean, can you name another drummer who drinks beer during a song? By the time Y2K came along, the band had started work on what would become Sweet Bird of Youth. Chris Lopez composed and recorded the majority of Sweet Bird’s basic tracks on keyboards and guitar at ROB GAL’s studio, and then lugged the tape machine back to their Black Box rehearsal space at the end of Krog Street to finish. Band members Will, Justin, and Lopez would each go in on his own time and add his own flourishes to each track without the others’ knowledge. This unusual hands-off collaboration progressed for months during the spring of 2000. The ladies from ULTRABABYFAT (SHONALI and MICHELLE) laid down Phil Spector-esque backup vocals on “If I Wanted to Be Famous (I’d Have Shot Someone),” and SHANNON WRIGHT sang an achingly spare duet with Chris on “It’s Destiny.” Anthemic. Majestic. Shimmering. Heart-aching brilliance. The Rock*A*Teens focused it all into Sweet Bird of Youth.

ROKY ERICKSON. Gremlins Have Pictures LP + 7” (Light In The Attic) 23.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Reveived an 8.7 Best New Reissue rating from Pitchfork. Celebrating a creative purple patch by a singular performer, Light In The Attic is to reissue the three albums issued by ROKY ERICKSON in the 1980s: The Evil One (LITA 097), Don’t Slander Me (LITA 098) and Gremlins Have Pictures (LITA 099). Together, they’re a chance to pick up a missing jigsaw piece in the history of American rock ‘n’ roll in deluxe packages.  Collected here, the odds and ends of Erickson’s post-incarceration work tell a story of a man finding his musical feet, ranging from Dylan-like folk strumming to the big, Neil Young-like rock of the unparalleled ‘Anthem (I Promise)’. The span of time is great—from The Ritz Theatre tracks, recorded in Austin in 1975, at the debut performance by THE ALIENS, to those troubled Don’t Slander Me off-cuts. Other tracks were cut with THE EXPLOSIVES, the band Roky started working with at Raul’s punk club in Austin after he’d returned to Austin in 1979, following the departure of the Aliens. Together the various tracks deftly summarize Roky Erickson’s recording career. Following reissues of The Evil One and Don’t Slander Me, Gremlins is now brought back to life by Light In The Attic Records. This is a chance to pick up a missing jigsaw piece in the history of American rock ‘n’ roll in deluxe packages. CD includes a 32-page booklet. LP includes an 8-page booklet, download card and bonus 7-inch with tracks 13-16 from the CD.

ROOMRUNNER. Ideal Cities (Fan Death) 14.00 EUR. On their debut full-length, Ideal Cities, ROOMRUNNER refract the past 25 years’ worth of Guitar Rock innovations into their fully-realized vision of “chunch and bunge,” in which echoes of shoegaze noise-blur, grunge squall and snark, math-rock chops, and meaty Alternative Rock power moves coalesce into the essential guitar record of 2013. Recorded by bassist DAN FROME at his studio, Ideal Cities is the first Roomrunner offering recorded as a full band. Prior EPs, the self-titled Roomrunner (2011) and Super Vague (2012), were written and played by Roomrunner singer/guitarist DENNY BOWEN, and while landmarks in their own right, the full-band Roomrunner is a whole different animal, ready to come down there and kick their collective boots around. The record starts off full-bore, with the truTV-inspired anthem “Bait Car.” Their rhythmic pedigree is showcased on tracks like the stuttering “Wojtek,” where start-stop verses and propulsive drumming recall ‘90s titans like Helmet and Drive Like Jehu before the song collapses into one of their most melodic moments yet during the chorus. Side B starts with the one-two punch of “Weird” and “Duno,” two long-time staples of their live set driven by squealing feedback, which spark mosh pits and crowd-surfing in sweaty Baltimore warehouses. Tracks like “May” and “Snac Error” give a bit of breathing room, fusing the off-kilter guitar work of Polvo and Chavez, with the quiet-loud tension of ‘90s legends like Slint and Hum. The names they garner comparisons to may be heavy, but Roomrunner’s catalog thus far has definitively proven that they are no mere pastiche. Any dorks can make a record with a deep understanding of Loud Rock—and let’s be honest, a lot of them do—but on Ideal Cities, Roomrunner harnesses a discrete range of powers to forge a thrilling and vital path forward.

RUINED FORTUNE. S/T (Hozac) 15.00 EUR. RUINED FORTUNE is the freedom rock project of NIC WARNOCK (Sydney, Australia) and ANGIE GARRICK (global citizen). Although their debut full-length retains some of the heavy-glitter/garbage punk moves displayed on their Bulls Eye 7” (R.I.P. Society Records, 2012), much of this record is heading down a different path. Hardly the sum of Nic and Angela’s other projects (SOUTHERN COMFORT, BED WETTIN’ BAD BOYS, CIRCLE PIT, MODEL CITIZEN, STRAIGHT ARROWS, EXOTIC DOG, ANGIE), Ruined Fortune is a group with a strong interest in communicating via the medium of rock ‘n’ roll as well as “other” sonic territories. Crude demos and open-ended concepts for an album were created before the duo headed to Brisbane for two days in a real-deal studio. CURED PINK mainman ANDREW MCLELLAN was in the captain’s chair with DANIEL SPENCER (BLANK REALM) and JOE ALEXANDER (Bedroom Suck Records, PER PURPOSE etc) sharing the role of hired help behind the drum kit. What really makes this record this record? The bits in between the would-be hits, the tension between Angie’s intuitive and Nic’s pedantic approach to making music and McLellan’s persistence in fuckin’ around with everything, ya know “studio-as-instrument” to the max. Repetitive rockers book-end the more disorientating material that nods towards Chrome, Throbbing Gristle and Xpressway Records incorporating cheap casio keyboards/drum machine combos, cassette 4 track, piano and metal percussion. The result is an album that has an agenda similar to Live, Singles, Unreleased era Royal Trux or the first couple of Alternative TV records in its love of rock ‘n’ roll while simultaneously aiming for something beyond. First pressing of 600 copies on black vinyl. Includes a download.

RULETA RUSA. Euro Tour 12" (Trabuc) 9.00 EUR. Justo a punto para su gira europea nos llega el nuevo disco de esta banda de San Francisco con gente de Born/Dead o Peligro Social, 7 temas de hardcorepunk y rock’n’roll, con algún tema más rápido que otro, medios tiempos pegadizos y punteos rockeros para despeinarse. 3 temas aparecieron en un disco de lathe limitado a 50 copias para el Manic Relapse Fest, y los otros 4 nuevo grabados para la ocasión.
500 copias en negro, galletas en blanco cuñadas a mano, funda interior de cartón y carpeta abierta en papel satinado.

RULETA RUSA. Aquí No Es (Trabuc Records) 11.00 EUR. Desde San Francisco y de las cenizas de los grandes PELIGRO SOCIAL y BORN/DEAD llega RULETA RUSA con su primer LP a 45rpm (después de un EP compartido con Los Monjo y un single de 2 temas) que nos trae 10 temas propios más una versión de la mítica Banda Trapera Del Rio. 11 temas en total de punk rock empapado de rock'n'roll con ligeras influencias streetpunk y hardcore, con este toque distintivo de la voz cantando en castellano roto de Jose, el que fuera también cantante de PELIGRO SOCIAL.
El diseño de la portada ha corrido a cargo de Adrei Bouzikov.

RUNNING. Vaguely Ethnic (Castle Face) 14.00 EUR. The screech. The wall. The slanted-floor nausea. There’s not a word for the signature cyclical howling that Chicago’s RUNNING have harnessed and tortured into submission. They play with their food before they eat... flay into a terse punk trance, a Kraut-beat psycho riff for the ages, mesmerize or terrorize...but invariably they unleash The Sound upon us just when it seems most likely to bring back your lunch. That they’ve built such a mean, spare and evil band around such chaos is to our benefit—the circular mayhem alone would be a fascinating stand-alone curiosity—but lucky for us, they’ve captured their cacophonous, rotten heart in the black glove of blank-stare punk. Corrosive, serrated, and billous, Running have conjured a lurking creeper of a record in Vaguely Ethnic. it’s nasty, it’s antisocial, and you’re gonna like it.

RUSSIAN ROULETTES. R’N’R (P. Trash) 13.00 EUR. Legends of DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, MOTORSPORT, The SPECIMENS, KAMIKAZE TRIO, The ACTIONEERS and SWEARJAR. What do these bands all have in common? Members from the infamous sub-par supergroup RUSSIAN ROULETTES.
Agostino Soldati bangs his vintage drum kit with a fury rarely seen in this town. Sam Agostino screams and scratches his guitar like a possessed demon and Tim Wold pounds his bass guitar into submission!!! 

SACRED SHOCK. You’re Not With Us (Residue) 12.00 EUR. Tough as nails hardcore punk from the depths of Austin, TX. Hard- Hitting and Heavy, on this lp you can definetly see these guys influence from Foreign HC from all over the world i'm sure. I hear Finnish influence, Swedish Influence, Japanese Influence, but all maintaining a certain sound for them. Charging brutal hardcore/punk is the way i can describe it, Oh yeah and they cover HEADCLEANERS on here, whoa.

SADO-NATION. We're Not Equal (Radiation Records) 15.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Formed in 1978 by David Corboy, senior citizen in Northwest punk rock, (who had been playing in bands since 1963!), Portland's KBD punk legends SADO-NATION released their groundbreaking debut EP in 1980, and switched right after to a faster and tighter hardcore punk mostly thanks to the addition of the singer Mish Bondage to the band. Voted best female voclaist by Flipside in 1984, Mish's frightening stage presence and meaningful lyrics, gave Corboy's compositions a new twist, which resulted in one of the most hidden treasures of American 80's Hardcore Punk history. SADO-NATION first lp, originally released on the Brainstem label in 1982, is now legitimately reissued on vinyl for the first time in 30 years, thanks to Radiation Records and the original band members. After years of struggle and despair, hundreds of punk record collections can now be easily completed.

SAM PECKINPAH’S ORDER. Veteranos Del Desorden (Brackula Records/Bazofia Records) 12.00 EUR. Banda de Zaragoza influenciada por bandas como Lone Star,ilegales,o la primera hornada de bandas mod de Barcelona,aunque más garage,edición ultra-limitada de 300 copias.

SATAN PANONSKI. Hard Blood Shock (S-S Records) 16.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! “Of all the former Eastern Bloc countries, Yugoslavia (and Croatia in particular) had one of the most exciting and innovative punk/underground rock & roll scenes and the legend among Yugo/Croat punk legends is SATAN PANONSKI (nee IVICA CULJAK). Starting with pioneering, late-70s, Yugo punk band POGREB X, through incarceration, a solo career and an untimely death by a mysterious bullet during the Croatian War of Independence, Satan Panonski literally cut his way into E. Euro punk history. His stage act was an extreme blend of punk shock and Auto-Destructiv performance. His music is a vivid mix of KBD-style punk, Serbo-Croatian folk melodies, and jags into abstract avant punk. Three cassettes were released during his life (and shortly after his death), one of which made it to vinyl. The vinyl is now very collectible. SS has culled through dozens of songs and come up with the creme de la punk, all transferred from the original tapes. Vinyl mastering by JOHN GOLDEN makes Satan Panonski sound the best he has ever sounded. This also includes much of Ivica Culjak's art, new lyric translations, a long biographical essay, and plenty of photos, all in a 16-page booklet. There is no CD or digital download.”

THE SCAVENGERS. S/T (Real Groovy Records) 38.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! In 1977, The Scavengers were one of the best of the first wave of New Zealand punk bands. This compilation captures the best of The Scavengers and The Marching Girls recordings from 1978 to 1980.
UK immigrant Ronnie Recent (Brendan Perry) on bass and lead vocals; Johnny Volume (Ken Cooke) on guitar, and Des Truction (Des Hefner) on drums and backing vocals. With heavy nods to the Pistols and Johnny Thunder & The Heartbreakers, they recorded two of New Zealand’s most well-known punk anthems - Mysterex and True Love.
After a residency at Zwines (Auckland's punk rock mecca at the time), touring the country, making a TV clip for Mysterex and capturing the headlines in all the tabloids, they ended up in Melbourne, Australia in October 1978. Shortly after arriving, they changed their name to the Marching Girls and teamed up with ex Ray Columbus and The Invaders lead-guitarist Dave Russell to record some demos presented here for the first time.
The Scavengers wouldn't see a New Zealand vinyl release until December of the next year on Ripper Records’ AK 79 compilation. They would release the fantastic power pop track First In Line through Au Go Go in 1980.
Brendan would go on to form Dead Can Dance with Lisa Gerrard and move back to the UK in 1982.

SHARP OBJECTS. S/T (Modern Action) 13.00 EUR. The BRIEFS/BODIES exiles are back with ten killer, Poshboy-esque songs instantly bringing to mind the Adolescents, Social Distortion, Agent Orange, TSOL-era of dark early ‘80s LA punk. Limited to 434 copies on CD and 325 copies on vinyl with a download card.

SHANNON AND THE CLAMS. Sleep Talk (1-2-3-4 Go) 14.00 EUR. SHANNON AND THE CLAMS return with a brand new album that tops everything they’ve done before. Sleep Talk features twelve new songs that Kim Fowley and Lou Christie would have clawed each others eyes out to get a hold of in the early ‘60s. Shannon can belt out fierce and fun like Wanda Jackson and Etta James going head to head in a competition for the last bottle of hooch in a song like "King of the Sea" and then play that heartbroken bad girl tryin’ to do good bit that hasn't been done this well since the Tammys or the Shangri-La's in a song like "Tired of Being Bad." CODY, the bands guitarist and other main song writer/singer comes on like a crooning, hiccuping, lo-fi garage version of the aformentioned Christie. Excercising the economy and aggression of Garage Rock in ways Lou would never have imagined but with a tenderness and vocal register you know he'd appreciate. Ian, the band's drummer, in addition to his skill at his own instrument provides additional back ups that would make Ennio Morricone and a tribe of head hunters equally as proud.

SHOCKED MINDS. S/T (Hozac) 14.00 EUR. Just when the world thought it was safe from the clutches of the primal punk sneer of the CARBONAS, SHOCKED MINDS have exploded up from the underground as the brand new JOSH MARTIN-fronted (also in EX-HUMANS, TESTORS) vehicle with hooks that kill as well as they drill. And with original lineup Carbonas members DAVE RAHN (also in GENTLEMAN JESSE & HIS MEN) and JEREMY THOMPSON (also in GAMES) rounding out the ranks, it's dead set to stick in your brain like a parasite, just the way you'd expect from these long-admired Atlanta punk figureheads. But don't let that get you distracted, Shocked Minds steer their cantankerous and razored residual noise into concise blasts of exactly what you want, glazed over with refreshing nuances of the Dead Boys, Testors, The Damned and Heartbreakers, and with closer listens, shards of the ‘70s Belgian punk creme de la creme like Mad Virgins, Revenge 88, and Raxola. Songs executed so painfully tight and impeccably produced by Mr. Rahn for pinpoint perfection, you might not even notice that obscure cover by The Eat hiding in there, and it's gonna hit you like a ton of bricks.

SHOES. Bazooka (Numero Group) 16.00 EUR. The second in a series of vinyl reissues from Zion, Illinois power pop heroes THE SHOES. The sophomore album that never was. 1975’s power pop scorcher Bazooka was tracked at home not long after their debut, but was shelved due to a lack of funds. Never available on LP, Bazooka has been remastered from the original analog tapes and molded in 150 gram vinyl for your listening pleasure.

SHOES. Present These Demos (Numero Group) 16.00 EUR. The fourth in a series of vinyl reissues from Zion, Illinois power pop heroes THE SHOES. Prior to signing with Elektra in 1979, Shoes were just four guys cutting demos in a Zion, Illinois basement. Compiled here for the first time on vinyl is a track-by track reevaluation of those Zion demos, cut from the original master tapes and molded in 150 gram vinyl.

SHUDDERS. Big Heat (Teen Action) 17.00 EUR. THE SHUDDERS return with a full-length LP of ferocious, raunchy, rock’n’roll. After quickly selling out their debut 3-song CDR on Teen Action a few months back, the girls swept through the US tearing up stage after stage with bands like NOBUNNY, TURBOSLUT, DIGITAL LEATHER and GRAVY TRAIN, earning them a reputation as a unique and energetic force to be reckoned with. Limited to 240 hand-numbered copies.

SIGHTINGS. Terribly Well (Dais) 18.00 EUR. The noise rock parade that defies definition, set out on a mission of pure volume worship that is the post-decade pilgrimage of NY-based SIGHTINGS. After eight instinctive albums, the Sightings guys show no mercy with endless annihilation of their newest material on Terribly Well. All parts destruction measured against their abrasive songwriting. Jagged, collapsing rhythm based mayhem, guitars that can be mistaken as a freight train being ripped for scrap metal, only to be held together with panic stricken bass patterns that keep their voice from the edge of insanity. An accessible album for the unacceptable make this their finest to date. Each song saws through the humanity, taking no hostages with this hectic industrial rock masterpiece. Edition of 500.

SIGHTINGS. Michigan Haters (S-S Records) 14.00 EUR. SIGHTINGS' live shows sure as hell aren't background music for a thrift-store fashion show. They bring the pain but good. Sightings‚ second album (first, Sightings and third, Absolutes are on Load), Michigan Haters captures the sonic abandon that makes their performances such a liberating mindfuck. This Brooklyn by way of Motown trio pounds out an abrasive skronk that at first comes off as a pure denial. The primitivist, lurching rhythms, shuddery basslines and trebly guitar slashes seem conceived to prove that Sightings is more punk than you, and you're just not meant to understand. But then, wait a second. You've been bruised, defeated, and suddenly you're floating in a river of psychedelic scree. Mark M. is yelping out some Lord of the Flies incantations. You can't pogo to it, but you can twitch all night. The violence of Michigan Haters flows in all directions; it destroys itself and the listener to reveal hidden conduits of sound, from the rubberized rumble of "Chili Dog" to the more bleached and angular "Guilty of Wrecking." It's a soundtrack for punching holes in walls and watching them bleed vital fluids. Sightings play noise that hasn't been defused by aesthetic noodling; they're not Sonic Youth and they don't want o be. Think DNA, Big Black, Keiji Haino if you have to think at all. Play it loud and watch the neighbors run for cover. Originally released in 2002 on Psych-O-Path.

SILK FLOWERS. As Above So Below (Captured Tracks) 12.50 EUR. A new six-track EP by this current NYC live staple. Eerie and experimental electronic pop from former members of SOILED MATTRESS & THE SPRINGS and CAR CLUTCH. Recent full-length album released by PPM.

SILLA ELECTRICA. Ritmo Suicida (Sólo Para Punks) 10.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Después de sus recomendables singles por fin tenemos el debut en larga duración de Silla Eléctrica. Trío afincado en los Mandriles que le dan al punk cavernícola cual chimpancé en celo se tratase. A guitarrazos simples y con batería a piñón se meriendan 18 temacos huracanados que deleitarán a los simples de espíritu, porque de ellos será el reino de la felicidad.

SISTA SEKUNDEN. Åldras Med Sti (P.Trash) 12.50 EUR. Swedish Punk devotees SISTA SEKUNDEN's new big plate is filled to the brim with enthusiasm and joyous anthems that go against time and serve as a brilliant manual to age with style.
Still angry, still pissed-off and still loving the healing powers of punky Hardcore the four midsters keep on delivering a sweeping 13-song swipe on politicians, priests and other pigs who want to tell you what to do, left wing hooligans, hispster bands and their overpriced products, welfare states and police violence. They really took their time to rasp and file some hard edges off their sound and stepped a little off the throttle in favor of more melodic and catchier mid-tempo tunes that let us have a glimpse on personal issues like being the last Punk standing, leaving your boring hometown behind, the never ending love for Punk and Hardcore and growing old in style, just like singer Dempe's grandpa Knut, looking at us proud and sincere from the cover of this album. A man who spend 50 years as a steelworker for a goldwatch and a handshake and to whom the song 'Morfar Knut' is dedicated. For all the professional againsters who refuse to give in to a prefab life and rather keep on keeping on listening to some timeless music; get this record that is bound to become a milestone in Swedish Punkrock for generations ahead to enjoy!  

SKURKARNA. In The Web Of Villainy (Ghost Highway Recordings) 16.00 EUR. Limited Edition. With Insert. Black Vinyl.

SLEAZE. Tektonik Girls & Others Hits 12” (Total Punk) 12.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! "If you’ve been at this record collecting thing for any time now you’ve probably figured out that in this day and age there are two kinds of punk rock. The first type is to vintage late ‘70s and early ‘80s punk what Sha Na Na was to Eddie Cochran—y’know, studied nostalgia for a bygone age that’s never coming back. Then there’s the other kind of punk; the music made by those marked from birth as lifelong mutants and complete fuck ups. Call it TOTAL PUNK if you will. These punks aren’t looking to the past so much as spontaneously acting upon the same maladaptive urges that gave rise to bands like the Electric Eels and the Gizmos. These are exactly the kind of punks we’re talking about when we talk about the SLEAZE. Guaranteed not one Sleaze has ever heard of the initials KBD. As far they’re concerned Bloodstains are just what you get on your clothes after a 3 AM drunken wrestling match. And yet through some miracle of surreptitious retardation these four goofballs managed to blindly stumble upon the primordial essence of punk captured so often on those aforementioned comps. You notice at first in CONOR’s quintessentially snotty voice and MARK’s staccato guitar riffs, but it’s there lurking under the surface in JOE’s repetitive basslines and WILL’s savant-like drumming as well. All eight songs on this 12” twitch and throb with a deviant vitality that will remind you why you got into this punk garbage in the first place without bringing to mind a single band you could cite as an influence. There's always been something off about the Sleaze—what other band besides these guys would think it was a good idea to give some of their best songs impossibly dumb titles like ‘Conor Start’ and ‘Big Azz Butts?’—but the more you listen to this record the more you will realize how their complete disregard of history and accepted ‘good form’ is what makes them so right on. The Sleaze truly don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything other than themselves. Everywhere they go they leave behind a trail of bad decisions, broken promises, unhonored debts, damaged property, innumerable cans of Mountain Crest with shotgun holes punched in the bottom, and—redeeming it all—a bunch of timeless songs that will be cranked out of broken speakers for as long as there are still dirtbags out there making a mess of their lives through punk rock. Tektonik Girls is the Sleaze in all of their damaged glory. Buy this record and it will shatter your soul."—Steve Borchardt.

SLEEPERS. S/T (Superior Viaduct) 8.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! The Sleepers’ debut five-song EP, originally released in 1978, is one of the truly essential records to come out of California in the late ’70s. It is 100% punk in spirit and yet avoids every punk cliché. The band’s original lineup of Ricky Williams, Michael Belfer, Paul Draper and Tim Mooney operates here as a machine—a temperamental one rattling in unison. Opener “Seventh World” trudges through many tempos without repeating a single one, while Williams’s astonishing, Robo-fueled voice douses the microphone with esoteric imagery. Each track creates a new template for psychedelic rock and discards it by the time the next one begins. This record inexplicably transcends the mere sum of its parts.

SLOWMOTIONS. Dial Eleven (Partners In Crime) 11.00 EUR. Japan's THE SLOWMOTIONS make their stateside debut with this eleven-track LP, which contains all five of the band's out of print EPs that were previously released on HG Fact. The music is a poppy, jangly garage punk freakout played by Japanese hardcore veterans.

SLUGFUCKERS. Three Feet Behind Glass/ Instant Classic 12" (Insolito Records) 14.00 EUR. The Slugfuckers were started in the late 1970s in Sydney, Australia by Terry Blake (vocals),  John Laidler (guitar) and Graham Forsyth (bass) who were all at the time students or recent graduates of the Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University. Craig Wilcox (keyboard), Gordon Renouf (guitar, sax), Austin Laverty (drumkit) joined soon after.
They released two extremely rare singles in 1979 which are combined on this 12” and an album in 1981. Bridging the nascence of punk, DIY, and industrial, The Slugfuckers took the true intent of punk and carried it to a logical extreme. With shouted vocals, almost rudimentary playing, volume on ten and many obligatory messy interludes they enthralled, engaged and repelled in equal parts.
A raw, underproduced angry attack that bores right into your brain.
It will catch the ears of those who can embrace abstract punk sounds or industrial harshness. To be filed alongside The Homosexuals, The Desperate Bicycles, The Instant Automatons, The Prats, Door and the Window, The Versatile Newts, etc etc. Avant / Post -punk madness that leaves you scratching your skull. Noise historians will wonder over the use of Manson references, Burroughs samples and Anti-art manifestos way before the Industrial boys tried to claim them as their own." - Harbingersound. "
...noisier and more abrasive than most first generation industrial stuff, a hell of a lot more punk than, say, The Lewd and intelligent in a scary, vicious bullying kind of way" - Johan Kugelberg, Ugly Things Magazine.
Limited to 500 copies, it’s on 180 gram vinyl in tip-on jackets with the artwork from the EP and poly lined inner sleeve plus liner notes.

SMELLY TONGUES. Slack Heep (Urinal Cake) 17.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Debut full-length album from Los Angeles' SMELLY TONGUES, featuring members of RED AUNTS, THE PIRANHAS, WHITE SAVAGE, SYZ, STATIC STATIC, DRUID PERFUME, INTELLIGENCE, THE BAPTIST CHURCH, and others. “This new concoction thrusts forth with such a promising post-punk stab in the chest, it's gonna take at least one outfit change and several hospital visits to get yourself straight. It's chock full of those sticky push and pull downer dilemmas that will make you miss work and daydream yourself into a nervous breakdown, sweating and waiting for something that used to scare you as a child, and eagerly staring down the ominous, hideous hooks. 'I can't help it, I'm obsessed, you're the best' has never sounded so perfectly uneffected and deranged, and it's with these razored chops that Smelly Tongues chop rigorously through the lush vegetation of modern primitivism and burst onto the unsuspecting faces of America's broken avant garde with the confidence and swagger of a jackal on a weekend death trip.”—Todd Killings

SNAP. Maquetas (Discos Regresivos) 12.00 EUR. Discos Regresivos acude al rescate de Snap, banda punk madrileña de los 90 injustamente olvidada. En este LP se rescatan 11 temas de sus tres primeras maquetas entre los años 1988 y 1991, que reflejan su verdadero y nada dulce sonido.
Los 11 temazos fueron remasterizados por Jose Lanot y Fernando Pardo (mil gracias) en los estudios Geek de Madrid.
Va acompañado de un libreto en formato A4 de 12 páginas con fotos y una entrevista realizada por dos Anti Guays (gracias Demi y Vera) a Suso y Pedro el 16 de febrero de 2013.

SNIFFING GLUE. S/T (Search For Fame) 11.00 EUR. SNIFFING GLUE's third lp, great 80's hardcore like BLACK FLAG meets JERRY's KIDS meets CIRCLE JERKS etc. , a musthave for every hc-kid!!!

SOMETHING FIERCE. Don’t Be So Cruel (Dirtnap) 13.50 EUR. The third album and proper Dirtnap debut from Houston, TX upstarts SOMETHING FIERCE. If the group’s There Are No Answers perfected the Marked Men-meets-The-Buzzcocks brand of snappy poppy punk they’d been working on since their inception in 2005, Don't Be So Cruel finds 'em rapidly expanding outwards from that sound. While undeniably influenced by various strands of ‘70s punk, this record is slightly more subtle and sophisticated than mere ‘77-revivalists would have it. Slightly nuanced, almost understated at times, vapid party-punk this is most definitely not. Thoughtful, well written, well played songs that strike a perfect balance between fun and smart.

SONIC AVENUES. Mistakes (Dirtnap) 16.00 EUR. Having delivered the quintessential powerpop/punk album in 2012's Dirtnap released burner Television Youth, Montreal's SONIC AVENUES take it to another level on their third LP Mistakes. Building on their signature melodic style, the Aves return with an evolved and considerably more varied effort that resulted from dropping all preconceived notions of how a "punk" record should sound. The band made a concerted effort to not repeat itself, and it shows. While no doubt teeming with energy and hooks, Mistakes eases off the light speed tempos of previous releases and shows greater sophistication in both songwriting and production. Self-produced by the band in singer MAX’s apartment, Mistakes was written over a period of 7 months and produced in less than three. Mixing together songs dark, bright, short, and long, this release really finds the band coming into its own and claiming a distinct niche within the contemporary pop/punk pantheon. Fans of previous Sonic Avenues efforts will discover treats both familiar ("Waiting For A Change") and completely unexpected ("Better Days To Come") on this album - by far the band's best to date!

SONIDO ALFREDO. S/T 12” (Discos Humenates) 12.00 EUR. En el verano de 2010 vuelven al estudio, repiten en Circo Perrotti y dejan 10 temas, los 10 del segundo largo que ahora editan, de nuevo, en Discos Humeantes, también sin título y en tirada de 500 copias. Esta vez bajo una delirante portadaza de Pedro Vera, dibujante de gran calibre en la línea de pensamiento de estos tres individuos, e incluyendo una suculenta versión de la celebérrima Das Model de Kraftwerk interpretada “à l’alfredo”. En este segundo trabajo avanzan en su conflicto mongol vs. World dejando para la posteridad porciones de simple y contundente rocanrol, en directo, sincero, crudo, sin envase, sin colorantes ni conservantes, pero con mucho picante.

SONIDO ALFREDO. S/T (Discos Humeantes) 12.00 EUR. Primer largo de este trío practicante de un personalísimo ¡Garage, Surf, Punk! Trece temas en menos de media hora a 45rpm que van paseando entre instrumentales desencaja pelvis y auténticos hits cantados en castellano.

SPECTACLES. Re-Spectacled (Rave Up) 13.00 EUR. Finally one of the legends of the early S.Francisco punk music are on vinyl. These amazing tracks were in fact recorded in 1980 but they never saw the light! Now, after 30 years, Rave Up records discovered these pioneers of Art Punk music.
The band was really popular in the Bay Area and opened for many important bands such Black Flag, The Lewd, The Mentors, Los Lobos, Red Hot Chili Peppers ecc... This album is ESSENTIAL for every fan of bands such Devo, Pere Ubu, Screamers, Von Lmo ecc… So, grab this incredible Lp, all recorded in studio right now! No filler! 100% American genius! Art cover designed by Winston Smith!!!!!!

SPELLING MISTAKES. Feels So Good (Real Groovy Records) 38.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! The Spelling Mistakes were one of New Zealand's best, most infamous, yet much-loved second wave punk bands of the late seventies. Taking the sneer and aggression from the first wave and matching it with sixties pop sensibilities, in their short tenure from early 1979 to October 1980 they recorded one and half classic singles with Feels So Good and (The Ballad Of) Reena's Piss Flaps (a split A side) as well as a selection of demos.
This collection brings together, (and mostly on vinyl for the first time)  their raw demos from late 79, Reena and Feels So Good singles, a recording from their last ever show and a selection of their best recordings from 1999 when they entered Frisbee studios to revisit unrecorded tracks. The results of these new recordings were excellent and demanded release. This is the first time the Spelling Mistakes 1979 & 1980 recordings have been reissued from the original master tapes. 
Brothers Nick and Julian Hanson were on vocals and drums respectively. Nigel Russell on bass, and the incomparable Warwick Hitler on guitar. Banned from many an Auckland venue for their fans over exuberant enthusiasm, plus songs about the then recent Air NZ Erebus disaster, and Warwick performing in his SS uniform did little to take them into the hearts of the mainstream, but for those who witnessed them at the time - their gritty pop songs, Warwick's stun guitar, and Nick's flamboyance as a front man captured the imaginations and hearts of many an Auckland (X) teenager of the time.

SPITS. Kill The Kool – 2xLP (In The Red) 20.00 EUR. The space-age mutant punk rockers known as The Spits have been at it for more than a decade now and are showing no signs of slowing down. Their demented, out-of-control stage act (which often includes blood and fire) has inspired many a mosh pit and near-riot. The band’s five albums (all self-titled) and countless singles are brief blasts of hyperactive aggression with a weirdo, mongoloid electro twist that makes them completely unique. Imagine if some of the creatures from film Mars Attacks got a hold of the first Ramones album, Black Flag’s Damaged, skateboards and some musical instruments and decided to start a band, and one would begin to get an idea of where The Spits are coming from. The Spits and In The Red are happy to announce the proper release of Kill the Kool. Previously pressed in an edition of 500 and sold on tour only, this collection has been re-mastered, expanded to a double LP (which spins at 45 RPM) with extra material, and housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring artwork by comic book artist Keenan Keller. The 22 tracks are pulled from singles sides, outtakes and demos, yet Kill the Kool plays like one of the most cohesive Spits releases rather than an odds ’n’ sods patchwork. To anyone who has yet to investigate The Spits, Kill the Kool is a perfect introduction. It encapsulates everything the band does best—from creepy, weirdo synth tracks to full-on Killed By Death punk rockers. To anyone already familiar with the band, you know you need this!

SPITS. 2006 European Tour (P.Trash) 15.00 EUR. Now in it's second edition w/green cover! After Pope Benedict paid Germany a visit this year's spring, another highlight is following soon with the European tour of the godly THE SPITS! THE SPITS are well-known for their tilted, yet melodic new wave punk, just like a mixture of the RAMONES and thrashy DEVO. Take this and think of it being spit over the obscure sounds of the late 70's KILLED BY DEATH 7"s and you get quite a good grasp of what to expect from this band. THE SPITS are pure punk rock party! If you've seen them live and didn't freak out, you must be dead! I had that pleasure before - on their last European tour, when even a broken wrist didn't keep the guitarist/keyboarder from turning the whole audience in an old brothel musically upside down. Their crazy stage outfits (Ninja, Taliban, Reagan masks) complete the madness! The a-side (6 songs plus hidden bonus track) fully resembles that "die-hard-party-live-feeling". Catchy tunes such as "Die Die Die", "Drop Out" in a thrashy version, as well as unreleased KBD cover songs from THE KIDS, BLACK EASTER and CRAP DETECTORS will shake you up roughly, so that soon enough you will turn your living room furniture into a mess. The 6 songs on the b-side were being recorded live at the "Dave the Spazz radio show", and there's more SPITS party hits such as "Nuclear Bomb", "Spits Me Out", "Remote Control",... in raw, stripped down versions. All this is being wrapped up in a fabulous "spit on the Pope, and read your result in the Spit-o-meter" screen print cover. Artwork by Jose Menor, screenprinted by Slowboy.

THE SPLITS. II (Dirtnap) 21.50 EUR. The Splits came together in Helsinki, Finland in Fall of 2010. Originally consisting of Helena (guitar/vox), Maiju (bass), Kiti (guitar/vox) and Aiju (drums), The Splits were the first band that any of them had played in.  After recording what were originally intended to be demos, a friend of theirs sent the recordings, (without the band’s knowledge) to Germany’s iconic P Trash Records. P Trash offered to put out an LP on the spot (and local Finnish label Airiston Punk Levyt a 7”), without the band having played so much as a single show. Shortly after the album’s release, the recordings also came to the attention of Dirtnap Records, who promptly flipped out, began helping to distribute the album in the USA, and told the band to get in touch once they recorded more stuff. A couple of tours of Europe/UK followed, one of which with like-minded English band The Love Triangle. (You should check them out if you haven’t already, they’re awesome!)  Things took a downturn in 2013, though. Multiple breakups left most of the band heartbroken and homeless. Original drummer Aiju departed to have a baby, to be replaced by current drummer Jussi, who acted as the producer on their1st LP and 7”. The band was committed to re-building, however, and it was during that tumultuous period that what became this, their 2nd album, was born.  This dark era in the band member’s personal lives is captured perfectly in the music and lyrics, sometimes quite directly.  The Splits and their new LP defy easy classification. They are the kind of band that can be well received at hardcore fests, and then turn around and go on tour with garagepunk bands. There are definite dark undertones and a slight post-punk influence to their music and lyrics, but this is still far more aggressive and stripped down than the sounds of the currently fashionable goth-revival thing.  The band lists some of their favorites as Poison Idea, Testors, Dead Moon, Pagans, Wipers, Marked Men, and Varuas, all of which make sense after listening to the album. (They also want you to know that they like beer, hamburgers, cats, and bicycles, which proves they are good people!) Think of the dark, driving sounds of the bands born of American Pacific Northwest winters, mixed with the trashy rock n’ roll sensibilities of Memphis, along with an abiding love of obscure 70’s punk.  At a relatively concise 9-songs, II captures an effective snapshot of a specific time and place, and a mish-mash of different influences coming together to create a haunting, memorable album. We could be very surprised if this is the last we hear from The Splits.

SPRAY PAINT. Dopers (Monofonus Press) 19.50 EUR. Fifth album (and second of 2015) by Austin's Spray Paint. This album was recorded in the middle of a tour by modern madman Chris Woodhouse. They cited Rhys Chatham, Sonic Youth, This Heat, Brainbombs, Jesus Lizard, and The Fall when we asked them who they were ripping off this go-around.

SPRAY PAINT. Clear Blood, Regular Acid (Monofonus Press) 17.50 EUR. Austin’s self-described “No-No Wave/Dub/Scum Rock” band, SPRAY PAINT, grace us with their third full length LP, Clean Blood, Regular Acid. After a heavy year—two albums on Sacramento’s S-S Records and touring with Protomartyr—Spray Paint are taking their psychotic stories, rebellious guitar riffs and punky kraut beats more seriously. Their sound is a bit broken, contemptuous and unhealthy, yet entirely engrossing. At times, it’s as equal parts The Fall as it is Endless Boogie, Eddy Current Suppression Ring or Nikki Sudden. 

SPRAY PAINT. S/T (S-S Records) 15.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! S.S. Records is very pleased to announce the debut album of SPRAY PAINT, eleven songs of killer avant punk aggression that measures up with anything stomping around today. A little more than a year ago, CORY from SPRAY PAINT members contacted S.S. and asked if they could send a few songs. Recognizing his name from another band WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH, whose psych-punkishness we dug, S.S. said ‘Certainly.’ Four songs came and we were blown away. 2012 saw two stellar 7”s from the Austin trio—energy packed, off-kilter yet tuneful punk rock & roll with a sound that brought to mind 100 Flowers, Saccharine Trust, Wire, and S.S. vets the A Frames. During the summer Spray Paint came west to play S.S. Records second fest in San Francisco and after a few weeks on the road they hit home and started recording this album. We heard most of the songs before Spray Paint’s tour and they were great, but gig after gig of playing them tightened them up and brought in new ideas. When the album was done, what hit our ears is eleven sonic booms: Great songs, ace playing, good ideas, and smart construction. Nothing is too long, nothing too short. Like the best punk rock & roll albums, Spray Paint’s debut is all meat, no fat, a compact punch with angular power. As noted above, we are very pleased. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies, and like the two 7”, the jackets have been painted on front and stamped on the back—no two are the same.

SPUTNIK VENENO. Futuro Programado (Producciones Ansiolíticas/Discos Regresivos) 11.00 EUR. Desde Málaga, y con componentes de los extintos Estupas, Sputnik Veneno lanza su primer LP en vinilo, limitado a 330 copias y que gira a 45rpm. Además incluye insert a dos caras con todas las letras. Está coeditado por Discos Regresivos y el propio sello del grupo: Producciones Ansiolíticas.
Se trata de 14 temas de Punk 80s en castellano con influencias de grupos guiris e ibéricos, tales como Partisans, UK Subs, Vibrators, Eskorbuto, RIP o TDK.
Sonido potente con buen master y letras curradas que harán que te partas la crisma cuando te lo pinches en vena. Al loro!

SRASRSRA. Puchao (Discos Humeantes) 13.50 EUR. Los putos señora, es decir Srasrsra, por fin se visten de largo. Para ello sacan a relucir sus mejores galas: irreverencia, obscenidad, humor absurdo y delirio. Discos Humeantes se encarga de editar en vinilo 12" el artefacto en cuestión, quince temas trepidantes y pegadizos en los que Víctor y Zippo van a su bola. Garage Punk Anfetamínico cargado de himnos generacionales como "Comebolsas", "Chica Joven" o "Droga"

SS-20. Secta Suicida Siglo 20 (Secta Suicida) 12.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! SS-20 fue una oscura banda del DF, con una chica, Zapa, al frente, que solo dejó grabado este mini LP en los años 80, pleno de rabia y desesperación. 8 canciones de punk-hardcore furioso bastan, es una bomba. Píllate esto ya.

THE STABS. Dead Wood (Homeless) 22.00 EUR. A limited edition (400 copies only) vinyl pressing of THE STABS’ 2009 album. Originally released as CD only by Spooky Records, Dead Wood sold out extremely quickly. We expect the vinyl release to go quite fast too as there's been a great deal of interest since a vinyl release was first mooted 3-4 years ago. In the tradition of Australian noise punk bands like Lubricated Goat and Venom P Stinger, the Stabs presented an ugly but rockin' excursion into torment and paranoia. Mastered by MIKEY YOUNG. Includes a download.

THE STABS. Dirt (Homeless) 22.00 EUR. A limited edition (400 copies only) vinyl pressing of THE STABS’ 2006 album. Originally released as CD only by Spooky Records, Dirt sold out extremely quickly. We expect the vinyl release to go quite fast too as there's been a great deal of interest since a vinyl release was first mooted 3-4 years ago. In the tradition of Australian noise punk bands like Lubricated Goat and Venom P Stinger, the Stabs presented an ugly but rockin' excursion into torment and paranoia. Mastered by MIKEY YOUNG. Includes a download.

LA STASI. La Última Esperanza De La Locurita (Discos Regresivos) 10.00 EUR. La última esperanza de la locurita es la última esperanza del punk.
Punk 77 mezclado con el garrulismo de los 80 y con unas letras ácidas, irónicas y costumbristas a la par que divertidas.
Después de cuatro años la Stasi sigue demostrando que no hacen falta artificios, ni poses, ni consignas mil veces repetidas para hacer punk.
12 temazos y una locurita que demuestran que tantos años después siguen siendo los más grandes del punk patrio le joda a quien le joda. Todo el arte es por obra y gracia del gran Adso. Edición: 500 copias.

LA STASI. Llamando Al Manzanares (Discos Regresivos) 10.00 EUR. Discos Regresivos se enorgullece en presentar el LP más PUNK del año a ambas orillas del Manzanares. 11 temas nuevos y una versión, aptas sólo para mentes inquietas.
Imagina un día lluvioso. Es tu cumpleaños, lleno de asquerosa gente atravesando ojos con paraguas, en el que te gustaría mandar al de al lado a la mierda, insultar y huir cual cobarde, acabando en un parque con un abuelo bohemio.
Ese día, tu cáncer de nalga no te dejará mantener tu humor guay, ni podrás disfrutar la peli porno cómo te gustaría, pero siempre podrás rendir pleitesía a tu ídolo, Javier Clemente, y pensar en matar enamorados en San Valentín o a algún icono de la movida madrileña.
Ese día es como el LP de la Stasi..... 

LOS STEAKS. No Moon Album (Discos Humeantes) 10.00 EUR. Los Steaks se estrenaron el año pasado con un par de vinilos editados en sellos forasteros. Un single recopilatorio con Black Orphan y los Menthols en el sello americano Ufo Dictatator y un 7” para ellos solitos en el sello alemán Milk and Chocolate. "No Moon Album" es su primer disco largo, y menudo disco señores.... Caminan a paso firme con un pie en la playa y otro en cementerio y en el pueden encontrarse referencias a los grandísimos Gories, Beat Happening, Subway Sect o Gun Club por nombrar algunos. Escucha Basement, Shadows, Windy Day...  y te darás cuenta de que este es el disco que todo joven de bien necesita para empezar bien el año. 

STEVE ADAMYK BAND. Third (Dirtnap) 14.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! BOOM! Canada's Capital City veteran punks THE STEVE ADAMYK are back at it again, unleashing their third album, aptly titled, Third. The last two years have taken SAB on tour in Europe (twice), to SXSW (twice), Awesome Fest, Sled Island and beyond. Late 2011 saw the first line-up change, bringing DAVE FORCIER of PREGNANCY SCARES to the kit, along with SEB GODIN of SONIC AVENUES on bass into the mix, keeping DAVE WILLIAMS active in the band with studio endeavors. The formula is the same as always; bringing a punk edge to classic power-pop, with help from a strong modern garage influence. You could call it aggressive pop-punk, keeping it tight and far from over-produced. The formula is simple - no one is trying to re-invent the wheel. With that said, they're staying clear of cheese and cliches. Third is the band's most solidified recording to date. Don't miss them coming to your town in 2013!

STEVE ADAMYK BAND. Forever Won’t Wait (Dirtnap) 13.50 EUR. THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND are a bunch of obnoxious, rowdy, "kids" from Ottawa, Ontario. While the name would automatically draw comparison to a blues, jazz or rock band given the layout, make no mistake; the Steve Adamyk Band are a punk band. The SAB play trash-pop inspired by seventies punk, the skinny tie bands of the eighties, and nineties garage rock. From the ashes of MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS (Gearhead Records) and SEDATIVES (Deranged Records), the group was born out of necessity—a whack load of orphan songs with no band to call home. Frustrated playing in bands that would eventually call it quits, Adamyk formed a band that could have an endless timeline, even if the name is outside of the standard band name zone. Releasing two European singles before their first live performance, the SAB would go on to unload 4 seven inch singles and an LP in 2010. The self-titled LP in question sold out its initial pressing in three months and received rave reviews. The following year, the SAB toured Europe, performed at SXSW and recorded their sophomore LP Forever Won't Wait. More touring and releases are currently in the works for 2012, as it doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

STEVE TREATMENT. All Dressed For Tomorrow (Munster) 15.00 EUR. An essential DIY collection from one of the most intriguing figures of the late 70s British punk scene. Extensive liner notes by Chuck Warner (Hyped To Death, Messthetics) accompanied by copious photos and memorabilia. "All my songs are 'A' sides" (ST) Brilliant DIY'n'roll from Steve Treatment, one of the most fascinating but less heralded figures of the late 70s British punk/DIY scene. Bonding over a shared love for Marc Bolan, Steve and the nascent Swell Maps would play and hang out together around London and the Maps backed the former on his first single, released on their own label in 1978. "All Dressed For Tomorrow" includes said record and Steve Treatment's other two singles from 1979, plus chosen highlights from 1977-1979 recordings, unreleased at the time. Raw, unkempt, experimental glam rock magic. The extensive liner notes cover not just the music but also Steve's varied interactions with Marc Bolan, the Swell Maps, the Moors Murderers, Derek Jarman... among others.

THE STING RAYS. Cryptic And Coffee Time (Discos Alehop!) 14.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! The second and last studio album by this English band, originally released in 1987, contained 14 psych-jangle-fuzz-pop hits with 60s/garage/folk influences which didn’t fit in any music scene at the time. File next to The Dentists, The Count Five, TV Personalities, 13th Floor Elevators, The Monochrome Set… but The Sting-Rays were completely unique.
Alehop reaparece a lo grande con esta reedición de un clásico oscuro. Una joya que ha permanecido escondida en los baúles del más pajero sibarita. Sting-Rays editaron en 1987 su segundo y último lp. 14 melocotonazos de psych-fuzz-pop con influencias garageras y folkis de los 60's. Si lo tuyo son los Dentists, Count Five, Tv Personalities, 13th Floor Elevators, The Monochrome Set no dejes escapara este discal. Edición limitada a 500 copias.

STRAIGHT ARROWS. Rising (Hozac) 15.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Since releasing It’s Happening in 2010, STRAIGHT ARROWS have been touring the USA, releasing albums in the UK, cassettes in the USA, 7” singles in the USA and Italy, gracing the stages of the Sydney Opera House for Vivid Festival and headlining Sydney Town Hall as part of Sydney Festival. Who said punk isn’t high culture? Amongst all the madness, touring, recording, working, the Straight Arrows were writing their follow up album Rising. The result? Dancing music. Garage Punk nuggets that will get you up out of your dronesome slumber and force some serious rug cutting antics. This is hairy fuzzed out psychedelic garage pop without the patchouli-scented kaftans. Is it reckless? Is it fun? YEAH!’s a new Straight Arrows record.

STRANGE ATTRACTOR. S/T (Red Lounge) 11.50 EUR. Killer Garage Dirt from this brand new outfit! Jeff from the STATUES and his buddies are a dirty bunch of NIGHT BANGERS!! Check it out, the LP will be to kill for!!! Important Facts that might just win you a million on TV: 19 Gripping Songs in less the 20 minutes! And no "Diamonds and Rust" or "The Ballad Of Jimmy Hendrix" either!

SUBMARINE RACES. Hard To Look At, Easy To See (In The Red) LP+CD 13.00 EUR. Watching the submarine races" is a euphemism for making out (and more) in a car. It's the kind of thing a cop would say to be funny when he knocks on the fogged-up window of your Chevy parked in back of the Safeway to ask what you're doing there at 1:00 a.m. This Submarine Races is a three-piece from Chicago, Illinois, fronted by Ian Adams, formerly of The Ponys and Happy Supply. The Submarine Races play spiky art pop that displays Adams's love for literate UK post-punk as well as the simple but sublime songs of The Easybeats and '60s girl groups. The group is powered by Adams's serpentine melodies, 12-string Rickenbacker leads, and adenoidal vocals, which blend the elegantly wasted plaints of the Only Ones' Peter Perrett and the nervy quaver of the Violent Femmes' Gordon Gano. Bassist Steve Denekas and drummer Paul John Higgins give a jolt to Adams's originals, which are marked by his lovelorn lyrics.
On Hard To Look At, Easy To See, the band's second album, the Submarine Races deliver thirteen tracks that rock harder and are even more infectious than their debut. Adams's pop chops have never been sharper and his anglophile leanings recall the best tunes of Monochrome Set or Pastels. Denekas chips in with a lacerating garage free-for-all, "Let It Go," and the disc even includes a cover of pipe organ magician Korla Pandit's "Harem Bells."

SUBTLE TURNHIPS. Redhair With Some (Homeless) 19.50 EUR. The French punk-garage-rock scene the past decade has seen some standout acts emerge such as Cheveu, Frustration, The Feeling of Love, Dimi Dero and more. Add the oddly-named SUBTLE TURNHIPS to this pile, as their fifth album—Redhair With Some—is proudly brought to you by Australia’s Homeless Records. The lack of hair on our Homeless head helped our hearing (try saying that rapidly 10 times)—not that we needed an aid to decide whether to release Redhair With Some—we’ve been a fan since hearing Terd Album (Hozac, 2010) and Meal (Pouet! Schallplatten, 2013) and immediately loved the rough cuts we were sent. Recruiting recording ace MIKEY YOUNG to mix the album brought a fresh new set of ears to the Turnhips sound, and another instant fan, hell we even hear some Eddy Current Suppression Ring-style guitar work in “Eileen.” Some have stated they hear Swell Maps or Pink Flag-era Wire in the Subtle Turnhips influences, whilst others have noted The Fall or even the destructionism of Brainbombs. Pressed in an edition of 350 copies in gatefold jackets with download.

SUBTLE TURNHIPS. Terd (Hozac) 12.50 EUR. At long last, the French Cro-Magnon punque masters SUBTLE TURNHIPS have returned from the blackness with their third staggering LP of slobbering soiled savagery, and we couldn't be more pleased to help shovel it down your throats. Finally available to folks outside of their alcove of animosity and thrusting forth a sludgy, refreshing blast of toilet-wave toxicity that never sits well in pleasant situations, these three cave-dwelling cretins have created a modern masterpiece of rudimentary punk damage, never straying far off from each song's well beaten two-chord pummeling. For a band that's been surreptitiously releasing records for over twenty years now, the release of this new Terd LP is cause for rejoicing in that, at the very least, it's accessible to the farther-down-the-food-chain life forms that will embrace it the most. Mining only the most slavish nuances culled from punk's deepest grievances and stewed in an acidic bath of primal lunacy stemming from isolation, desperation, and overall sonic decapitation, it's with great pleasure that we unleash the Subtle Turnhips' latest poisonous blast of primordial perfection, the Terd LP upon your vulnerable and unprepared soul. First pressing of 400 copies.

SUBURBAN LAWNS. S/T (Futurismo Inc) 33.00 EUR. Turn your lawn sprinklers to the maximum as your gonna need cooling down, because the SUBURBAN LAWNS are back! Never before reissued and out of print since 1981, FUTURISMO proudly present this eccentric slice of Californian new wave art punk originally released on the integral I.R.S. Records.
SUBURBAN LAWNS were the embodiment of everything that new wave was supposed to be: subversive, artistic, humorous and aligned to the timeless sensibilities of pop.
Their Self-Titled LP is something of a lost masterpiece with it’s tales of computer dating, religion vs. superficiality and alien spotting excursions, a cocktail of unique subject matter filtered through equally unique musical characteristics. Featuring the off kilter classic ‘Janitor’ - where the enigmatic anti pin-up Su Tissue relay’s those famous words ”i’m a janitor, oh my genitals” - the album is guaranteed to either reignite memories of those late night viewings of New Wave Theatre, or leave newcomers to the band astounded that it took this long to catch up.
This much deserved re-release is delivered in fine redux fashion, on both 180g vinyl LP in exciting limited edition colours with free download, as well as a never before released CD version. Both versions have metallic ink sleeves with new artwork, unseen photos, huge foldout poster, all the tracks present on the original Self-Titled LP plus five bonus tracks as featured on their fabulous Baby EP. Thank ‘mom and dad and god’ for the SUBURBAN LAWNS!
Tracklisting > 1. Flying Saucer Safari 2. Pioneers 3. Not Allowed 4. Gossip 5. Intellectual Rock 6. Protection 7. Anything 8. Janitor 9. Computer Date 10. Mom And Dad And God 11. Unable 12. When In The World 13. Green Eyes 14. Jam The Controls Bonus tracks > 15. Flavor Crystals 16. Enjoy 17. Hug You 18. Baby 19. Cowboy.

SUDOR. Enamorado De La Muerte Juvenil (Beat Generation) 10.00 EUR. Sudor are back with their second full length, ten tracks inspired by Discharge, RIP, and Scandinavian punk from the '80s. They don't need more than 14 minutes to prove one more time that they are the best and most active Spanish punk band, playing almost every weekend and touring the States and Europe every year; they played at Chaos in Tejas to universal praise. All their previous releases are absolutely sold out, so act fast or cry later. Just play this album and count how many times they use the word "shit"! Limited edition of 500 copies. Artwork by Hez.

SUDOR. Ganas De Vomitar (Beat Generation/Sólo Para Punks) 10.00 EUR. Después de un EP y un LP compartido, los de Toledo regresan con un disco grande para demostrar que en la ciudad imperial no solo hay espadas, armaduras y espiritú rancio heredado del Alcazar. Título explícito para un contenido que arrolla en sus diez cortes, una exhalación hecha bilis que se devanea entre la herencia de Discharge y el hardcore ochentero de los paises escandinavos, eso sí, sin perder su toque mas rockero en esos punteos de alumno de primaria. Lapos de bilis, inconformismo, rabia y por supuesto sentido del humor.

SWEET MADNESS. Made In Spokane: 1978-1981 (Sweet Madness) 19.00 EUR. Deluxe vinyl release of SWEET MADNESS, the Spokane, WA band that kicked off themutant-garage-punk-art-rock scene of the Eastern portion of the Pacific Northwest. Made In Spokane: 1978-1981 features 16 great-sounding remastered songs, including "We Will Obey," "In On The Outs," "Tired Blood," "Mechanical Things," "INeed Electricity," and "Concrete River." Includes lyric and flyer inserts.

SWEET TALK. Double Perfect (12XU Records) 19.50 EUR. It’s been two years since Austin, TX’s SWEET TALK released a pair of hard-to-pin-down-yet-stuck-in-your-brain 12”s that have been known to wear out expensive needles and initiate flannel riots all across this great country. This fall, they are finally back with follow up album Double Perfect and are intent on making up for lost time. Doubling down in their efforts for blown out pop perfection, Sweet Talk, spent the better part of a year experimenting with ideas, training their bodies, and preparing their minds. What you get is a band with whip-smart songwriting, an ace rhythm section, and epic rock n roll leads pulling out all the stops and going for broke. Warbling between a freak mix of 70s classic rock, early 80s alternative, and unmistakable Texas punk grit, Sweet Talk navigate their influences well while creating something unmistakably their own. Recorded in part by ORVILLE NEELEY (OBN III’s) and MATTHEW MELTON (Warm Soda, Bare Wires), the album sees the band breaking new ground while continuing their tendency of frantically blending influences into a grimy pulp of their own.

SWINGING NECKBREAKERS. Pop Of The Tops (Telstar) 14.50 EUR. Long awaited new album by the buzz-loving, NJ garage rock icons who pack houses in Norway and rock out in fictional "Soprano" bars! The trio's first slab in about a decade features the band's typical high-energy rock 'n' snot.

TACO LEG. S/T (Fan Death) 14.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! TACO LEG are the best band in the world. No, seriously. The Perth trio of ANDREW MURRAY, SIMON MORRISON and RICHARD INGHAM has been blowing us away since we first came across their Myspace page shortly after starting Fan Death. The currently out of print Freemason's Hall 7" (FDR-004) may initially have confused and irritated listeners from Cottesloe to College Park, but the record itself is an essential document of the recent Australian underground, two trebly tracks about architecture and boredom in Western Australia. Following that, Taco Leg released Painted Gold, a three-song 7" on noted Philadelphia rock label Richie Records/TestosterTunes, and had a US tour in late 2010 that coincided with the release of the McRib. Taco Leg's self-titled LP wastes no time in making its mark, its 12 tracks clocking in at just under 20 minutes. Many of these tracks barely crack the minute mark, but like their Perth punk ancestors from the Victims to Extortion, their songs are direct and lodge in your brain until you find yourself thinking about "Raiders of the Lost Ark". If you're familiar with Taco Leg, the elements are all there—minimal guitar lines and stripped-down, proto-punk drumming, with singer Murray's unforgettable voice intoning cryptic lyrics. This is the record where they've fully honed their sound, and very nearly have learned how to play their instruments. Whether it's on the shambling swagger of "Shut It Down," self-described "Detroit Hardcore" song "Find Me," or the tension of "I Can't Decide" (not a Black Flag cover), Taco Leg perfectly encapsulate the feeling of being young and bored without being boring. Members of Taco Leg also appear in a number of other great bands, all of which are incredible and essential to check out, including: Pauline Manson, Constant Mongrel, Whalehammer, Pond, and Ringham's garage-punk/prank call project Ring.

TALBOT ADAMS. S/T (Spacecase) 15.50 EUR. TALBOT ADAMS has slowly become a solo artist over the last few years. Prior to going solo, Talbot's played in a number of bands: THE ROYAL PENDLETONS, THE DARKEST HOURS, PREACHER’S KIDS, THE JENNY JEANS, DUTCH MASTERS, THE CHECKMATES, and THE BLACK AND WHITES. Talbot has played on recordings for Goner, Norton, Shattered, DMR and Spacecase Records. Adams has been lucky enough to play with members of The Oblivians, The Gories and The Neckbones. Talbot Adams was born and raised in New Orleans. He lived in New York City for five years, where he was lucky enough to intern at Matador Records before returning home and finally settling in Oxford, MS, where he currently lives. Talbot still misses New Orleans, but likes North Mississippi as well. Talbot has been recently performing, at times with just voice and guitar, and at other times with a group of friends that back him up.

TAMARYN. Led Astray Washed Ashore (Troubleman Unlimited) 13.50 EUR. Somber and seductive, brooding and atmospheric, TAMARYN’s debut EP is filled with the kind of shimmering songs that alto chanteuses like NICO and SIOUXSIE SIOUX offered us in years past. Her voice is both a weight against the current of reverb-drenched guitars and a floating ornament atop the driving drums that underpin her songs. The music hovers between dark, tribal minimalism and lush post-punk grandiosity, infusing the familiar with the unexpected. Led Astray, Washed Ashore is an intriguing release to say the least.”--Big Takeover. Includes guest appearances from NICK ZINNER (YEAH YEAH YEAHS) and JALELL BUNTON (TV ON THE RADIO). Edition of 500 copies. Packaged with embossed sleeves.

TEENAGE FILMSTARS. There’s A Cloud Over Liverpool (Munster/Discos Alehop) 15.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Munster Records presents, in a co-release with Discos Alehop!, the three official singles of the British band Teenage Film Stars reissued on vinyl for the first time: '(There's A) Cloud Over Liverpool' (Clockwork Records), 'The Odd Man Out' (Wessex Records/Blueprint Records) and 'I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape' (Fab Listening Records).
After self-releasing two records with his band 'O' Level, in 1979 Ed Ball continued the path of 60s-influenced new wave pop already present in that band's 'The Malcolm EP' (1978), now under the name Teenage Filmstars. In this new adventure he was accompanied by his school friends Dan Treacy and Joe Foster (both members of Television Personalities). With their help Ball released a first single in September 1 979 featuring two songs: the A side is taken by '(There's A) Cloud Over Liverpool' (a tremendous chorus-song) and the B side contained 'Sometimes Good Guys Don't Follow Trends' (a comment on youth culture). The song '(There's A) Cloud Over Liverpool' received support by John Peel and reached certain fame in the UK and the United States, where it was interpreted as an homage to John Lennon.
June 1980 saw the release of their second single, titled 'The Odd Man Out', where Teenage Filmstars offer as the lead track a catchy ska-pop number in the vein of Madness. The other side featured 'I Apologise', a beautiful pop melody punctuated by the kind of guitars characteristic of the revival mod bands of the time.
Their last single, from November 1980, included the track from their repertoire with the biggest potential, 'I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape' (re-recorded in 1982 for Ball's next project, The Times, again along with Dan Treacy), an homage to the actor Patrick Joseph McGoohan, who worked in the late 1960s cult TV series 'The Prisoner'. The single's other side features 'We're Not Sorry', a power pop nugget which links them with bands such as The Jam and Merton Parkas (who were mocked on one of the two sleeves of '(There's A) Cloud Over Liverpool').
This compilation also includes two tracks never released on vinyl until now which were recorded in April 1979, in the style of 'O' Level: 'He's A Professional' (antimilitary punk-pop) and the folk-punk anthem 'The John Peel March', dedicated to the legendary BBC radio host and great supporter of new bands. This retrospective is completed with a recording session dated in November 1980 which produced three tracks ('Storybook Beginnings', 'Dressing Up For The Cameras' and 'The Sun Never Sets') which further explore the power pop-mod sound that Ed Ball would develop in his next band The Times.
Ed Ball's music career would continue into the 1980s and 90s in bands such as Television Personalities (until 1985), The Times (until 1999) and many more projects, including four albums as a solo artist.

TEENGENERATE. Live At Shelter (Ugly Pop) 23.50 EUR. TEENGENERATE are one of the most rightfully-revered punk rock bands of the past 25 years but, this is still the very first time ever on vinyl for one of their greatest recordings, 2001's Live At Shelter. Fifteen tracks of high-octane, high-energy raw punk here, and don't be scared by the 'live' angle-- this sounds better than most of their studio records. Delivered with the swagger to win over fans of classic garage rock and the fury to appeal to '80s hardcore enthusiasts, this is truly one for everybody. Remastered by FINK for maximum impact, and with the deluxe QRP pressing that a record this good deserves.

TEENGENERATE. Get Action (Crypt) 13.00 EUR. Super NO-FI frantic full-length smokin' album by these Tokyo garage punk rock wildcats! LP has 2 BONUS CUTS: "I' m Beat" and a cover of the PAGANS' "Six And Change". The other 17 cuts include the utter power-pop ala Real Kids punk genius of "Right Now" and "Radio 55", and a slew of super-brash originals.

TERRIBLE TWOS. Horror Vacui (Urinal Cake) 17.00 EUR. It's been 5 years since Detroit's TERRIBLE TWOS let loose their first album of unhinged, synth-fucked punk furiosity, in the time between then and now they saw the release of a handful of singles, the untimely demise of several vans, a personnel change, and a sharpened delivery of their brand of ape-shit destructo-rock. Along with being a genre of outsider-art, Horror Vacui is defined as "a fear of the empty"—it makes sense that this would be relatable for Terrible Twos as they rarely allow you a moment of silence to collect your thoughts before scattering them back across your dome during the course of these 13 songs.

THING. S/T (Solid Sex Lovie Doll) 17.00 EUR. Existing for the blink of an eye in the Chicago summer of 2013, only a small group of lucky losers got to witness the birth of THING. After an abrupt exodus to Tennessee and a year of gestation, songwriter and frontman Rich Crook (Lover!, Lost Sounds, Reatards and Knaughty Knights) returned with a fully developed band of cretins and an album's worth of punk n' roll rippers that will instantly hook fans of his previous work and the unfamiliar alike. Power pop hooks, Ramones riffs, and the signature THING wall of Kustom reverb make this an album with which it is impossible to argue. Limited to 500.
Two artworks by Jeff Mahannah and Haunt Love. Comes with digital download.

THUNDERTRAIN. Teenage Suicide (Rockin’ Bones) 10.00 EUR. En los años setenta, antes de que el punk irrumpiera en Inglaterra, estos compañeros de viaje de Dictators o Runaways, le daban al rock and roll cañero y eran muy conocidos en la escena underground tanto de su ciudad (Boston) como de Nueva York. En este álbum, ahora reeditado e incialmente publicado en 1977, nos encontramos con 12 temas, grabados entre los años 75 y 76. En definitiva rock potente en títulos clásicos como "I'm So Excited", "Hot For Teacher!", "Modern Girls", "I Gotta Rock", "Forever & Ever" o "Love The Way".

TIME FLYS. Rebels Of Babylon (Birdman) 13.00 EUR. Oakland, California's enfant-terribles The Time Flys are back with another blast of rock'n'roll rebellion. Performing at the pinnacle of their powers, these guys (and gal) pick up right where their debut, Fly, left off. Together, Sir Eric "The Masher" Von Ravenson, Andy Freeze (aka Andy Jordan of The Cuts), Erin Error and Peter P. Juvenile seamlessly fuse mid '70s glam, late '70s proto-punk, and even later '70s Killed By Death-style punk to create music that, in these stale times, sounds remarkably fresh. The combination of guitar, bass, drums and attitude hasn't sounded this great since the heyday of Sire Records.
Time Flys don't simply rummage the back catalogs of the Velvets or the Voidoids; they dig deep, touching on groups like DMZ, The Real Kids, The Huns and AK-4. Unlike the kid who threw his watch out the window, the Time Flys don't dumb it down like so many balls-out punk retards-- the riffs on Rebels Of Babylon may be tough, but they're also fairly complex. In fact, The Time Flys might be the only group playing original recipe punk at this level in 2007. Doubting thomases who scoff at moderne punk groups might be surprised to discover how much they dig this.

TIMMY’S ORGANISM. Single & Unreleased 2xLP (Hozac) 28.00 EUR. TIMMY VULGAR, Detroit's favorite son, and most ambitiously amphibious creative force doesn't need much of an introduction to anyone familiar with subversive punk music over the past decade and a half. He's been such an irreplaceable figure in each of his musical endeavors since his emergence in such legendary acts such as the EPILEPTIX and CLONE DEFECTS back in the late 1990s, right up through his shape-shifting efforts in the mollusk-like HUMAN EYE and the prog-soaked REPTILIAN FORCEFIELD, and straight into his latest nerve-numbing scatterbomb known simply as TIMMY’S ORGANISM. We've been lucky to have bore witness to Timmy's metamorphosis many times over during these crazy years, and with this unit coming as close as it gets to "solo material," you the listener, can get an intimate encounter to vacuuming up the pieces of Mr. Vulgar's shattered heart, spread over two full LPs worth of out-of-print 7" singles, and for the dedicatedly faithful, an entire album's worth of unreleased tracks. This massive 2LP Singles & Unreleased Tracks collection is a cranium-swelling blast of his best tracks from the numerous 7" releases on Sacred Bones, Bat Shit, Goner, Douchemaster, Goodbye Boozy, Cass, and Hozac, along with unreleased tracks from his deep vault of garishly nightmarish goodies you've still not yet laid ears upon. Spanning a full spectrum of deranged styles, from the intimidating visceral to the rivetingly morose, this collection might just expose you to another side of Timmy you never knew existed, and yet another reason to hang on for dear life as we all wait anxiously for what he does next. First pressing of 400 copies in gatefold jackets with download featuring bonus tracks.

TNT. Complete Recordings – Discography - 2xLP (Static Age) 26.00 EUR. One of the most important punk bands from Switzerland. 23 songs from 1979-1983 of catchy female fronted punk rock. By September 1978, the band TNT evolved out of the last formation of The Dogbodys. The members were: the guitarist Dani Grässle, Smudi Gross on bass and Gianni Luder playing drums. Sara Schär, a 14 year-old singer, replaced the British-born Ray Fairbrother, the last remaining founding member of The Dogbodys. As of March 1979, Phil Rust took over on drums from Gianni. On June 5, 1979, the label Voxpop released TNT's first single "Züri Brännt" (Zurich is burning). On the B-side "Subway Scene" and a third song called "131" (consisting of that number of words in the song). "Züri brännt" is still the best known Punk song to originate from Switzerland and it ultimately became the band's trademark. TNT's second single was released in April 1980 on the classic Swiss Punk record label, Off Course. The two tracks "Fight" and "Remember" are punchy and sound very much like the English Punk Rock of that time period. Yet, a third track called "Stupid Boy" was also recorded, but not included on the 7" and then completely forgotten about. So, nearly 34 years later, "Stupid Boy" together with some other tracks are here for the first time available on vinyl. Alec von Tavel's label Disctrade then released TNT's third single in 1981. He was also responsible for the final mixing of the two songs "Razzia" (Roundup) and "They Robbed Us". Much to the dismay of the musicians who didn't really approve. On February 2, 1981, Dani left Zurich for Berlin and Thomi Bickel from the group Sperma (Sperm) replaced him on guitar. The 10" EP release "Eine kleine Machtmusik" (A small power music) followed, with 9 brand new songs recorded at the Pyramid Studio of Sara's father. However, the guitar tracks had to be redone later by Dani so that only "Clowns" is played by Bickel. You will not recognize all of those songs from that poor mixed record anymore. On this record they sound like real punkrock driven TNT songs! 2 Posters, Fullcolour Gatefold Sleeve.

TOTAL ABUSE. S/T (Deranged) 12.50 EUR. Review From MRR #309: Finally, after much teasing and foreplay, the TOTAL ABUSE full-length is out and totally worth the wait! This album is pure bloody-knuckles-wrapped-around-a-bottle-of-despair music, a soundtrack for modern times. I listen to this shit while running and I want to push people out of my way, stomp on top of shiny, expensive cars, and then run againnst the traffic in the middle of the street. I’m not fucking around here. Imagine the nihilistic hardcore intesity of a band like SEX/VID mixed with everything musically cool about BLACK FLAG and you’re just starting to get the picture. Some songs are driving on the mid-tempo side and make you slip slowly into madness, and others are fast and relentless, perfect for skating top speed down the steepest hills in town. You should already have the two Eps by this point (Sex Pig and the demo 7”), but if you don’t, the CD version has both of ‘em as bonus tracks to catch you up on things. Fantastic!!

TOY LOVE. Toy Love - 2xLP (Real Groovy Records) 45.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! The 28-track compilation collects all the A & B sides of the three Toy Love singles, plus the best demos from 1979, a live track and even a radio jingle. All mastered for vinyl, straight from the original analogue tapes, no nasty CDs nor digital sources were used at all.
Housed in a gatefold jacket, a 24 page booklet accompanies the release with photos, ephemera and commentary from Toy Love. While, the back cover features a sketched cartoon of an early Toy Love flyer drawn by Chris Knox. 
Evolving from Dunedin band, The Enemy, Toy Love had a brief but bright existence between January 1979 and September 1980. Invoking the ghost of punk and the melody and creativity of 60-70s pop, they were peerless at a time when New Zealand music was still struggling to imprint itself on the national consciousness. They became a model for local musicians around the country and inspired the birth of Flying Nun Records – a label which many from the band went on to work with, including Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate with the Tall Dwarfs and Paul Kean with The Bats. Then, in 2005 Flying Nun released Cuts, a double CD anthology of Toy Love material.
Electrifying and unmissable, Toy Love made an impact on all who saw then, and continue to do so around the world today.

TOY LOVE. Live At The Gluepot 1980 2xLP (Goner) 21.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Toy Love’s music was in a constant state of formation and reformation throughout the band’s existence—songs would warp and twist with every playing. So, for all its undeniable power, it appeared unstable, almost fragile, threatening to burst out of its own skin, shards and globs all over the place. Every gig was like another attempt to make this strange creature hold together and live. At times, it would only take off at a few unpredictable points, at others it would lift off immediately and roar through the air, an astonishingly compelling and unlikely flying thing full of dark folds and flashes of light. The best stuff was transcendent, and the near-failures were so often funny or had the buzzy pathos of a crash site, one couldn’t look away. This double-album captures the legendary band in September 1980 at The Gluepot in Ponsonby, Auckland—one of their final live performances. The recording was transferred and prepared for vinyl mastering by Steve McGough at Stebbings from a desk tape recorded by the band’s soundman Doug Hood.

TRACAHOMBRES. Rock & Roll Despechado (Tuca Raca) 11.00 EUR. 12 petardazos de fabricación casera, hechos con primitivo rock & roll, punk crudo, blues destilado, cinta americana y mecha rápida. Algunos explotan y otros suspiran, haciendo una traca deliciosa con bastantes baladas de inframundo. Grabado con premura y en directo en el humedo SOTANO de Dani Cardona (una sonrisa Terrible). Ojo, aqui hay sensibilidad, pero también carne cruda!!! Letras existenciales para vagos. Evolución ilógica de su primer Lp. Una cosa está clara, o te gusta o lo odias a muerte. Olvidate de la indiferencia.

TRADITIONAL FOOLS. S/T (In The Red) 15.00 EUR. In The Red is proud to announce the re-release of the self-titled album by The Traditional Fools, a garage-punk-thrash-surf trio consisting of Ty Segall, Andrew Luttrell and David Fox. They recorded and released their lone full-length back in 2008—it sold out quickly and has never been re-pressed until now. 
Recorded live in the studio, The Traditional Fools is low on fidelity and high in energy. The band’s sound is a perfect combination of ’60s garage, vintage surf reverb and early LA punk performed with trashy, reckless abandon. Covers by Redd Kross and Thee Headcoats give an idea where these guys were coming from, and songs about bikini babes and shredsticks tell where they were at. Grab a bike, tank top, sunglasses and every beer you can find, and enjoy surf-punk done right.

TRANCE. Maldición (Solo Para Punks) 10.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Trance se forma en 2011 por Tere (guitarra), Rafita (bajo), Gato (batería) y Rafa (voz). Vienen de bandas de hardcore como Aspirina Infantil, Orden Mundial o los argentinos Fun People. O quizá es la primera vez que tocan en una banda. El caso es que estos tíos se entienden bien, cogen rápido la idea y en 2012 sacan una maketa de 4 temas que posteriormente es reeditada en 7” por varios sellos independientes.

THE TRAPS. Boom Pow Awesome Wow (Castle Face) 15.00 EUR. Announcing The Traps’ Boom Pow Awesome Wow: Another grimy bit of gold from the vaults; “home made” music from Providence, RI, to irk your co-workers with. When you hear the word “garage,” does it make you want to leave the room? I can relate. Beaten over the head, we’ve been. The horse that was once merely dead is now paste on the linoleum. Garage songs sell cars. Needless to say, The Traps would be last on the list for ad men’s fancy. Sometimes you see or hear something that is so completely the raw ingredient of what was once great in your life that it stands out…or in this case, hunches over with a thread of saliva from its chin to its knee.  This is The Traps:  
• From Providence, Rhode Island, circa 2003-2004 
• Very, very heavy 
• Very, very simple 
• Recorded in an unwaveringly carefree manner 
• Three young men: Two very mellow dudes playing guitars thru towers of fried amplification, one very loud dude from Illinois playing what sounds like a bass drum and a 40-inch ride cymbal  
Coachwhips played with them, then I came home and tried to rip them off, but I wasn’t man enough to fit these balls in the front seat. Castle Face has collected their six tracks from a CDR-only EP as well as four tracks pulled from a dusty box of cassettes by yours truly. Spit-shined in mastering and with all-new original artwork by Dusty Petersen, Boom Pow Awesome Wow is the perfect antidote to the G-word selling more yet meaning less. —John Dwyer

TRASHIES. Teenage Rattlesnakes (1-2-3-4 Go!) 14.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! “A lot goes into the rattle of Teenage Rattlesnakes. In wading through the gunk, you’ll hear psychedelic garage moderne, far enough removed from their domestic contemporaries to be mistaken for Euro gang-chanters conducting a tribal punk séance. But they’re American Men, able to see the art inherent in pink sludge sustenance. Moments of severe stomp and circus tomfoolery recall the frenzied Avant Garde Rock’n’Roll of The Monks, with further irritants injected to make it all the more jarring. A recent inactive period saw members disperse to outfits like TACOCAT, UNNATURAL HELPERS or UZI RASH, producing offerings infinitely more civilized than expected.Perhaps the toxicity so often associated with the band enabled them to grow extra appendages, but the performances captured here move so far past the plod that it’ll no doubt shock those familiar with the band’s early droppings. One can’t help but believe that THE TRASHIES have mutated into (gasp) a band with (gasp!) ideas and (gasp!!) the musical chops to see them through to the fullest. Of course, there are trade-offs: each album comes with a redeemable coupon for one Silkwood-shower.”—Mitch Cardwell. Limited to 500 copies on trash colored vinyl.

TRIN TRAN. Dark Radar (God? Records) 16.00 EUR. A man of indeterminate age stands behind a stack of drums and keyboards, all arrayed within his reach. A guitar hangs down from his neck, occasionally played his hands aren’t split between the keys, tapping out riffs on synth. His feet work a couple of pedals beating out time on snare and floor tom. A drumstick is deployed on the guitar and the keys only. Makes sense. Like a schizoid game of Pong, the whole thing is about exploiting the tempo, and the sounds—these ano/digital shards, iced with minimal/savant lyric shreds and a crazed slavery to the groove(s), could be hailing from Munich in ’77 or Cleveland, SF, LA, NYC or London in the late ‘70s. It could be the soundtrack to Peter Ivers’s “New Wave Theatre” or some weird dark corners of the early ‘80s once the records began to make their way into the world and changing minds…but fuck, it could be today too! Wrong on all accounts. This is some vintage one-man robot punk shit, but it all trails back into the early aughts, when punk kids were unearthing old synths and working them into the noise. Some kids went into full-on dance punk. Remember? Or would you rather not? It’s this robot-punk stuff that still sounds fresh, razorsharp and ready to go, whether it’s going forward into the past or back to the future! The debut release on the God? label—a “TY SEGALL presents” sort of deal. Vinyl-only release.

TRIN TRAN. Far Reaches (Castle Face) 15.00 EUR. Trin Tran: The one-man band without a plan, hurtling through the songiverse without a map or compass. For years now, Trin Tran has been creeping out from deep space (America’s Midwest) and bouncing songs off satellites. These transmissions are a testament to his lovely weirdness.  This new EP is an injection of strange-pop—less garage than his recent full-length on Ty Segall’s imprint God? Records and more the bastard child of Duran Duran and Bruce Haack. Riskier vocal delivery, heavier synths. Stronger, swifter, silver-er. Mute Records would have licked their glossy lips over this meal in the early ’80s.  Recorded by Eric Landmark of San Francisco scrap-synth alums Numbers and Ricky Reimer of Madison, WI, angularities Transformer Lootbag, mixed and mastered by John Dietrich of Deerhoof, Far Reaches truly harkens from the 6th Dimension. It’s a new era for the mask and its one-man armada.

TRONICS. Say! What’s This? (M’Lady’s) 17.00 EUR. TRONICS, led by ZIRO BABY, who issued records between 1979 and 1983 are a musical rarity as things go. The releases brought Tronics and Ziro Baby, then and since, great acclaim being noted in the music press as “a swamp God”(1), “the essence of Rock n Roll”(2), “arguably, a pre-cursor for English Post Punk and Indie music”(3) and being credited for issuing the first independent cassette album in 1980 that started the cassette music boom that continues today(4). Despite the successes of the Tronics releases, being continually highly sought after and loved by so many, Tronics and ZARJAZ BABY—the name that Ziro works under today with his group FREAKAPUS—remain rare, mysterious and enigmatic underground phenomena. Perhaps it was with this in mind that brought Brett Lyman, co-owner of M’lady’s Records, to remark that the recordings on this album were like finding a hidden room in the back of Tutankhamen’s tomb. M’lady’s Records is very proud to announce that we’ll be issuing Say! What Is This? on September 24th, 2013, in the eternally popular LP and CD formats. Over 90% of this album has never been heard by the public.

TRONICS. What’s The Hubub Bub (M’Lady’s) 17.00 EUR. What’s The Hubub Bub originally appeared in 1980/1981, and was so far ahead in its approach to songwriting, performance, recording, and presentation that we’re just now catching up. Issued at the height of the British post-punk renaissance, on cassette only, it presaged the DIY underground movement in this country by several years, and until now, has been more rumored than heard. Recorded mostly live to cassette, the album has an astonishing breadth, taking in and transmuting savage rock’n’ roll, tender ballads, tape experiments, and in the case of “The Shark Fucks,” bona fide anthems. ZIRO BABY (now known to comrades as ZARJAZ BABY and fronting the incredible group FREAKAPUSS) and his songs have held sway with hundreds of the underground cognoscenti for decades now, cassettes of TRONICS albums being passed around like secret handshakes. It remains a singular example of true self-expression, whilst at the same time rocking harder than (fill in almost any band‘s name here). M’lady’s Records is very proud to be issuing What’s The Hubub Bub for the very first time on LP, remastered and packaged with the original sleeve.

TRUE SONS OF THUNDER. Stop And Smell Your Face (Little Big Chief) 17.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! "Time fer some real talk. If'n the hirsute squad that pillage the junt in Conan had a band, they'd probably sound more like ‘Psychedelic Warlords’ than the first Cathedral record, nah'mean? Well, the barlichood ablutophobes in this TRUE SONS OF THUNDER act done roared over the hills in bout the same way, layin' a strip all round town thick n hot enough to stand out in the most post of apocalypses (i.e. Memphis). Still lampin' on that ‘Buy’ button? Havin' a crusty mitt in a clutch of other ill-reputed bands in those parts (MANATEES, OBLIVIANS, SHARP BALLOONS, FOUR JOHNS...) mightcould give you a sense of what's in store here. Or maybe you chipmunked away their Spoonful of Seedy Dudes LP for a fortnight-and-a-half of beer sweat and pant stains but just ain't got to it? So ya mean to tell me you don't know they got solos that are to Dave Brock and Ron Asheton what Leigh Stevens was to Hendrix? You don't know about the cold-knuckled clubber behind that there kit? For shame, cuz the bedunged heaviness and aboiement that abound all over their discography are herein stretched out and slowed down juuust enough so they can boogie like motherfuckers when they wanna and maybe affix a lil proto to their punk. They've also finally put to vinyl a Duran Duran/Black Oak Arkansas medley they been kickin around for years and boy-howdy! Never did I realize how much both songs sounded like ‘Born to Go.’ THAT and other crumbs is finna get belched out ya brainz quicker than you can say ‘O-Mound’. Gird yer bits all ya like; they're comin' for ya either way.”—Sebastian Morris-White, Buffet of Loathesome/Fuck You Counselor

TUMBA SWING. Sólo Y Mal Acompañado (Discos Calamidad) 10.00 EUR. TUMBA SWING ya tiene disponible su nuevo Lp. Este one man band desde el extrarradio de Mislata nos ofrece 15 pepinazos de rock and roll, blues, trash chatarrero después de un exitoso primer EP.

THE TURN IT OFFS. Too Much Static (Red Lounge) 12.00 EUR. Another exciting Band from Memphis. Garage R'n'B Action on the Go! If I told you they sound like a mix between the Boston Chinks, Lover! and the Oblivians, would that get you mouth watering? Part of this AAAmazing sound is that Harry from the Turn It Offs is the Guy who recorded the Boston Chinks Tracks for their Goner release,the last 2 LOVER! Lps and The True Sons of Thunder, just for some name checking. Cover art for this lush piece of vinyl by Lindsay Shutt. 

TUXEDOMOON. No Tears 12” (Superior Viaduct) 15.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Founded by Steven Brown and Blaine Reininger in San Francisco, Tuxedomoon are a futuristic alternate reality of delirium and existential dread. Aligned with fellow Bay Area experimentalists The Residents (to whose Ralph Records the group eventually signed) and Robin Crutchfield’s post-DNA project Dark Day, Tuxedomoon developed a unique combination of synthesizer and guitar that placed them at the forefront of the US post-punk movement in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Their 1978 debut EP, No Tears, was recorded with vocalist Winston Tong and sound engineer Tommy Tadlock. Replete with tense synth swells, devastating live drums and a psychotic ode to the “creatures of the night,” the title track is a crucial entry in the synth-punk canon that stacks up next to the best work by Units and The Screamers. Reininger’s electric violin congeals with electronic atmospherics to unnerving ends on the instrumental “Litebulb Overkill.” Few records do justice to the mania and paranoia of a forsaken city; none do it for San Francisco like Tuxedomoon’s No Tears.

TUXEDOMOON. Scream With A View (Superior Viaduct) 14.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Founded by Steven Brown and Blaine Reininger in San Francisco, Tuxedomoon are a futuristic alternate reality of delirium and existential dread. Aligned with fellow Bay Area experimentalists The Residents (to whose Ralph Records the group eventually signed) and Robin Crutchfield’s post-DNA project Dark Day, Tuxedomoon developed a unique combination of synthesizer and guitar that placed them at the forefront of the US post-punk movement in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Scream With a View, recorded surreptitiously in The Residents’ private studio in 1979, advances brilliant melodic concepts through analog technology for a sound barely comprehensible today. On “Where Interests Lie,” punchy drum machine underlies barbed and eerie leads from guitarist Michael Belfer (The Sleepers). “(Special Treatment for the) Family Man”—a reference to Dan White’s trial for the assassination of San Francisco’s mayor George Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk in 1978—is an indignant vigil cut with a rare brand of macabre humor. Saxophone, Polymoog, violin, e-bowed guitar, and CB radio interference make Scream With a View the insidious foil to the urgent No Tears EP.

TV GHOST. Disconnect - 2xLP (In The Red) 19.00 EUR. TV Ghost’s third full-length for In The Red, Disconnect is a journey to the center of dreams. The Lafayette, Indiana, band displays a newfound maturity, incorporating churning rhythms and psychedelic drone into a lush torrent of gaseous keys, sprawling guitars and eerie melody. Think Porcupine-era Echo and the Bunnymen and Tago Mago-era Can run through a Cure Pornography blender.
“TV Ghost’s 2009 debut LP, Cold Fish, is a maelstrom—10 hectic songs ripped out in 25 minutes. Stuffed to the seams with wiry guitars, trembling keyboards, crashing beats, and Tim Gick’s mad-man warble, it has the creepy tension of a post-punk haunted house where the Cramps, the Scientists, or Pere Ubu might leap out from the shadows at any moment. The band deftly balances precision and abandon—every moment sounds lunatic and unhinged, yet no track collapses into complete anarchy.
“That abandon has subsided a bit on Mass Dream, which doubles the length of its predecessor despite having only one more track. That’s by design—Gick says that his intent was to “space things out more, let the songs breathe.” And while I miss Cold Fish’s farther-flung moments, the band has countered that loss with songs that are deeper and more open. Now, along with all the post-punk echoes rattling around, unexpected reference points pop up. At times I hear the enervated drama of Echo & the Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch, or the stridency of Ian Svenonius during his Nation of Ulysses days. And TV Ghost prove as adept at stark dread as they are at fevered bedlam....” — Pitchfork

TV GHOST. TV Ghost (Die Stasi) 10.00 EUR. The worlds sole purveyors of Wabash Wave coming back with the Lubricatedgoatdoomsuicid ealuminumknoteyewolfeyes countryteaserscrampsafra mes (Your words, not mine) mash-up thats all the rage. Thats right, something here for the whole family. Your mommys a junkie you say? Give her a taste of "The Nihilist". Daddys a faggot? Inspire him with the sounds of "Lee is Free". Little sisters a beard punk? Well thats unfortunate, but shell like the record too. 9 songs on this 12" and recorded on Ohio State Fair weekend by Matt Horseshit at Self-Esteem Studio. Relentless! - Die Stasi. Available again in silkscreened/stickered cover.

TV GHOST. Mass Dream (In The Red) 13.00 EUR. Taking their name from the phenomenon of analog television frequency disturbances, Lafayette, Indiana’s TV Ghost conjures an especially sludgy and punishing brand of art-punk. They began making a name for themselves in 2007, when their first 7-inch, Atomic Rain, was released by Die Stasi Records, also home to the noisy likes of Pink Reason and Zola Jesus. TV Ghost’s sinister sound—which echoes the Scientists, Suicide and The Cramps’ ’70s output—and frantic live show won them an underground following; a 12-inch EP on Die Stasi, a single on Columbus Discount Records and their debut album, Cold Fish, followed in 2009 with several rounds of touring the US in support. The band’s trek across Europe in 2010 left a trail of busted gear, annoyed booking agents and new fans behind them. TV Ghost’s sophomore full-length was recorded by Greg Ashley (Gris Gris), and Mass Dream is by far their clearest and most coherent release to date. While sacrificing none of the band’s scuzz-punk dementia, this album is far less dense and impenetrable than its predecessor; Ghost frontman Tim Gick’s lyrics are clearer and his complex song structure a bit easier to get a handle on. That said, this is still blood-boiling, spastic and down right evil music by anyone’s standards. Live, there are few who can match them. Their sets are explosive, destructive and out of control. Gick howls as if his bowels are being extracted through his gluteus, while his eyes roll back in his head and the rest of the band pummels away in noisy ecstasy. Every show they play is psychotic and chaotic perfection. Mass Dream is the first time it’s been captured on wax to perfection.

TY SEGALL. Sleeper (Drag City) 22.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!!  Five short years into the TY SEGALL expedition, we’re farther and farther out with each and every record. And to every record, a tour—or three or four. But enough with the endless noise! Let Ty feel the wind though his hair this year! Time is short and life is precious. It’s already sorted that the boy’s of two minds; they come lightning-bright and thunder-dark. Either way you slice it (his brain), a storm is brewing as the hemispheres clash together and the songs pour forth. For Ty, coming down off the Twins trip was twice as far as it ever had been before, and in the pools of water and light that stood silently after the gale, he was a changed man. Well, the same young man, really—but different too in the days between then and now, naturally, and with more changes and big jumps ahead. A plan quickly evolved: before he checked out of his SF Mission digs and headed down the coast for a new way of life, Ty fired up the machines, hit play and wrung a last helping of blood from his rock, creating a new set of songs to translate his mind-current. Between two minds, between two places, beyond Twins, Sleeper envisions a world of haves and have-nots, but the currency that separates them is psychic. Class is determined by where your head goes—and Ty puffs the pied pipe, leading you back to what you forgot you knew. Sleeper is Ty-fi, for sure, but it’s not that different from this world we live in. It’s a hard-knock existenz, but there’s plenty tenderness to try, and the trip is crafted especially to fit in your ears and sail down the canals deep into your skull. The acoustics expand upon contact, creating new shapes for you to fill inside yourself over the full-length of a true album-length entertainment. With Sleeper, Ty Segall explores your mind, coming through his own head to slip inside with thought sharing. Ty engineered this one from beginning to end, and his ultimate sonics were accessed with a freaky hand and an instinct for what makes something perfect. Sleeper flows more colors than ever before through your mind’s eye, pushing the walls of the universe out just a micron further, making everything heavier and lighter all at once, to allow for one moment that will live forever.

TY SEGALL. Goodbye Bread (Drag City) 19.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!!  “TY SEGALL has his finger on it. A finger on it, digging into your vinyl, since 2008. But to get to the start, go back a little further, back to 2005 Laguna Beach—a cell phone call from a friend who has something Ty would love to hear: live, distorted Rock and Roll from inside a Coachwhips practice space. Transduced through a satellite, no less. Hold up the phone. Yeah, it’s 2005 and Ty’s gonna move to SF. Get outta high school and move up there. Good thing too cause the EPSILONS were rad but the TRADITIONAL FOOLS were a beer soaked painters cap drying in the sun, son. Until one day when Ty is the only Fool to show up to the show and it’s one of those moments—local history takes a turn and the world ain’t gotta wait much more, now. Ty plays the show one-man-band style and goes home and plans the rest: the records you got, tunes in your head, the unpretentious display of rock wealth. The tours, the bands, endless shows, the honorable way. MIKEL CRONIN, unicorn towel, ERIC BAUER’s recording world, more tours. Memphis magnet and home of beautiful SF—a cheery City State of Yoga and the push of Thee Oh Sees, fog and rain, 2 minutes in the Sic Alps, a snatch of 7"s, split 12"s, marathon recording, six shows in four days (two are free), student union and radio wavves are a scam but beaten, a sun shower of Sour Patch Kids, it’s all about the Kids and EMILY ROSE, the drummer. So what do you get now? It’s 2011. Ty is 23. So, do we get the comedown record? Yes and massive.”

TY SEGALL. Melted (Goner) 16.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! San Francisco psych wunderkind Ty Segall continues a tireless musical assault on ears and minds with his third album, Melted. Segall says it sounds like "cherry cola, Sno-Cones and taffy." Indeed! Over the past two years he's released records more often than most people do laundry, but somehow there is still a heap of anticipation for this new album on Goner packed full of truly psychedelic pop songs with great vocals and exciting arrangements.
On the heels of two critically acclaimed solo albums, Segall holed up in a basement studio in late 2009 to begin recording Melted. Friends occasionally dropped by to hang out and help--including Mike Donovan (Sic Alps), John Dwyer (Thee Oh-Sees) and Eric Bauer (Crack W.A.R.). The result is a carefree yet precise balance of acoustic and electric elements. Distorted echo and thunder mix together with enough clean guitar lines and addictive choruses to deliver an album that recalls the '60s without sounding like anything created during that decade. Time melts away, vision melts away, minds melt away. Get Melted!

TY SEGALL. S/T (Castle Face) 16.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Fresh from the nostalgically amazing San Francisco punk band, THE TRADITIONAL FOOLS, frontman TY SEAGALL’s self-titled album broadens the horizon of punk, paying deserved homage to the roots of rock and roll, while rejuvenating the music for today. As anticipated, the album holds the classic ‘60s pop-meets-California surf to a fast tempo that pushes the boundaries of punk. While the lo-fi claustrophobia keeps the undercurrent harsh and real, the upbeat melodies and psychedelic, reverb-laden vocals keep it buoyant and hypnotic. Native to Southern California, Ty Segalls’ solo project began as an attempt to keep his live performances in tune with his recordings. Segall played in PARTY FOWL, among other popular So-Cal bands, before moving north to San Francisco. Freed of the constraints that multiple members bring to a band, Ty Segall is truly a one-man band: he plays a bass drum with a tambourine duct-taped to the front and a hi hat with his feet, guitar with his hands, and sings simultaneously. The result is a “what you see is what you get” whirlwind of energy, best framed within a house party while under the influence. Released on JOHN DWYER’s (OHSEES) Castle Face imprint.

TY SEGALL. Singles 2 (Drag City) 19.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! The second collection of singles from the one-and-only TY SEGALL. Features non-album singles and B-sides from the Goodbye Bread, Twins and Sleeper era (2011-2013), including covers of GG Allin, Velvet Underground and The Groundhogs. Includes the songs: “Spiders,” “Hand Glams,” “Cherry Red,” “Falling Hair,” “Children of Paul,” “It’s A Problem,” “Mother Lemonade,” “For Those Who Weep,” “Fucked Up Motherfucker,” “Femme Fatale,” “Music For A Film,” and “Pettin’ The Dog.”.

TY SEGALL. Twins (Drag City) 19.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!!! Received a 8.0 rating from Pitchfork.... If there be just one TY SEGALL record to encapsulate this brave ol’ year, Twins is that very one. In fact, Twins just might be the blast that ends it all—or the explosion that launches a brave new evolution? The songs of Twins are haunted by ghosts, shadowed by the other that we’ll never see, struggling to rise above. A fury of rock ensues: songs rigged to explode on a dime, fired from a cannon into the stratosphere. They fuse together into one multivarious projectile, a bullet from a gun marked yin and yan.

TY SEGALL AND WHITE FENCE. Hair (Drag City) 19.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Known for rock and roll both savage and incisive and pastorally acidwinged, TY SEGALL and WHITE FENCE have collaborated on a set of songs that accelerate wildly from where we last found them. Hair squares their guitar-fringed traffic with purple flashes, escalating every song before multiple explosions rock the frame during their penultimate joust. Goodby Bread and Is Growing Faith are both amazing records in their own right, but neither has the dual-turbine speaker-breakers to be found on Hair. Chanting to and from the dome with your living soundtrack, providing the Hair-dressing for your psychic salad are Ty Segall & White Fence-builder TIM PRESLEY, with SEAN PRESLEY and MIKAL CRONIN along for the frantic carpet ride. It unrolls from within and in between them and electricity takes many forms, plunging from rock trips to acoustic strollers to poppy reveries to freak-downs at side’s end. Hair gets tangled deep in clouds of guitars and drums and counter-riffs and percussion and noise, then pressed flat and combed back with vocal harmonies and compression.  

TY SEGALL. Manipulator 2xLP (Drag City) 23.00 EUR. The Segall has landed. And it’s fully loaded, with everything that TY SEGALL are gonna need in the world to come. Sticking his hand deeper into the machines all around him, Ty is reaching ever further to the outer limits of inner space orbited throughout Twins and Sleeper. And now more than ever, the chunks of the world that came before are like asteroids formed in his image. Still fighting the power with all the energy that a determined mind-patriot can conjure, Ty’s a fighter who loves, a surfer, a spaceman, and yeah, a casualty—like you, he’ll never be free. But unlike you, he knows it—and when he goes down and his head cracks in two, out pour the multi-colored manias that make up Manipulator. Sour-sweet declarations featuring freaks and creeps alike: “The Singer,” “The Faker,” “Mister Main,” “Susie Thumb,” the “Connection Man,” and “The Crawler,” to name but a mutant fistful. To see these peeps, to realize their dreams and visions, Ty kept working, kept writing, laying down more tracks than ever. New musical expressions pop and surprise relentlessly throughout all the knockout tunes of Manipulator with many sounds in the mix — but most of all, SO many guitars! There’s so little time, and a LOT to say. In order to ensure that he got it all out, Ty called a few friends to fill in special parts on certain songs. He got great touches from CHRIS WOODHOUSE (piano, synth & percussion), SEAN PAUL PRESLEY (vocals), BRIT LAUREN MANOR (vocals), STEVE NUTTING (drums), IRENE SALZER (violin), JESSICA IVRY (cello), MATTHIAS MCENTIRE (viola) and the TY SEGALL BAND (MIKAL CRONIN, CHARLES MOOTHEART, EMILY ROSE EPSTEIN). Plus, Mikal arranged the strings—and everyone played awesomely.

TY SEGALL. Lemons (Goner) 15.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Burying '60s sing-alongs and dance crazes beneath waves of reverb and giddy thud, Ty Segall has carved out his own shelf in the San Francisco neo-psych garage alongside local compatriots and collaborators Sic Alps and Thee Oh Sees. After shattering the Bay Area underground as a frantic one-man band that was devoured by the local press, Segall has now given up the solo act for a three-piece group that destroys sonic and melodic boundaries with manic glee. This new live setup is a better reflection of his studio work.  As an exploration of the space between Cro-Magnon fuzz and atmospheric acoustic psych, Lemons is the natural next step after his celebrated self-titled 2008 debut on Castle Face. "Look out Jay Reatard, this Bay Area one-man band has even scuzzier static in his garage." –SPIN

TYVEK. Fast Metabolism (Water Wing/M’lady’s) 14.00 EUR. At long last, the vinyl debut of this flawless compilation of TYVEK’s early singles. Long out-of-print, and still in high demand, Fast Metabolism was initially issued as a CDR only release, and quickly caught fire around the world. Hailing from Detroit, and behaving as if Wire had been the world's only hardcore band, Tyvek were (and still are) a much needed adrenalin spike through the breast plate. These songs eventually were released as four very hard to find 7-inches between 2006 and 2008. Issued in an edition of 2,000 copies, with deluxe tip-on jackets, and mastered for precision by TIMOTHY STOLLENWERK, with the vinyl lacquers cut by BOB WESTON, this is a co-production between Brooklyn, New York's M'lady's Records and Portland, Oregon's Water Wing Records.

TYVEK. Blunt Instrumental EP 12” (Night People) 14.00 EUR. TYVEK don't need much introduction, Detroit area art punk garage rockers, who have a bunch of killer prior material on labels like Siltbreeze, Subpop, M'Ladys, X, Whats Your Rupture etc. Absolutely killer stuff here on this deluxe arted-out vinyl reissue of a limited tour cassette. Blunt Instrumental isn't all instrumental, but there is a focus on letting the rhythms and noise play out a bit. What’s interesting is that while the sound and instrumentation jam out a bit more, it feels even more raw and stripped down then the recent full-length LP. A sort of step forward into a more groove-oriented, noisy jammy territory while simultaneously returning to the sound of the early singles. A real raw art punk feel like early Swell Maps or The Fall etc. One of the great bands of these times.

ULSERS. Forget Them (Wallaby Beat) 16.50 EUR. A full LP of previously unreleased recordings from the mighty Ulsers!
The Ulsers didn't manage an album during their loose existence from 1978-1983, but luckily for us, wherever they went a cassette recorder was never far away. Salvaged from the bottom of dusty drawers and long-forgotten boxes in the garage, those tapes survived just long enough for the Ulsers to personally cull their 10 favourite tunes.
Recorded in various Adelaide living rooms in 1981 and 1982, Forget Them captures the Ulsers in full-band mode, i.e. electric guitar, bass and drums. Don't let the conventional instrumentation fool you, though; there is nothing conventional about the sound which ranges from a sped up, punked-out take on their ode to Julius Sumner Miller to the 10-minute endurance test of Nerve Gas (think Flipper with chromosome damage tackling LA Blues). Forget Them's songs are more developed, the vocals more manic and the sax blurts even more spastic than on the Remember Them EP. The band states definitively that it's "better", and we won't disagree.
Comes with full-colour inner sleeve packed with more Ulsers photos than you ever thought possible.

ULTIMO RESORTE. Una Causa Sin Fondo (Radikal 77) 12.00 EUR. Editado en 1983 por Flor y Nata supuso su segundo disco para estos barceloneses. Un clasico dentro del punk iberico. Reedicion de 500 copias.

ULTIMO RESORTE. La Larga Sombra Del Punk (La Vida Es Un Mus) 13.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! ULTIMO RESORTE were the bridge between the very first Spanish Punk Generation and the first Spanish Hardcore Wave. During their 5 years of existence (1979-1984) they only managed to record a demo and two impossible to find records. A self-titled 7 track 7" EP and "Una Causa Sin Fondo" a 5 track 12". "La Larga Sombra Del Punk" compiles both those records plus a 16 pages 11"x11" booklet with a long interview with the band and tons of pictures and fanzine clippings.
Musically they lay in between the most aggressive parts of VICE SQUAD, DISCHARGE, ELECTRIC DEADS or even SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES. Fronted by Silvia Resorte her voice became their trademark always backed by an urgent band trying to figure out what hardcore was about and a synth player that created a cold atmosphere over most of their songs. This seminal band hailed from Barcelona and you can tell with the desperate feeling their songs have. Their lyrics have that teenage angst feel that only bands from the early 80's managed to write. Together with RIP, KANGRENA, ANTI-DOGMATIKSS, VULPESS, DESECHABLES or LARSEN this band helped putting Spain in the international punk map back in the day.

ULTIMO RESORTE. Demo 1980 + Directo 1983 (Vomito Punkrock Records) 11.00 EUR. "Ya os lo he dicho, yo no tengo memoria, pero Juanito GRB si que la tiene y cuando escucho la primera de las dos K7, enseguida me escribió diciéndome que se trataba de la primera grabación que nos hizo Carlos Mira, y que la formación de aquella grabación, capturada en enero de 1980, fuimos Jorge Guber (Gabardino) a la guitarra, Patrick Boissel a la bateria, Juan R. Ferrando (Juanito GRB) al bajo y yo, Silvia Escario, a la voz. Según cuenta Juanito GRB, esta primera maqueta se la envió Jorge "Gabardino" a Jesús Ordovás de Radio 3 y que, a partir de ahí, desapareció, sin que el resto del grupo la oyéramos nunca.
Los temas son: 'Cementerio caliente', 'La bruja', 'Me excitas', 'Sinfónico... no gracias', 'Berlín 80', 'Peligro social', 'Año 2000', 'Electroshock', 'Johnny cogió su fusil', 'La quiniela', 'Autodestrucción' y 'Humanoides'.
En cuanto a la segunda cara del disco, sin lugar a dudas, pertenece al concierto que nos organizaron las Vulpess en La Jaula de Bilbao, en abril de 1983, aprovechando que habíamos tocado con ellas y con un montón de grupos mas, el dia anterior en Oñati. La Jaula era una discoteca enrroyada. Tenía una decoración muy industrial, y lo mas impresionante es que el escenario estaba altísimo, y muy bien iluminado. Veía las caras de la gente con expresión absorta, pero allí muy abajo. En aquella ocasión la formación de UR fue una de las mejores que nunca tuvimos... Rosa Artesero (Sheena) al sintetizador, Juan A. Recio (Strong) a la guitarra, Miguel Coll (Mike) exaltando la batería, Juan R. Ferrando (Juanito GRB) al bajo, y yo, Silvia Escario, a las letras y voz."

UNITS. Digital Stimulation (Futurismo Inc) 33.00 EUR. Finally, after 35 long years! FUTURISMO have the privilege to be the first label ever to re-release one of the most sort out and revered electronic albums of the early 1980’s – Digital Stimulation by UNITS.
Inspired by punk in ideology, though not necessarily in sound, San Francisco’s UNITS were a young breed of dystopic visionaries art space prodigies and trash culture futurists set on reshaping sound for a new age. Leading the charge, along with only a couple of others such as Screamers and Chrome, they lit the touch-paper for a new sound, a new scene. A new approach. Equally as influenced by experimental cinema, performance art and Brechtian street theatre as they were the music of Suicide and Devo, UNITS offered a glorious glimpse into how and what pop music could be. Their influence has stretching all the way through synthpunk and new wave pop into the most contemporary electro musicians.
Originally released in 1980, Digital Stimulation was UNITS true calling card and masterpiece. Containing the now famous opener ‘High Pressure Days’, this is a time capsule brought up from the dawn of the digi-age; all metronomical rhythms, wry lines and ice-cold delivery…part of a lineage that includes Neu!, Tubeway Army, ‘Being Boiled’-era Human League and Cabaret Voltaire, making this a vital recording for anyone interested in electronic music at all – past or present. It’s relevance reinstated by the recent remixes and coverage by contemporary musicians including Erol Alkan, Health and Todd Terje.
FUTURISMO present a remastered redux version of this long out of print LP on 180g limited edition coloured vinyl, available in two different colours - Wire Fusion and Modular Shock. This release contains a free download, new stylized artwork, metallic ink sleeves, rare imagery, hidden live tracks and a huge fold-out double sided poster containing brand new liner notes by Scott Ryser.
Tracklisting > 1. High Pressure Days 2. Digital Stimulation 3. Warm Moving Bodies 4. Go 5. Mission 6. Cannibals 7.Bug Boy 8.Tight Fit 9. Passion Or Patterns 10. Town By The River 11. Cowboy 12. I-Night

UNIVERSE PEOPLE. Are Coming To The Dance (Dragnet) 18.50 EUR. UNIVERSE PEOPLE are a Seattle supergroup trio who began in 2010, making simple angular songs based around sweet but stark girl-vocal harmonies. It’s a combination of primal '60s girl group garage rock with post-punk pop that brings to mind The Fall channeled through Dolly Mixture and the Breeders. Their first LP was released in 2013, titled Go To The Sun. The second LP, (Universe People) Are Coming to the Dance will be released on vinyl by Dragnet Records in September 2014. The members of Universe People have had illustrious careers in music, which include WELCOME, A-FRAMES, INTELLIGENCE, DUCHESS AND THE DUKE. KIMBERLY also plays the occasional FALLOUTS show, and MIN plays bass in DREAMSALON and LE SANG SONG.   "Universe People consistently deliver the twisted, post-punky goodness and make fun, witchy dance songs about vampires, druids, bad friends, and calming your nerves with mimosas."—The Stranger Line-out

LA URSS. Sonidos De Un Derrumbe (La Corporación) 10.00 EUR. After an album and a EP immersed in the sound of Dead Kennedys, Andalusian LA URSS come back to their earlier sound, giving it a step forward. The result is a varied, complex album, where I find influences from DK to Crisis, through Parálisis Permanente or TNT. Both artwork and packaging are perfect; "Sonidos de un derrumbe" is without any doubt one of the few outstanding records in Spain for 2012.

USELESS EATERS. Bleeding Moon (Castle Face) 16.00 EUR. Seth Sutton has been ripping the shit out of terse Telecaster-sharp riffs and Devo-indebted angular rhythms with Useless Eaters since dude was 18 years old. A young protégé of Jay Reatard, Sutton’s home-fried concoctions are sharp, corrosive mini-masterpieces that drive you to flick cigarettes and push strangers. Psycho-sexual, serrated vocals; thin, acidic guitars; rubbery bass and hot-to-tape traps lather the whole disc. Sutton delivers a really ripping crew of tunes this time around, kicking off with the supremely heavy “American Cars” and not letting up ’til the side break—these are glass-crunching gems with just the right amount of crud to cut your lip a little. A great alienated vibe flows throughout, along with some really sticky melodies, too. Going out under the neon tonight? Take this with you.

UV RACE/EDDIE CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING. Live At Missing Link 12” (Almost Ready) 17.00 EUR. Vinyl reissue of a cassette originally released in a limited edition of 300 on Stained Circles. The original cassette now fetches collector's prices, and the material is more than good enough to deserve to be on vinyl, so it's great to see this reissue. Both bands' sets are recorded live from the soundboard and sound absolutely great... as for the music, you know (and likely love) the bands already, and they don't disappoint.

VAGINORS. Nuclear Papsmear (No Patience/Hardcore Victim) 17.50 EUR. Mixing the fantastic, idiotic, and downright absurd, this is the debut LP from Australian punk heroes VAGINORS! An explosion of high energy tunes taking influence from both classic 77 punk and early Japanese noise-core. VAGINORS tread the line between obnoxious pop and hardcore rock-n-roll with pounding bass lines, searing guitars, and some of the most insane vocals you will hear outside a CRUCIFUCKS record. For fans of THE DAMMNED, DISORDER, SWANKYS, CHAOS CHANNEL, CONFUSE, and DEVO. 8 tracks of retarded rock-n-roll noise complete with machine guns, crying babies, and RAMMSTEIN samples. Off-the-wall and totally addictive!

VEE DEE. S/T (Blvd Records) 12.50 EUR. Chicago garage underdogs and legendary psych-rockers VEE DEE return with their third, simply self-titled, full-length album. Apt, as this record is a simpler exercise than their expansive 2009 double-LP opus, Public Mental Health System. Vee Dee, led by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter NICK D’VYNE, have slowly stretched all notions of “garage punk” throughout their over-a-decade-long stint together, deconstructing psychedelic rock’n’roll into blues-tinged, jammy dirges complete with stoned-out choruses and scuzzy sonic explorations. The nine songs on this album range from two-minute punk jams to epic burners that recall Rocket From The Tombs’ experimental punk compositions, but with a heavy ‘60s Moby Grape rock drawl. As usual, you get the one-two kick of D’Vyne’s vocals combined with his out-of-this-world-for-garage-punk guitar playing rolled up with wah-wah and layered effects, in addition to bassist DAN LANG’s signature fuzz sound and drummer RYAN MURPHY’s precision stomping. Basically, Vee Dee kicks ass and this record is amazing…don’t sleep! Edition of 1,000 copies, includes a download.

VEE DEE. Public Mental Health 2xLP + CD (Criminal IQ) 17.50 EUR. Heavy times call for a heavy soundtrack, and that’s what Chicago’s VEE DEE has accomplished with their new double album Public Mental Health System. This record blurs the lines between garage, punk and psychedelia; it is the sound of desperate, no-compromise rock ’n’ roll of the past being absorbed and then re-interpreted for NOW. Short fast dark garage punk segues into heavy riffing and guitar freak-outs. Moody folk chords bang up against frantic fuzz turnarounds. Over it all, lyrics of abstract yet direct poetry are hollered and crooned, aided by well-placed backing vocals.   

VEGETARIAN CANNIBALS. Before The Fact (Cass Records) 14.00 EUR. FINALLY! Originally released on cassette in 1990 in a micro-pressing of lord knows how few copies. These three teens holed up in Grosse Pointe, MI eeked out one of the most unadulterated, punk statements ever laid to tape. Recorded on a single condenser microphone via boombox, featuring covers of the Beatles "Helter Skelter" and Butthole Surfers "Gary Floyd" and unparalleled original songs attacking MTV, drug testing, conformity and all other sorts of harbingers of teen hate. This was originally slated for release by Cass back in 2004 and we're just now getting it done. LINER NOTES BY JACK WHITE. Before the Fact is one of the most important things Cass has ever had the pleasure of releasing. If there ever need be an approximation for late '80s equivalent to the suburban teen garage phenomenon of Back From the Grave and the 1960s, this is it. Initial pressing of 200 copies.

VEGETATOR’S. S/T (Memoire Neuve) 14.00 EUR. Je devais avoir 15 ou 16 ans, mon oncle avait une entreprise de juke-box à Lisieux. Il m'en a installé un dans ma chambre, c'était un fou de r'n'blues, mon beau-frère avait une guitare, j'ai commencé à suivre la zique sur ce juke-box, c'était le début d'une longue histoire.
1972. Grande année pour moi, viré du lycée et premier album des New-York Dolls. Avec Dominique, premier groupe et premier concert au bahut qui m'avait viré. Premier grand concert, les Who à la fête de l'humanité. Premier boulot aussi et première vraie guitare, une Epiphone rouge comme celle d'Alvin Lee des Ten Years After. J'étais fan de tous ces groupes et je connaissais les morceaux par cœur, Slade, Status Quo, Deep Purple, ZZ Top.
1975. Putain d'armée, mais on y avait monté un groupe de r'n'roll avec des potes. Tellement impressionné, le capitaine nous a autorisés à jouer en civil. En un an j'avais fait des progrès énormes et surtout découvert Doctor Feelgood. Première Télécaster.
1977. Londres avec Daniel. Claque dans la gueule, The Motors au Marquee, et puis plein de groupes, c'était décidé, je voulais faire pareil.
Premier groupe avec Daniel et Hervé mon frère, PHIL AND THE HOT DOGS parce que Eddie and the Hot Rods, premier concert et première radio.
1978. Rencontre d'Alain dans le bar où je travaillais, je jouais dedans avec ma gratte et mon ampli, c'était un vrai bordel ce bar, le patron me laissait seul, situé auprès du carmel à Lisieux, que des descentes de flics. Alain étant bassiste, on monte le groupe, ce sera VEGETATOR'S (Vibrator's). Première répét', ça roulait dur, trio infernal. Ensuite Doudou est arrivé au chant, concert d'enfer, les fringues de grand-père à pas cher, impossible de nous classer !!! Le Golf Drouot, le Rose Bonbon, Best, Rock & Folk, les titres des chansons, Vatican, Ballade pour un curé, J'suis complètement fêlé, le corbillard pour transporter le matériel, les insultes aux babas cool, le départ de Dominique, l'arrivée d'Hervé comme guitariste, les maisons de disques, je me rappelle chez RCA, on a bouffé les plantes vertes parce que ça faisait chier d'attendre, dehors tout le monde... Mais c'était pas grave, tant qu'on jouait, rien à foutre. Mais on avait une bonne cote, le côté pas sérieux, la provoc', ni punk, ni rockeurs, ça intrigue !!!
Cela a duré 3 ans, on n'a pas bouffé grand-chose, par contre on a bu, on s'est éclaté comme des malades, rencontré des gens intéressants. PHIL, DAN, AL, les VEGETATOR'S !!!!!
1981. Dernière formation avec Joël comme bassiste, mais le cœur n'y était pas donc il fallait stopper. Ce sera le début des SAIGNEURS.
300 exemplaires.

VENEREANS. Future Primitive 12” (Discos Humeantes) 10.00 EUR. Grupo formado por comadrejas de Wau y los Arrrgs, Le Jonathan Reilly y un madrileño aficando en levante. Tras un single compartido con Los Plátanos y editado por Tron-U-Sound, presentan al mundo su primer largo, doce temazos cargados de punk breve, pop deforme, guiños a Dead Kennedys, a los Messthetics, al gitano cíclope y a las naranjas. Si lo dejas escapar, tú no eres del ROCK.

VENOM P. STINGER. What’s Yours Is Mine (Drag City) 17.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! The VENOM P. STINGER retrospective is on! One of the roughest groups of the ‘80s is back in print on vinyl and for the first time ever on CD, and still nice and hard and rough and wild on either format. File under: punk rock/noise rock/free-of-constraints rock. If you think of Venom P. Stinger simply as the proving ground for 2/3rds of the DIRTY THREE first, then you’re seriously missing it, and fuck you. It was the mid-’80s and everything was going fine. The music underground was its own world, not related to the orbit of commercial music that rained bullshit down onto the overground. Nobody down below had any great plans, they were just playing in bands. Melbourne had launched the career of the legendary Birthday Party, but that lot were long gone and there were loads of other interesting and great things going on. Like SICK THINGS for instance. DUGALD MCKENZIE and MICK TURNER were part of that extremely raw and intense band, whose “Committed to Suicide” had changed so many lives. Mick had played as well in THE MOODISTS and was in FUNGUS BRAINS and some others. Also on the scene was JIM WHITE, who was playing in several bands, including PEOPLE WITH CHAIRS UP THEIR NOSES and the FERAL DINOSAURS. It was a small group of people playing in bands like these back in mid-’80s Melbourne and probably only a matter of time before you played in the same band together. And so, they did. Venom P. Stinger attacked in a modified, somewhat streamlined hardcore punk style, with Mick’s burnt-and-twisted guitar tone setting them apart. Also unique was Jim White’s drumming, which appeared to be born of a snare roll that grows and grows until it has eclipsed the entire kit, played with casual aplomb while never sparing the rod to any aimed-for surface. Meanwhile, bassist ALAN SECHER-JENSEN nailed these loosely divergent styles together with nice heavy root notes. Instead of the violent pile-up that occurred in every Sick Things recording, there was instead something more organized, though coming from unique and indeed, singular corners of approach: post-hardcore with a very individual style. Unchanged from Sick Things days, however, was frontman Dugald McKenzie, whose vocalizing was a ferocious, largely apolitical tranference of personal experience, all about conveying the awful qualities of life with throaty sensuousness and dirty glee. This was an unfiltered view of his day-to-day, which involved partying with drink and drugs and other low types drinking and doing drugs and not having responsibility for anything, other than getting more drink and drugs. A band with this kind of errant power fronted by a reprobate like Dugald, it made for madly entertaining shows! And records, as well.

VERMILLION SANDS. S/T (Alien  Snatch!!) 13.50 EUR. The media attention quicken the interest of US Labels so they had consequently a 45 on FAT POSSUM and a 12" EP on SACRED BONES. They had live radio appearances through the telephone, a european Tour and lately even a show in Bejing, China.
The VERMILLION SANDS are the young-than-your-niece frontgirl Anna Barattin, two MOVIE STAR JUNKIES and Krano on slide guitar. Their debut album is full of Anna's undeniable charming twangy voice and Dorothy Parker inspired lyrics, undercooled americana folk-garage pop mixed up with odd piano & organ and fuzzy synth and southern guitar. Those fellows left the girl-group explosion behind and also it´s right on a wavy subterrenia psycho trail not stopping for harvest festival corn dolly square dances. Is it the bluesy blondie, gothic golightly in the swamped gun club in Insomnia? The self-titled album with eleven originals was recorded by Nene (bs) with loads of pastis & pills in their famous Outside Inside Studios (MOJOMATICS, LOVE BOAT, GOODNIGHT LOVING, MARK SULTAN, LANGHORN SLIM etc). We´re proud to sign another bunch of friends to the label! The CD is in a nice digipack with a short story booklet and the initial press of the LP comes in a silkscreend sleeve, all in animal death party wunderland artwork.

VEXX. S/T (M’lady’s Records) 14.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! M’lady’s Records USA and Upset the Rhythm! are very pleased to jointly present the debut EP from one of the most exciting groups working in America today: VEXX, who hail from Olympia, Washington, and have been devastating the underground in the Pacific Northwest for many months now. Their self-titled EP is explosive, kinetic, and many leagues deeper than it has any right to be in this wicked epoch. Recorded by the esteemed engineer DAVE HARVEY (who also recorded both Hysterics 7”s issued on M’lady’s), this EP originally came out in a tiny edition on the Grazer label late last year, which sold out instantly just on word of mouth. We’ve had the very excellent JASON WARD (of Chicago Mastering Service) remaster this recording, and it’s now even more wild and expressive than before.

VICTIM. All Our Dreams Are Gone (Rave Up) 13.00 EUR. Formed in Belfast in Mid -1977, Victim soon became familiar faces on the emerging Belfast scene. Following their appearance on the legendary UTV punk documentary 'It Makes You Want Top Spit' and a rapidly increasing live following, Terri Hooley signed the band to his Good Vibrations label in 1978 and released Strange Thing By Night / Mixed Up World 7".
In early 1978, prompted by a lack of venues, Victim made a trip to a local city centre pub because they heard it had a stage! They secured a gig and the legendary Harp Bar was born as a punk venue. In July 1979 they were offered a modest record deal by TJM Records and decided to depart to England, settling in Manchester. Early gigs saw them playing with The Fall and Revillos as well as playing the legendary Factory club to accompany the screening of Shellshock Rock, a film on Irish punk featuring among others Victim. A second release Why Are Fire Engines Red / I Need You on TJM secured good reviews and radio support from John Peel despite its horrendous cover. In November 1979 Victim supported the Damned on an extensive tour. Rat Scabies produced the band's third and in my view best single The Teenage / Junior Criminals / Hang Onto Yourself released in 1980 on Illuminated records. The band continued for several years with line up changes including Mike Joyce (later of The Smiths) and Toni Isaac (the girl leaning against a lamppost on Jilted John's single of the same name!) before deciding to call it a day. This anthology contains a great selection of all their punk material. If you are a fan of Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers, don't miss it!!!!

THE VICTIM PARTY. Getting To Know The Victim Party (Ugly Pop) 23.50 EUR. “The second LP by one of the best Canadian punk bands in ages—it's not a reissue, but once I heard the recording, it became my most-listened to music of 2014 and I had to get it on vinyl. THE VICTIM PARTY hail from Toronto, and feature members of various 'name' bands of the past couple decades, including frontman COLIN of MARILYN’S VITAMINS, whose first EP came out on Ugly Pop seventeen years ago! The music here is very strong, tuneful punk rock, fast-paced and tough with smart lyrics spat out by the duel male/female vocals, and the songwriting is exceptional. This draws on too many influences to be easily pinned down, but it's a good bet you'll dig it if you like Dillinger Four, Leatherface, Marked Men or Cleveland Bound Death Sentence.

VICTIMS. Culture Shock – Live At Hernando’s Hideaway (1977 Records) 19.00 EUR. Live At Hernando's Hideaway Perth Australia 5th of Jan 1978.
Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!  Great set recorded during their 1978 residency. Some tracks from their singles, some stuff only heard before on the Sleeping Dogs Lie demo session (Charlie!), Stooges n' Sex Pistols covers too! Paper covers as the other Victims release on this label... English / Japanese insert. Decent sound for a rough live album! It's the VICTIMS! Limited edition of 300 copies (200 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on splatter vinyl).

LOS VIGILANTES. S/T (Slovenly) 13.00 EUR. The debut full-length bruiser from San Juan, Puerto Rico’s LOS VIGILANTES. Fourteen original tracks of juvenile delinquent garage-punk smash. Heavy on the ‘60s side with a healthy dose of droopy /50s doo-wop back-up vocals, rocked with additional organs, tape loops and swagger. Vigilante JORGE MUNDO (aka JOTA) filled in for DAVILA 666’s lead guitarist on ther maiden European tour and played lead guitar on Davila 666’s Tan Bajo LP (In The Red).

VILETONES. It’s My Party And I Die If I Want To (Vileton) 17.00 EUR. The Viletones were the infamous first generation punk rock band from Toronto, Canada.Eminent rock critic Lester Bangs described them for the Village Voice: "This guy Natzee Dog hung from the rafters, crawled all over the stage, and hurled himself on the first row until his body was one huge sore. Somebody asked me what I thought and I said, 'Fine with me - in 1972 every band in the world was Grand Funk, now every band in the world is the Stooges.' I didn't tell Natzee Dog that, though; I told him: 'You guys were cooler with hockey haircuts.' Contains all their essential 1977 recordings. Limited to 300 copies.

VIOLENT MINDS. We Are Nothing (Deranged) 11.50 EUR. Twelve new tracks from VIOLENT MINDS compiling their recent We Are Nothing 12-inch and Just Kicked In 7-inch (both on Deranged) on one album. Includes some of the band’s fastest tracks to date, as they rip some straight forward hardcore rocked raw, distorted and deadly. Twelve songs in all. For fans of DISCHARGE and NEGATIVE APPROACH.

VIVIAN GIRLS. Share The Joy (Polyvinyl) 14.50 EUR. On their third album, Share the Joy, Brooklyn’s VIVIAN GIRLS continue to sharpen and refine their transcendent mix of garage thrash, girl-group warmth and infectious pop hooksmanship. The trio’s vibrant blend of guitar noise and melodic sweetness has already made the band one of America’s most celebrated and influential young bands, and has helped to spark a wave of similiarly-inclined female-fronted acts who’ve followed in their wake.

VOID. Sessions 1981-1983 (Dischord) 12.50 EUR. Thirty miles north of Washington, there is a town in Maryland called Columbia, one of the first planned-communities built in the US, and in retrospect, the perfect birthplace for a band as completely chaotic as Void. Their DC debut was in 1980 at the first Wilson Center show, a marathon fifteen-band affair largely organized by the Bad Brains. When Void started a song it was as if each member was playing his own parts as fast as humanly possible, but not necessarily together. Unlike most bands, whose performances become predictable, Void shows became increasingly discombobulated and ever more fraught with disaster. The live chaos remained even as they started to embrace a metal image and sound towards the end of their three-year existence. While to some it may have seemed like complete cacophony, to those in the know it was music on a higher level. While organizing their archive, Dischord came across the four-track of Void’s first recording session. It was done with Steve Carr at Hit and Run Studios in November ’81 and never officially released. The tape was remixed by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear earlier this year. These embryonic versions of what would become Void classics as well as songs that didn’t make the cut prove just how driven this band was to capture their own sound. Sessions 1981-83 features the entire Hit and Run session along with the first Inner Ear demo (including the Flex Your Head cuts and the songs that ended up on the Condensed Flesh 7-inch), two outtakes from their second Inner Ear session (that spawned their legendary split LP with Faith), and a couple of live recordings including one that is almost certainly the last song they ever played.

VOLT. S/T (In The Red) 13.00 EUR. Review From MRR #290. If the A-FRAMES recruit a lady and work on a John Carpenter soundtrack, the might get sued by VOLT (though the VOLT dude  has a better voice). It’s cool that In The Red has the grit to put out this murder disco stuff among its thrashy roster. I dig the one-two of “Couples” and “Alles Neu” especially the latter, which brings the telegraph to the dance floor. Never saw it coming, did you? The sole weak spot on the album is the Viagra reference. Never, never do that again. Wait, I think they just sang, “porno then hovering” – wow, instantly redeemed! Good stuff.

VOMIT SQUAD. Amon Ra Bless America (Psychic Handshake) 12.50 EUR. The debut release from this Canadian punk rock supergroup comprised of KING KHAN, CHOYCE (RED MASS, SEXAREENOS, CPC GANGBANGS), DANNY MARKS (SPACESHITS, CPC Gangbangs), and their childhood friend RICHIE RITALIN on vocals. Six tracks pressed on puke colored wax. “King Khan, Choyce (Red Mass), Danny Marks (Spaceshits/CPC Gangbangs) and outsider singer Rich Ritalin convene to celebrate the life of Jay Reatard, the death of restaurants, and the welcoming of a cannibal age. Bordering on hilarious, this record kicks out six tracks of wild-minded, buttoned-up garage punk, Ritalin’s vocals providing the strangest touches of all. Imagine an accountant with mild manners getting in front of this train and explaining himself. It kinda rules, actually, and I hope they continue to get even more ridiculous with future releases. 1000 copies on vomit marbled vinyl, definitely warrants further investigation.”—(Doug Mosurock - Still Single)

WAND. Golem (In The Red) 18.50 EUR. Following up their debut full-length on Ty Segall’s God? label, Wand presents their second album, Golem, on In The Red. Recording with Chris Woodhouse at his Hanger studio in Sacramento, Wand summons the dark and heavy power of the riff. Back in September 2013, Wand was quietly dismembered and ritually eaten in the hills near Dodger Stadium. Wand was reborn as “Wand”—an obese organ falsely organized as four overjoyous nerds. Four flesh balloons betting on a few aging amplifiers. Rumor has it they listen to Here Come the Warm Jets on loop all day and plot mail fraud. What’s more, they allegedely stole Dale Crover’s car and sacrificed it to the weather near the Los Angeles County Line. A few things, at least, are certain: Wand hears ghosts. Wand prefers serpents. The Sun is the mother of every fiction. All phenomena will be consumed in alphabetical order, but desire will recirculate ad infinitum. If all else fails, Wand will just devour more hands. Wand is coming your way soon.

WARM SODA. Symbolic Dream (Castle Face) 20.00 EUR. Matthew Melton goes for the hat trick on Warm Soda’s third LP, Symbolic Dream. These vacuum-sealed and impeccably arranged power pop numbers are sure to please that teenage sweet tooth.  With a masterful production blend of soft focus, punch, and dusty sparkle, Melton is essentially running a seminar on timeless teen-angst jams here, throwing second bridges and double choruses into the mix like it ain’t nothing. The nooks and crannies of this little banger, from the subtle turnarounds to the perfect hi-hat sound, reward repeat listens. He’s covering familiar bases with Symbolic Dream—it’s the finely tuned ’80s Corvette that’s gonna get your ass kicked out of school, it’s your girlfriend’s dad hanging up the phone, it’s the world intruding on a nascent romance that just wasn’t meant to last—but he still keeps it fresh-faced like that new girl in AP Chemistry.

WARM SODA. Young Reckless Hearts (Castle Face) 16.00 EUR. Matthew Melton has done it again! Just when it seemed as though he’d reached the pinnacle of power pop confection with last year’s excellent Someone for You, he surpasses all expectations with his latest masterpiece Young Reckless Hearts.  With the unlikely addition of cello serving only to bitter-sweeten their teenage pop fantasias, Warm Soda delivers deviously barbed hooks that instantly lodge themselves in your memory. The wide-screen technicolor production was done by Melton himself at his Fuzz City Studios in Oakland. This is the record to fall in love to (or possibly out of love to) in 2014.

WAVVES. Wavvves (Fat Possum) 14.50 EUR. When not watching Cops or drinking 40s in the park, NATHAN DANIEL WILLIAMS blogs on classic rap and records waves and waves of effortlessly great slack / crust / beach / punk compressed onto four-track cassette in his San Diego bedroom. WAVVES exemplify every pastiche of what anyone in their mid-20s has been through musically and, somehow, some that they have not. How tunes written by a 22-year-old can evoke boyish reverie and reverence of thoughtful nostalgia is anyone's guess, but that's the sound of today's American youth! It's a new day rising and as the Wavves get higher, they gotta converge. You can choose to stay down in the curl, but if you follow the winner, we can meet up on the crest.

WAX IDOLS. No Future (Hozac) 13.50 EUR. The San Francisco Bay area’s most promising breakout, and formidable female-fronted pop wonders are not who you may already believe or expect. Lead by the enigmatically agitated HEATHER FEDEWA (aka HEATHER FORTUNE, ex-HUNX & HIS PUNX, BARE WIRES, and current BLASTED CANYONS), WAX IDOLS straddle the line between ripping tough/tender post-punk/goth-pop, and irresistibly anthemic indie rock hooks, somewhat like Joan Jett would sound like tearing through Best Coast with a chainsaw or if Mary Monday had been a member of Wire. Your curiosity may have already been piqued from their unabashed debut 7-inch “All Too Human,” released on Hozac earlier this year, but it’s hard to imagine anyone being ready for an LP of this caliber, bursting at the seams with hits for all seasons, and effortlessly blurring the lines between viciously beautiful temperance and an unwavering, attitude-soaked attack on your comfort zone. With an arsenal of songs that range from chest-pounding melodic punk screamers, to tense-yet-tumultuous tracks of sadness overcome with bombastic pop precision, No Future is one of the most impressive LPs we’ve had the pleasure of releasing, and one we’re sure will go far. Fedewa’s uniquely surly-yet-sultry voice has such an lasting impact, it seamlessly traces the gamut of human emotions back & forth from the unhinged heights to the inescapable doldrums, all tied up in perfect blasts of modern pop/post-punk subdued simplicity that are as upfront and immediate as any of of their legendary influences.

WAX MUSEUMS. Eye Times (Trouble In Mind) 14.00 EUR. After a 3 year hiatus North Texas’ lovable misfits (who share members with THE BAD SPORTS and MIND SPIDERS) are back with a four-headed thirteen-eyed monster of an album that while still slightly awkward, is undeniably focused and endearing. Eye Times is a musical step forward with moments of glammy art-rockness that proves once and for all these clowns ain’t just one-joke jerks. The charming nerd-o aesthetic that was so prevalent on the early singles and first LP remain, but now with added sexual frustration.

WAX MUSEUMS. Zoo Full Of Ramones (Tic Tac Totally) 13.50 EUR. Billy’s Room, TX. Peering across the floor through beer cans, garbage and vomit-encrusted B-movie clamshells...something moves. You slowly look into a shaking cheeseburger bag...AND THE WAX MUSEUMS EMERGE TO CLAW YOUR NOSE OFF! It lands on a rotting hamburger. You die. They've crafted the sickest spectacle of partying, sharp humor, and Steinberger basses since they crawled out of a VCR in 2006. And if you've had an eyeball (Yes? No?!)'ve seen them. But do not dismay if you've missed any of their out-of-print wax previously issued on Hozac, Douchemaster, Kenrock, Rehab or Fashionable Idiots. Because here's the entire carnivorous monkey-house in one 24-track LP...Zoo Full Of Ramones!
Our scientists at TTT have recreated the very primordial ooze of the band. Returning to print every dose of concentrated hyperactivity, and enhancing them with an extra beaker of UNRELEASED, and rare material, circa 2006-2008 AD.

WAX MUSEUM. S/T (Douchemaster) 13.50 EUR. Apparently there is absolutely nothing to do in Denton, Texas but write songs. Douchemaster Records feels privileged to bring you the first full-length album from the extraordinarily prolific WAX MUSEUMS. You know what to expect at this point and The Wax Museums deliver. Fourteen tracks of killer Educational Punk.

WEAKENDS. S/T (Rob’s House) 12.50 EUR. Bordeaux, France’s WEAKENDS are back with the follow-up to their debut seven-inch. This time it's with a long-player that finds the group still banging away, stillsinging through broken PA's, still rocking and still claiming the title of France's best garage band. Limited to 1000 copies.

WIDOWS. Balls ‘N’ Bollocks (Banbo Records) 16.00 EUR. 1979-1980 Punk-Rock From Finland!

WIPERS. Is This Real? (Jackpot Records) 21.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Unquestionably Portland's most well-loved punk group, THE WIPERS formed in the late 1970s and in 1980 released their debut LP, Is This Real?-- twelve songs of stabbing, jittery guitar, snapped vocals, and unabashed teen angst. Full of desperation and yearning, the LP has stood as a blueprint for wretched youth for over 25 years. In the early 1990s Is This Real? was given mainstream attention when Nirvana covered two tracks off the record and Kurt Cobain announced it was one of the primary influences on his group. Remastered from original tapes as provided by GREG SAGE himself, the LP is pressed on audiophile grade vinyl and housed in a deluxe tip-on sleeve. Includes a printed insert that replicates the original innersleeve.

WIPERS. Youth Of America (Jackpot Records) 21.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Simply obliterating any conception of THE WIPERS as a mere punk band, GREG SAGE released this follow-up to Is This Real? in 1981—a sophisticated, overwhelming response to the evil times marked by the turn of the decade. Broken into six long songs, Youth Of America is a much colder, harrowing experience than the teen angst of their debut. Vocally Sage comes off as sleep-deprived and forsaken, snarling not only at his own predicament but at the predicament of the entire world. Mastered from the original tapes by SAGE, pressed on high quality vinyl, and packaged in sturdy, old-style heavy-duty jackets.

WOVEN BONES. In And Out And Back Again (Horizontal Action) 10.00 EUR. WOVEN BONES need no announcement to herald their arrival, but as their irresistibly iridescent hazy pop grime drills itself deeper into your soft skull, it's best to just stand back and experience them exploding out of your speakers. Like the eardrum-shattering noise pop icons that came before them, Woven Bones blaze their own trail of lascivious loudness and controlled snarl that's just what the world needs right now, and the perfect soundtrack to your screwed-up summer. The debut album, In and Out and Back Again delivers nine heart-stabbing hits that just keep hitting back, so without further hesitation, we give you the debut album that explodes heads on contact, by your new favorite band, Woven Bones.

WOVEN BONES. Minus Touch (Zoo Music) 13.50 EUR. WOVEN BONES’ ANDREW BURR says, "All of us in the band have spent way too much time with The Velvet Underground, ... (more) Link Wray, and other loud/primitive forms of rock and roll...The simple drum beats behind our songs are definitely inspired by the drumming of Mo Tucker and the primitive beats behind bands like The Shangr-Las and even Neu. I personally have been eternally infected by the music of the above mentioned bands and others like The Troggs, Simplyxs Saucer, Spacemen 3, Les Rallizes Denudes, The Adverts, The Ramones, The Damned, The Gun Club, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Vaselines. I know subconsciously those things are always heavy influences on my song writing." Pressed on white vinyl.

X. Aspirations (Ugly Pop) 23.50 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Originally recorded in 1979 and released in 1980, LOBBY LOYDE (Coloured Balls) produced this album in a blistering 5 hour session. To say it's a raw, tough album would be a gross understatement. STEVE LUCAS' ragged vocals and dagger-sharp guitar work with rhythm section in a way that makes you feel like you're getting worked over like a sorry punching bag. Always an outsider band, X never quite fit in with the punk scene roiling through Australia at the time but were also shunned by the mainstream music scene. New reissue includes inserts and unseen photos. 

X. Spurts (Ugly Pop) 20.00 EUR. Before their legendary debut LP, X recorded a demo session-- ten tracks of incredibly tense, desperate Australian punk then somehow forgotten for the next 35 years. Absolutely essential stuff for fans of the era, coming across like nothing so much as a berserk mix of "Pink Flag", early Black Flag and the toughest early AC/DC, or Gang Of Four as played by belligerent Australian drunks. Black vinyl.

X-CERTS. Rated XXX (Bristol Archives) 13.50 EUR. As 1978 wore on, we thanked God for the likes of UK Subs and Angelic Upstarts, and here in Brizzle...the mighty X-Certs! With Clive Arnold (vocals and guitar), Simon Justice (guitar), Taf (bass) and Neil Mackie (drums), The X-Certs served up welcome blasts of Clash-style punk anthems. They were politically charged and passionate, friendly and down to earth, and a great live act, but for some reason their recordings were relatively few and far between. One track, Blue Movies, on Hearbeat Records' 4-Alternatives EP, and another called Anthem on the same label's acclaimed Avon Calling compilation album. And that's yer lot with the original line up.
This edition includes a Limited Edition Insert with stories from all four members of the band, Introduction by Shane Baldwin and never seen before pictures.
Artwork completed by the legendary Bristol designer Sam Giles.

X-RAY SPEX. Germfree Adolescents (Earmark) 15.50 EUR. One of the great English punk bands of the late 70s, X-Ray Spex was formed in 1976 by school friends Marion Eliot (Poly Styrene) and Susan Whitby (saxophonist Lora Logic). They exploded onto the punk scene with one of the era’s great singles, the feminist punk rallying cry "Oh Bondage, Up Yours." With Logic’s sax stating the melody semi-tunefully and Jak Airport’s guitar laying down a wash of distorted chords, Styrene’s vocal, especially on the chorus, is a marvel, making this one of punk rock’s great moments.
So, too, was X-Ray Spex’s debut album, Germ Free Adolescents, which was great in spite of "Oh Bondage" not being on it. The songs were guitar-driven punk-pop that combined outrage and aggression with a sense of alienation and disenfranchisement about rampant commerciality and an increasingly sterile and artificial world. And that was it from X-Ray Spex. Like all the best punk bands, they burned brightly but not for long.

X__X (EX BLANK EX). X Sticky Fingers X (Ektro Records) 16.00 EUR. Life's greatest pleasures are often its most fleeting. Witness, for example, the ephemeral run of X__X, a turbulent quartet that tore through Cleveland like a Dadaist cyclone for six months in 1978. Preceding his imminent relocation to NYC, burly, blond brawler John D Morton assembled the project as a tighter, more rocking successor to his storied proto-punk act, the electric eels. An early, practice-room incarnation included that group's inimitable singer, Dave E. McManus, as well as future Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film author Michael J. Weldon. Shortly thereafter, the cast of characters stabilized to encompass razor-wire guitarist Andrew Klimeyk; CLE magazine editor turned bassist Jim Ellis; and drummer Anton Fier, who went on to fame and fortune with the Feelies, the Lounge Lizards, Pere Ubu, and the Golden Palominos.
Pronounced "ex blank ex," the name also doubled as a mental exercise in which a person could insert random words or phrases between the two letters in the moniker. Hence, Morton's jab at the Rolling Stones' sagging legacy for the title of this hotly-anticipated retrospective: X Sticky Fingers X. Compiling a couple of prized singles with a feast of lo-fi but raging live and rehearsal material, the album boasts radical revisions of several eels classics alongside tunes that would appear drastically altered on a Styrenes LP and on Klimeyk's solo seven-inch. As if that weren't sufficiently tantalizing, underground-culture historian and journalist Jon Savage penned the hepcat liner notes that accompany this "really boss set" of "mean sounds aimed at making your feet move."
But forget that jive. The main lure is Morton's ridiculously potent cocktail of brute force, no-wave squall, and nihilistic art prank. Pissed-off vocals, ass-kicking riffs, a hard-charging rhythm section, and the whirr of onstage circular saws split the air. Yet somehow, tracks such as "A," "Drapery Hooks (of My Love)," and the grammar-flouting "Your Full of Shit" manage to be catchier than syphilis. Moments of genuine confusion abound, too: "Rattler" stops dead before it truly starts, and a snatch of audience vérité purports to be a cover of "I'm So Fucked Up," a "song" by one of Morton's previous "bands" Johnny & the Dicks—in this case, a purely conceptual one that never played music. (Joke's on you, pal.)
Nowadays, X__X's erstwhile leader resides in the hinterlands of New York State, a base from where he paints, sculpts, writes, draws, snaps photos, churns out giclée prints, chops wood, and occasionally travels to perform with the Dunking Swine of Chelsea, Scarcity of Tanks, and the charmingly-christened New Fag Motherfuckers. Despite these numerous pursuits, he still found time to design the package and supervise the production of this definitive anthology. And so, it is with tremendous pride that Ektro Records and I present X Sticky Fingers X in all its unruly splendor. For your pleasure. Unto eternity.
Jordan N. Mamone, New York City
January 12, 2014

YEAR ZERO. Year One (P.Trash Records) 13.00 EUR. Whatever these Canadians guys secretly mix in their drinks, it seems that it brings out an endless stream of brilliant and catchy, yet distinctive songs in each of their bands SEDATIVES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, LAST COMMUNION and MOTHER'S CHILDREN.
So here's their new combo YEAR ZERO with a debut LP that actually consists of two parts; ''Bottle Artillery'' with 7 songs recorded in 2010 and the 9 tracks session ''No Tongue for Eros'', recorded a year earlier. Packed together, they called it ''Year One'' and it sounds fierce yet grounded, relentless but positive, and so effortlessly unwavering to the very end. It is both excitingly familiar and so fresh in skill and maturity that you are unlikely to hear anything like it elsewhere currently. Pulling from the classic Power Pop leanings of the BUZZCOCKS in songs like ''Pros & Cons'', to the ragged and rapid REPLACEMENTS and mostly HÜSKER DÜ tones in the majority of the songs, right down to the influences of fellow Canadians the DOUGHBOYS or PUNCHBUGGY, this record is a tight, fuzzy underground treasure in the waiting.

YOLKS. S/T (Bachelor/Randy) 12.50 EUR. It would be a profound understatement to say that we are really happy to have this record out! The self-proclaimed “Kings of Awesome” from Chicago, Illinois, recorded 11 Songs and after quite some time for mastering and artwork, preparing every single detail - we just received some boxes with records back from the pressing plant just to find out that this album turned out to be exactly like planned! The awesomeness of this record is kinda hard to describe, it just sounds like a bunch of well written 60ties styled pop songs, stored in a vintage suitcase, left alone at the porch where sun and rain left some marks on it, before opened up again and accidentally sprinkled with honey. This surely tastes good! Believe me. Last weekend, at the five year anniversary of our PMK KLUB, one of the premier rock and roll venues in Austria, we did a secret test audition and well, the kids went crazy, they ordered massive amounts of beverages just to cool down their feet. Every single one had at least two blisters, but also a very satisfied smile on the face! Well, that’s what this album is all about: soulful rock n roll for sophisticated ass shaking!

YOUNG GUV AND THE SCUZZ. A Love Too Strong (Southpaw) 14.50 EUR. YOUNG GOVERNOR began as a solo outlet for FUCKED UP guitarist BEN COOK. Since 2009 Cook has released 11 singles along with two EPs, (a prolific side project for a guy who is already in a full time band). While each release has varied in style and sound they all carried that same intensity and pop sensibility. On Young Guv’s new LP on Oakland, CA label Southpaw, Cook enters a legit studio for the first time and brought with him some of the best musicians Toronto has to offer. Recorded and mixed by STEVE CHAHLEY, Canada's hidden gem engineer and mixer and "nicest man on planet earth" according to Cook. The intention was to make a high fidelity pop record with heavy influences from Guided By Voices, Tom Petty, and The Replacements. After one spin, no one could argue, Cook has unleashed his pop masterpiece onto the world.

YOUNG LIONS. From The Vaults LP+7” (Schizophrenic) 15.00 EUR. Schizophrenic is pleased to release the first LP in an archival series focusing on the early days of the Toronto hardcore scene. From 1980 to 1984 The YOUNG LIONS were at the forefront of the hardcore punk scene. From the Vault compiles tracks from the Young Lions numerous demos, T.O.H.C. 83 cassette, unreleased and recently unearthed gems, and more. For the uninitiated The band was an absolutely killer early Toronto hardcore band that played raw, catchy hardcore punk in the vein of Subhumans, Toxic Reasons, early DOA and Stiff Little Fingers. The first pressing of the From the Vault LP includes a 12”x24” double-sided color insert with liner notes, flyers and memorabilia, and a bonus three-song 7-inch.  

ZERO BOYS. History Of Zero Boys (Fans Club) 13.00 EUR. From 1979 into '83, the Indianapolis based ZERO BOYS were the finest hardcore blitz in the Midwest if not all the lower 48 states. Proof is Vicious Circle and the two decades since of copyists, bootleggers, practitioners and reunion concert pogoers. Though before and after that LP's 1982 release they recorded the Livin' in the ‘80s 7-inch, songs for three comps and released the post-mortem History Of... cassette revealing their transformation into a toured band warming to the metaphysical and their demise while still waving torches of rock 'n' roll panache. When the Ramones lost it, the Zero Boys found it; adding a slam brigade fist to the Blitzkrieg Beat. The Zero Boys managed to come with one of the best early ‘80s punk records, or one of the best records ever, period. Between Vicious Circle and History Of, the entire recorded output of this legendary Midwest punk band's original line up is, finally, collected.

ZORRAS ADOLESCENTES. AulloLunaSolo (Collector’s Series/Botella Records/Bazofia Records/Go Mongo Records/Discos Regresivos) 10.00 EUR. Por fin un LP de las zorras mañas, 5 años después de sacarles un single, Discos Regresivos tiene el honor de sacar este LP (junto con Bazofia,Go Mongo y Collectors Series) a estos punkis verdaderos. Discazo!!
PUNK!!!! Edición: 500 copias.

ZOLA JESUS. Spoils (Sacred Bones) 14.50 EUR. Sacred Bones is proud to present The Spoils from ZOLA JESUS. Hailing from the unsuspecting locale of Madison, Wisconsin, Zola Jesus--the alter ego of NIKA ROZA DANILOVA--occupies a sphere of sparse industrial rhythms, no-fi drones, and ethereal femme vocals. Those who have seen her handful of live shows, heard her WFMU set, or caught any of the acclaimed, sought after, and now mostly out of print releases on Die Stasi or Troubleman Unlimited already know. For those uninitiated, The Spoils may be the most fully realized representation of her sound. Zola Jesus has two previous releases on Sacred Bones, the “Souer Sewer” single and a limited CD of a live performance from WNYU.   

VV.AA. Matado Por La Muerte Vol. 2 (Blondes Must Die Records BMDR-022/Beat Generation/Grabaciones González y Fernández/Materia Oscura/Rizillos Superproducciones/Rock Palace Records) 10.00 EUR. Después de mucho tiempo nos enorgullece presentar el segundo volumen del Matado Por La Muerte. 18 bandas de punk y h/c vomitado en ESPAÑOL con 21 canciones inéditas que jamás encontraras en ningún otro sitio. Queremos dar las GRACIAS a todas las bandas por su desinteresada participación.
Sudor, Ardillas, La Moto de Fernan, Las Cruces, Radionova, Peluquería Canina, Biznaga, Leonorss, Las Venas, Rey Muerto, Maldito País, Los Monjo, R.O.B.O., Los Americanos, Nueva Autoridad Democrática, Bageaters, Izquierdo y Cabanillas y Tropicalianegra.
Que les aproveche!!
Edición limitada de 525 copias con carpeta serigrafiada.

VV.AA. Greater Manchester Punk 1977-81 (Vinyl Revival)18.00 EUR. A collection of rare punk / new wave tracks from the lesser well known bands of the Manchester punk scene.
Most of these bands were active on the live circuit during this important part in Manchester's musical history and most could be found supporting the big acts such as Joy Division, The Buzzcocks, Siouxsie and The Banshees etc.
1. V2 Nothing To Do 2. The Reporters Office Staff 3. Elti-Fits Going Straight 4. Pure Product Rejection 5. The Panik Modern Politics 6. The Enigma Play With Fire 7. Steroid Kiddies Accidents 8. The Hoax Storm Trooper 9. The Critics Without You 10. The Change Where were U 11. Armed Force Popstar 12. The Still 9.5 13. Fast Cars Kids Just Wanna Dance 14. The Things Pieces Of You.

VV.AA. Spaniard Punk Ole! - 2xLP (Producciones Magnetofónicas Piratas) 18.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Few copies of this spanish punk lost gem. Unreleased stuff of classic 80's spanish bands like Vulpess (3 tracks, 2 of them not on their 7"), IV Reich or Familia Real along with other rare stuff of obscure bands like Slip & Sperma (pre MG15), Alma y Los Cadaveres (pre Cocadictos), Radio Oceano, Los Niñatos... Do yourself a favour and buy this masterpiece. Seriuosly, one of the greatest compilations ever.
DISC 1. LAS VULPESS: “Yo Les Mando A La Mierda”, “Inkisizion”, “Anarquia En TV”; FAMILIA REAL: “Dios Se Salve A Si Mismo”, “Cambie De Personalidad”; CONSERVANTES ADULTERADOS: “Aqui Esta El IV Reich”; IV REICH: “Cuanto Tiempo Hemos De Aguantar”, “La Masacre Continua”, “No Mas Sueños Estupidos”, “No Al Ejercito”; RADIO OCEANO: “El Bobo Eres Tu”.
DISC 2. ATTACK: “Anarquia En El Sistema”, “No More Dictate”, “Sin Titulo”, “Died”, “Asesinos De Ciudad”, “Solo Es Una Moda”, “We're Attack”; LOS NIÑATOS: “El Pistolon”; EL FRENTE IDIOTA: “El Escapulario”; SLIPS & SPERMA: “Circulo Vicioso”; ALMA Y LOS CADAVERES: “Un Porvenir Oscuro”, “5 Dias En Egipto”, “Suicidio Colectivo”, “Estoy Hasta Las Tetas”, “Confidencias De Nutrexpa”, “Viva La Superpoblacion”; LOS INTESTINOS: “Luisa”, “Rre”, “Trapero”.

VV.AA. Rodrigo D. No Futuro (Beat Generation) 15.00 EUR. Medellín, Colombia. Mid-1980s. The city was immersed in an everyday war ritual. Police, narcs, gangs ruled the streets without fear of death. Young people had very few chances to live free from this stuff, so most of them fell into this war against everything, as the easy thing to do. A massive exodus from small villages filled cities with people to deceive. It was in the midst of this absolute chaos and destruction that the first punk and metal bands of the region started to try to make something different. Everything was against them -- society, family, police, government. Handmade guitars, amplifiers, drums -- anything would work. Pestes, Mutantex, P-Ne, Amén, Ekrion, Agressor, Parabellum, Blasfemia, Profanación, Dexkoncierto, and Mierda appeared in the city and built this scene. Rodrigo D. No Futuro is a 1990 film with these same bands, and this is the first vinyl reissue of its soundtrack -- original copies are expensive as hell. Replica cover and insert with lots of info. 180-gram vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.
TRACKLIST SIDE A 1. PESTES Dinero 2. PESTES Nunca triunfé 3. PESTES No-no 4. MUTANTEX Sin reacción 5. MUTANTEX Ramera del barrio 6. MUTANTEX Estúpidas miradas 7. MUTANTEX No te desanimes, mátate 8. PE-NE No más clases 9. AMÉN Sala negra CARA B 1. EKRION Violentas arenas 2. AGRESOR Poseído 3. PROFANACION Profanación 4. DEXKONCIERTO Tu futuro es muerte 5. BLASFEMIA Postmortem 6. MIERDA Sucias entrañas.

VV.AA. Des Jeunes Gens Modernes – Vol. 1 (Born Bad) 16.00 EUR. Born Bad Records presents 'Des Jeunes Gens Modernes: Post Punk, Cold Wave et Culture Novo En France 1978 - 83' Includes a colour poster with bands info and unissued photos. Tracks by: Tokow Boys, Guerre Froide, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Ruth, Henriette Coulouvrat, Kas Product, Ice, Mathematiques Modernes, Metal Boys, Visible, Mecanique Rythmique, Charles De Goal. If you like their BIPPP compilation you will certainly dig this!

VV.AA. Des Jeunes Gens Modernes – Vol. 2 (Born Bad) 17.00 EUR. The long-awaited follow-up to the 2008 Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes, with five killer previously unreleased tracks. Volume 2 continues to explore the vaults of French post-punk, electropop, and no wave. Between the late '70s and mid '80s, in the wake of punk wave and in parallel to other types of music like disco, funk, ska, and reggae, a prolific and chaotic music scene began to develop in France, combining the energy of rock and the nihilism of punk with electronic experimentation. Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes (Modern Young Men) reactivates this French post-punk/novo diskö/new-and cold-wave scene, highlighting a cross-section of the specific creative diversity of this scene. Includes tracks by ADN Ckrystall, X Ray Pop, Eli & Jacno, Les Fils De Joie, Les Stagiaires, Medikao, La Bande Au Col Roule, Radio Romance, A.R.T, KaS Product, Frantz Kultur & Les Krames, Meca Rythm, and Perspective Nevski. Digipak CD includes 32-page booklet. LP includes 12-page booklet.

VV.AA. It’s Only Punk. Collector’s Compilation Vol. 3 (Malditos Vinilos + 2 sellos) 12.00 EUR. Ya está aqui el volúmen 3 de Collector's Series, que en colaboración con sellos como Malditos Vinilos (Asturies) y Tercer Mundo de Chile, junto a medios colaboradores como La Factoría del Ritmo (Cantabria), Sancocho Webzine Musical (Canarias) y The Noise Hour Radio Show (Canarias), tienen el placer de anunciar su participación en la coedición y promoción de "It's Only Punk. Collector's Compilation Vol. 3". Presentando a un buen elenco de bandas interesantes del punk actual a nivel estatal, como son Enterradores, The Castro Zombies & The Mutant Phlegm, Algo Tóxico, Familia Cretina y Sex Führers.
La edición es limitada a 250 copias en vinilo negro de toda la vida, donde Enterradores aportan cuatro temas especialmente seleccionados de su segunda maqueta "Trabajo Acumulado", The Castro Zombies & The Mutant Phlegm, hacen lo propio con dos temás inéditos, más dos remezclas extraídas del album también split "Colección de Kretinos Vol.1". Sex Fürers también eligieron cuatro temas de su album CD "Una, Grande y Zombie" y para culminar tan gratas colaboraciones y esta buena selección de artistas y temas, Algo Tóxico y Familia Cretina aportan cada banda, dos bombazos sonoros totalmente inéditos y listos para quemar agujas en los tocatas.
Un total de 16 bombazos sonoros de verdadero punk. El plástico fue masterizado por el genial técnico de sonido Salva Martínez y el diseño y artwork, tanto de la carpeta díptica, como del insert, fue ejecutado a las mil maravillas por MB Neave.

VV.AA. Viva La Punk - Vol. 1 (Chingatumadre) 15.00 EUR. Edición limitada hecha en Mejico que recopila lo mejor del punk ibérico. A1. Kaka de Luxe - Viva el metro (2:40) A2. La Polla Records - Salve (3:06) A3. La Uvi - Ley y orden (1:53) A4. Cicatriz - Escupe (2:29) A5. La Broma de Ssatan - Baila pogo sobre un nazi (1:56) A6. Código Neurótico - Las Malvinas (1:42) A7. Las Vulpess - Inkisición (2:21) B1. Eskorbuto - Mi degeneración (2:20) B2. KGB - Maroto (1:59) B3. Interterror - Felices días en Auschwitz (2:32) B4. Farmacia de Guardia - A Johnny le gusta el punk (1:44) B5. Siniestro Total - Purdey (2:23) B6. Urgente - Radio alicante muerta (3:11) B7. M.C.D. - Jodete (1:56) B8. Espasmódicos - Soy cruel (1:42)

VV.AA. Great Complotto Di Pordedone (Spittle) 15.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Finally reissued on vinyl by Spittle, the seminal compilation of the post-punk undercurrents of northern Italy. Great Complotto is been an amazing story, one you would like to live yourself, even more than 30 years later. A typical story of suburban Italy, based in Pordenone, when creativity was on top and the shortage of technical resources didn’t keep the dream from coming true. That was the driving force of the often underestimated Italian punk scene.
At the end of the seventies a bunch of musicians from Pordenone joined the punk wave spreading all over the UK, making their way to London for a bizarre pirate live event. HitlerSS and Tampax played under the Aklam Bridge in Portobello Road. That was 1979. The performance was soon after known as the “Cartoon Concert” – because the members of the band played fake cardboard instruments. That was a shocking happening that could only be matched by the absurdist Spaghetti Performance that Skiantos played @ Bologna Rock in 1979. The Great Complotto was the cure, the vital alternative to the western standard way of life. This sought-after record was released in 1980 and soon after was welcomed as the Pordenone manifesto, an incredible and extremely innovative musical scene, not only aware of the British revolution but even tuned into the more eclectic US form of art and post punk (think early Devo, Residents and – why not ? – New York no wave). On this compilation you’ll get an idea of the raucous genius of : HitlerSS/Tampax, Mess, Fhedolts, Sexy Angels, Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor, Mind Invaders, 00101100110011, Musique Mecanique, W.K.W., Little Chemist and Waalt Diisneey Prod. Enjoy.

VV.AA. Sound The Alarms!! – 2xLP (Maximum R’n’R) 19.50 EUR. This double 12" gathers 32 bands from 14 countries, capturing the current sounds of punk from around the world, featuring MÜLLTÜTE, SILLA ELÉCTRICA, SYNTHETIC ID, TOTAL WAR, NO STATIK, DICTADURA, PERMANENT RUIN, VIVISEKTIO, GIFFORDS TREATMENT, QUESTION, THE FIGHT, LOTUS FUCKER, RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA, ANTI YOU, VERRUGAS, ORDEN MUNDIAL, KUUDES SILMÄ, NUCLEAR SPRING, GUTTER, ENTRE REJAS, ESTAMPIDO, SIETOKYKY, HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK, I.R.A., ãà?ë?MIà (PANDEMIA), DHK, KVOTERINGEN, KONTATTO, LEI DO CAO, CÜLO, MAAILMANLOPPU, and OBEDIENCIA. And of course it comes with a newsprint, magazine-sized insert with a page from each band, including pictures, lyrics, graphics and more!

VV.AA. The Dunedin Double – 2x12” (Flying Nun) 39.00 EUR. In 1982, four bands from that southern outpost - The Chills, Sneaky Feelings, the Stones and the Verlaines - each recorded a side for a double 12" EP pack that, which actually untitled, was referred to as the Dunedin Double. Now for Record Store Day (April 19), Flying Nun re-issue this set that went on to kick start the label.
Not only was it ‘untitled’, it was an unusual format, with no set order and containing two 45rpm 12" discs. Re-mastered, the Dunedin Double is being re-issued again in its original format and limited to 2000 copies.
Recorded over two weekends in damp New Zealand, South Island flats (on portable 4-track by Chris Knox and Doug Hood), it was distinctly lo-fi and in tune with the’ do it yourself’ ethic at the heart of the label. Furthermore it brought the world’s attention to The Chills, Verlaines, The Stones and Sneaky Feelings and established the notion of the ‘Dunedin Sound’, a phrase coined for the young bands that followed in the wake of The Clean and an influence, which carries on to indie-pop bands around the world today.

VV.AA. Division Avanzada Independiente (Atemporal Records) 18.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! División Avanzada Independiente (D.A.I.) was a collective of musicians that was formed in the early 1980s in Valencia and could compare with similar movements such as the B.E.F. (British Electric Foundation) , its Member initial were Jose Luis Macias (Glamour, Tomates Electricos, Europa and Ultima Emación), Miguel F.Jim (Proceso Inverso, Psiko Psiko and Radio Klara), Fco.Jose Galán (Tomates Electricos, Fanzine and Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame) and Lino Oviano (Europa, Ultima Emoción and Fuegos Fatuos & Notre Dame).
The DAI was formed by groups concentrated in construction of sounds with electronic gadgets, drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers, the D.A.I. edit during the early 80's several cassettes impossible to find today, we have selected and remastered the best tracks of that movement, presented in a limited pressing of 320 copies.

VV.AA. Paink (French Punk Anthems) (Born Bad) 16.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! The first French incarnations of “Le Punk” (pronounced “paink” in numerous locales) were not carbon copies of their foreign exemplars.
Babbling, swarming, morphing, genuinely disorganized anarchy, bad intentions transformed into good ones: that’s how punk rock (or at least a close approximation) was initially adapted to fit our peculiar French perspective. There was not the slightest network to distribute records or organize concert tours. Older generations were hostile (or worse, compassionate or even paternalistic). There was nothing and no one to forge a connection between the handful of small, isolated groups, fundamentally motivated by a passion for what they deemed true rock ‘n’ roll (the desire to terrorize the neighborhood arrived soon afterward), each in their own little world, trying to provoke their backwater village or their lame metropolis, and meeting, of course, with total indifference. 
 It was not a movement of any kind, contrary to what was said later in slipshod articles and books. For a certain few, it was a sincere attempt – necessarily doomed to failure in a country such as ours (be it under Giscard or Mitterrand, it was all the same to us) – to combine wicked guitar noise, a limitless disgust with everything and temperamental boredom that simultaneously undermined and nourished the everyday world of the adolescent (or, for the slightly older ones, post-adolescent).
It happened in Marmande, Reims, Lyon, Paris and elsewhere. But even when we believed ourselves to be in the eye of one of these hurricanes (in my case, a small “cutting edge” record shop in Normandy where I was a salesclerk), we were completely – or practically – ignorant of what was going on in parallel elsewhere. We were more in touch with the latest 45s released in London by Stiff or Chiswick than ones put out in Bordeaux by Strychnine or in Lyon by Sexe à Pile.  
Nevertheless, in a self-centered way, we did not particularly care, since we were already content with what we had within the eye of our private hurricane: Little Bob Story in Le Havre (the first group to bring rock ‘n’ roll to the remote areas that most needed it), Les Dogs in Rouen, followed by groups with far more assertive personal involvement, such as Les Olivensteins, Gloires Locales or Nouveaux Riches. In addition, the Clash gave their first French concert here in April 77, and that same springtime the Stranglers and Ramones played in the area. We had plenty to be content about without the need for long trips. The area had already been an important musical hub for some time. Back in the simpler era of Pub Rock, Dr. Feelgood (not yet widely known), Eddie and the Hot Rods and even the Snakes (later to become Wire) played here. People here were excited, and this naturally led to countless new groups being formed.
 Discovering what went on elsewhere, all around our sadly rigid country (because, although we sang by default “inthe mother tongue,” we repudiated almost everything that could be related to it, whether Gainsbourg, Ferré or Lavilliers: all old farts, all alike…) is obviously a primary merit of this compilation of French PunkAnthems covering the years 1977 (Dogs, Gasoline) to 1982 (Coronados, Soggy).  This was the only truly exhilarating period, before the bands toiling in their rehearsal spaces sought to associate themselves with a perfectly-defined trend, like alternative rock,classic punk or garage 60s revival. The early bands were just doing their own thing: free to choose, their desires specific but limitless as their imagination, clumsy (yet they would never have asked others for advice), sure of their intentions, their knowledge, their superiority over the mediocre majority, but also their appearance, which said it all. Some in their perfectos (already scraped up), some in pointy boots with elastic side gussets, and the richest ones in zippered duds from Kings Road. Common denominators: tight trousers, badges, with everything in near-obligatory black. And, like Electrochoc, a group from Marmande so symptomatic of that time (1978), a musical repertoire with no room for syrupy love songs. 
 To see the veritable, original Paink style, just look at the photos of the audience at the two European Punk festivals (1976/1977) in Mont-de-Marsan (where Strychnine played nearby, under the blazing sun). In the photos, we do not see Johnny Rotten’s cousins, but rather an unlikely, haphazard and disorganized bunch, with Parisians in the minority, some with long hair, some who had cut it during the trip, dropouts wearing huge badges and leather jackets, more reminiscent of Renaud than the Clash. Obviously, the music played by those in that small crowd went along with their appearance. There was a vestige of boogie, and the idea that for rock to be violent it had to have a certain hard edge (which explains the success of Sean Tyla, formerly Ducks Deluxe, at the second Mont-de-Marsan festival, absolutely not punk, but mighty greasy). 
A heavy, “suburban public housing project” sound that FRENCH PUNK ANTHEMS 1977-1982 has not forgotten: Soggy, from Reims (some of its members had previously played in Antichrist and Hardfuckers, whose names already summarize the concept) is the perfect archetype of the genre: Marshall amps, covering “I Wanna be your Dog” for an encore, constant tribulations, an article in Best, which delighted the group and its friends but was otherwise pointless. 
The regions outside Paris spawned tons of bands like this, local flash-in-the-pan groups that, despite their ardent desire to stand out, never went very far, yet spent the money they earned playing local youth centers on a self-produced 45, never exported, but endearing because of its fluky feel and amateur recording. Even though Punk didn’t significantly influence its era, many of them would still have existed: They had such a strong impulse to perform that they would have still tried to play every night, until the day their tour van would break down for the last time on some remote country road. But, since they had also just discovered the first Ramones album, their resentment exploded even more.
 Les Dogs were one of those bands, even if they came from a relatively comfy environment, and not one of those loathsome factory towns. Sincere, elegant and strident, their influences were the Kinks and the Pretty Things, and, like almost everyone at the time, the Stooges and the New York Dolls. They were among the first to put out a self-produced record, on a label created for the occasion by their local record store in Rouen. Later, that town became a hotbed of bands. Les Olivensteins, Gloires Locales and Nouveaux Riches emerged from the same bubbling cauldron. They were all rather different, but their common point was not to be too strict in following current trends (“Je ne veux pas de catalogues, de trucs usés de trucs en vogue (Idon’t want catalogs, used stuff, trendy stuff)” as Les Gloires Locales sang). Instead, they sought to make the best of their original features (a synthesizer and sax in Les Nouveaux Riches, an excellent singer – Gilles Tandy – in the other two). Basically, they always tried to offend with irony that people, including their fans, didn’t always understand. 
They had a cultural awareness developed through many hours spent at the local record store, listening to everything from old sixties garage bands to the latest Rough Trade find, recorded in a toilet. They were simply doing what they did, instinctive though rich in (sometimes bizarre) influences (from Bob Dylan to Television, the Count Five, the Fall and Louis Ferdinand Céline). Les Olivensteins, while known for their songs “Euthanasie” and “Fier de ne rien faire” (reissued in 2011 by Born Bad), had other ambitions than to be confined to rudimentary punk rock, with its sing-along choruses reminiscent of football chants that widely polluted the genre starting in the early 80s. 
 Back then, the Parisian scene was also agitated by several strong forces. Most bands were born, and died, not far from the Gibus Club. Despite what was most commonly conjured up in the media and at chic parties, it was no big deal. Asphalt Jungle and Metal Urbain, among others – but, finally, not too many others – were active in their respective circles. Bands that considered themselves Stooges fans (such as the Guilty Razors) actually sounded more like the Buzzcocks on SpiralScratch. Ruth Elyeri, the side project of a musician versed in experimental tinkering (Thierry Muller) became known via a track on the first French punk compilation, “125 grammes de 33t.” Les Warm Gun, in a more traditional rock vein, but still great, made an EP that deserved success; it met with injust indifference. There was also Gasoline and its hard-liner records (resembling the rage of the Sex Pistols adapted to Parisian reality), built around Alain Kan, an underground figure who had previously attempted to express himself via cabaret and glam rock.  The compilation you have in your hand is a big hodge-podge, as lively as it is diverse. JB Born Bad was right to add “Déréglée” by Marie-France, another extraordinary personality in Parisian nightlife. A minimalist track with brilliant, amusing words by Jacques Duval, who was also getting his start. 
Les Coronados are the latecomers (1982) on this compilation. A logical and rather emblematic choice, since with their profoundly garagey sound, their stylish looks and their wide-ranging influences (which included the Sonics, Kevin Ayers and Les Dogs as well as Captain Beefheart), they summed up, perfectly and by themselves, the intensity, turmoil and diversity of the five years that had just elapsed in that marginal universe. Of course, none of the groups on this compilation ever had any significant success -- Eric Tandy

VV.AA. Land of Nod (Scavenger of Death) 18.00 EUR. Review From Terminal Boredom E-Zine: An Atlanta Punk and Hardcore Omnibus. There are a few locales deserving of the regional comp treatment these days, and ATL is certainly one of them, a city that has given us some of the brightest lights of modern times (Black Lips, Carbonas, Gentleman Jesse, and hey, remember The Lids? I do!) and one that certainly has an identifiable "sound" in the the frantic and hook-laden punk and hardcore that emerged both pre-and-post Carbonas. To track the member overlap between bands would take up too many words, but let's just say there's quite a few common players throughout this 13 band (19 songs) comp, documenting bands that are already dead and gone, some that are current, two from Athens and some side projects and quite a few different genres as well. Bukkake Boys lead off, and for some reason I never gave them too much play (I think it was the name), but both tracks here are top notch violent punkers (one exclusive to this comp and one reprised from their demo/first 7"). You also get two apiece from Predator (both of which are incredible and serve as a great tease for their upcoming long-in-making second LP), Manic (who really steal this one, and will make you realize how awesome their 7" really was) and GG King, most of them exclusive and all of them top notch. Two new tracks from Cops (Jesse, GG and Ryan Dino), both of which are surprisingly ballsy (one even sounds like The Cramps), and as bonus balls you get a super tough Gentleman Jesse cut as well ("Fence Yourself In"). The Vincas track is quite heavy in a Comets on Fire style. I'm glad to see a Ralph track on this (and it's another highlight, just perfect sounding 80s core with incredible guitar tone), and Wymyns Prysyn's "Booze Void" is one of the best cuts on this (total Dwarves-ism). Into the unknown: Shaved Christ are haphazard hardcore with a dark streak, Acid Freaks sound a bit Japcore inspired to me and are pretty hot shit (and have most of Predator in their line-up), GHB come off like a dumber Predator (in a real good way, and they share members as well) and God's Balls are not a Tad cover band, but a grindcore band (and the only thing on this that really isn't gold). A perfect example of the regional comp done extremely well: a good cross-section of bands, documentation of some tracks that would've probably never appeared if not for this chance, and comes with the mandatory zine accompanying it where each band gets a page for art/lyrics/credits. I shouldn't need to tell you to buy this, one of the first absolutely necessary purchases of the year. (RK)

VV.AA. Buttons Starter Pack 2xLP (Numero Group) 22.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! Numero’s entry-level power pop compilation features 20 songs from the original NUM 004 (released on CD as the Yellow Pills compilation), plus two bonus cuts, new liners, tons of sleeve scans, photos, and ephemera, all housed in a spot varnished, brick-thick gatefold sleeve. Artists include New Jersey’s TOMS; Kennet, MO’s TREND; NYC’s COLORS, TREBLE BOYS, and SPONSORS; Hollywood’s RANDY WINBURN and TOMMY ROCK; Des Moines, IA’s LUXURY; San Antonio’s KIDS; Connecticut’s BATS (featuring a young JON BRION); and Boston’s TWEEDS.

VV.AA. Buttons: From Champaign To Chicago (Numero Group) 22.00 EUR. BACK IN STOCK!! An homage to the prairie state Numero calls home, From Champaign To Chicago is a 19-track survey of Illinois’ Cheapest Tricks. Reaching back to 1973 and Peoria outliers THE JETS and ending in 1987 with Romeoville’s JULIAN LEAL and his Dick Clark approved “Get Away,” From Champaign to Chicago connects, via map, pins, and string, the various scenes that pockmarked the face of the Land of Lincoln. Chicago’s PRETTYBOYS, TOM ORSI, ALL-NIGHT NEWBOYS, KEVIN LEE & HEARTBEAT, BAND JOCKS, NORTHSHORE, PAUL, THE KIND and LOOSE LIPS are tethered to Rockford’s THE NAMES; Champaign’s VERTEBRATS, CONTRA-BAND and THE NINES; LaSalle’s THE JERKS; Joliet’s LAY-Z; and Zion’s SHOES by the clubs, booking agents, weekly newspapers, and regional radio stations they were all fighting to be seen, and more importantly, heard in.

VV.AA. Two Much! Never Enough Rock N’ Roll’s Smoothest Party Monsters (Why Me? Records) 12.50 EUR. A wild collection of power pop, garage and punk from top acts from the West Coast and Canada. You get it good from MEAN JEANS, MIDNIGHT SNAXXX, PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS, WHITE WIRES, THE FLAKES, MOTHER’S CHILDREN, CITY DELUXE, PEACH KELLI POP, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, and URAINIUM COMEBACK. Packaged with art by DIRTY DONNY GILLIES. Edition of 500 copies. Includes a download, liner notes and a special “Why Me?” Tortex gutiar pick made special for this project by Dunlap.

VV.AA. Galician Bizarre Vol. 2 (Self Released) 10.00 EUR. Ya está aquí el segundo volumen de esta gran serie que recopila lo más granado del efervescente underground gallego. Como ya sabréis los que conozcáis el primer volumen, y si no os lo cuento yo, se trata de una reunión de bandas con una cierta inclinación hacia el sonido garage-punk/lo-fi, si bien en esta segunda parte se ha abrazado algo más el tema lo-fi así como, en algunos temas concretos, el post-punk y la nueva ola. Temas: SR. ANIDO - Buraco Negro; TRAJANO! – Mono; CARRERO BLANCO - Horse Cum; WILD BALBINA - Spit Your Love; FANTASMAGE - Cambia De Ciudad; LOBISHOME - La Muerte; MANO DE OBRA - El Ogro; MULLET – Laioso; TORA! TORA! TORA! – Crematorio; QVEK - Tella, Me Enamoré De Ella; LOS TELEVISORES - Mona Lisa; ALARIDO MONGOLICO - El Ataque De Los Belenes Vivientes; TERBUTALINA – Hostias; LOS THYSSEN - La Bola; TETRA & FREAK - Frota Vaginas; PASTILLAS MAMUT - Fiesta De Mierda.

VV.AA. Busted At Oz (Permanent) 16.00 EUR. Finally! After 30 long years since it's original release, THE DEFINITIVE CHICAGO PUNK DOCUMENT IS AVAILABLE AGAIN ON VINYL! Busted At Oz was originally released in 1981 on Autumn Records. It has been long out-of-print and regularly fetches collector prices in stores and online. It contains some of the earliest recordings from well-known Chicago punk acts such as NAKED RAYGUN and EFFIGIES, as well as more obscure Chicago punk groups such as STRIKE UNDER, SUBVERTS, SILVER ABUSE, and one of Chicago's first mostly-female post-punk groups, DA. The tip-on jackets for this 30th Anniversary limited edition vinyl-only reissue were reproduced by Stoughton to look exactly like the original by using the actual vintage print left over from the original pressing! The original master was expertly remastered for vinyl by COOPER CRAIN (CAVE). Additionally, the original printed inner sleeve has been reprinted. Also included are retrospective liner notes from original members of some of the bands. The best part... all proceeds will be donated to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. Edition of 500 copies.

VV.AA. Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft Volumen II (Luziprak Recs) 14.50 EUR. This second compilation contains some Austrian Proto Punk and Punk Rock from the first generation, including some rare & some unreleased Punk influenced Powerpop, Trash Rock, New Wave and No Wave stuff! Lim. 1000 copies.
Side A: SCOOTER - Crazy Police (Wr.Neustadt, 1982); WILLI WARMA - Ich sprenge alle Ketten (Linz, 1981); TOM PETTINGS HERTZATTACKEN - I Found Out (Lienz/Wien, 1980); NULL KOMA NICHTS - Der Weisse Rum (Feldkirch, 1982); RPB - Tenebrae (Wien, 1981); HOTEL MORPHILA ORCHESTER - Sex in der Stadt (Wien, 1982); COMMERCIALS - Mein Kampf (Wien, 1981); KILLROY - Robert Damiens (Wien, 1984)
Side B: INTIMSPRAY - One Million Barrels (Innsbruck, 1980/81); FRONTAL - Keine Ahnung (Wels, 1983); EXCALIBUR - Sweet Little Girl (Wien 1982); DIRT SHIT - Der letzte Dreck von Wien (Wien, 1978/79); CADILLAC - Cold Love (Wien, 1976/79); ÖMÖ - Pumperl geht... (Graz, 1982); BLACK VEIL - Take Me As I Am (Wien, 1982); X-BELIEBIG - Fang an (Wr.Neustadt, 1980).

VV.AA. Fm-bx Society Tape Vol. 1 (S-s Records) 13.50 EUR. “S.S. Records is pleased to present the first vinyl edition of the FM-BX Society Tape Vol. 1. Originally released in 1981 on only cassette, with a limited run of 200, FM-BX V1 was the first in a series of compilation tapes released by the staff of a radio station in Brussels, Belgium. Needless to say, not many tapes made it around, and very few survive today. I’d say that is a shame but with this vinyl release, the word will get out about the bands on this tape, albeit a few decades after its initial release! FM-BX V1 features three bands, two from Belgium, one from Scotland. The Belgium bands are ISOLATION WARD and UNIT 4. Isolation Ward are known in underground synth collector circles, as they had a bit of a run after their debut on this release. Bleak and futuristic, Isolation Ward fuse post punk with early 80s synth sounds and a DIY approach. The stars of FM-BX are the all-woman foursome Unit 4. Little is known about the band or their current whereabouts. No problem because their music is all you need to tell you that they had something special going. By their sound, the influences are obvious: Kleenex, Delta 5, and the Raincoats all reverberate here though less ‘slick’ than any of those bands. Unit 4’s aesthetics are more akin to the Petticoats and, at times, the Shaggs. This is truly wonderful punk rock. From Scotland comes the TOPPLERS. If the name sounds familiar, it is doubtful that it is because of the band. One of the Topplers is a guy named ALLAN HENRY, who runs the excellent DIY label Topplers Records. In fact, it is Allan who turned me on to FM-BX to begin with. His band The Topplers? Great stuff. Teens with an ear towards the TV Personalities, The Times, and Subway Sect. They only existed for a couple years but wound up on this tape and, as a result, with an opening slot for Golden Earing! These are the only recordings that exist. Had they come out at the time on a 7”s, I have no doubt DIY collectors would be fighting over copies. 500 pressed, housed in a sleeve cobbled together from the original cassette release. Brief liner notes by The Topplers’ Allan Henry.”—S.S. 

VV.AA. 6 x 2 x 12” (Volar) 12.50 EUR. This long-in-development compilation is finally seeing the light of day. Featuring three of Canada’s best post-punk acts coupled with three of San Diego’s, this 12-inch highlights the common ground that acts in both countries share. DEFEKTORS deliver a blast of punk energy with “Not the One”; O VOIDS contribute their lurching “Crawling Machine”; hot off their HoZac and Mammoth Cave Records 7-inch, SHARP ENDS debuts their best track yet, “Whiteout,” a scorching, noisy post-punk anthem. On the US side, San Diego’s ALE MANIA follow up their Volar Records and Hell Yes! Records 7-inches with the great, chaotic “Fawkus”; BEATERS offer up the pulsating “They Don’t Really Care About Us”; and SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY turn in their first new track since their Sacred Bones 7-inch, “Where is the Light”. 45 RPM, all handmade covers.

VV.AA. Hookup Klub Round One (Hozac) 13.00 EUR. Yes, its finally here, all on one handly format for accessing the hottest cuts from the first Round of the HoZac singles club, along with two previously unreleased BONUS TRACKS by TEEPEE and IDLE TIMES. This compilation spans the first ten elusive subscription-only 7-inch records released from 2009-2010, featuring rare tracks by DUM DUM GIRLS, WOVEN BONES, BOX ELDERS, FLIGHT, WHITE MYSTERY, TEEPEE, IDLE TIMES, MOTHER OF TEARS, ART THIEVES, and TEETH (the elusive Blank Dogs/Spider side project), and is not to be missed.

VV.AA. Party Platter (Florida’s Dying) 14.50 EUR. ”Two and a half years in the making Florida’s Dying’s Party Platter is finally done. Thirteen tracks from thirteen party bands across the US, and each song is about a brand new dance. This is the party record of the year and just in time for the summer. Now you and your friends can do "The Cuddle Up", "Huckle Buck", and who doesnt love to "Wiggle It Around". Features jams from JOHNNY AND THE LIMELITES, NOBUNNY, HUNX & HIS PUNX, COCONUT COOLOUTS, RANTOULS, SWEET SIXTEENS, SEXCAPADES, GARBOS DAUGHTER, SLIPPERY SLOPES, BRIANS, DIRTY BUSINESS, PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS, THE PUDDIN’ POPS, and THE YOLKS.  

VV.AA. Worlds Lousy With Ideas 8 (Almost Ready Records) 14.50 EUR. "The eighth installment in the Worlds Lousy compilation series abandons the 7" format in favor of the full twelve. Pretty much everyone worth talking about in 09 is on here, as the LP collects exclusive tracks by Blank Dogs, Vivian Girls, Tyvek, Oh Sees, Sic Alps, Times New Viking, Intelligence, Pink Reason and Guinea Worms. Beautiful, silkscreened covers with art by Cassie of the Vivian Girls." There are nine different screened covers, one by each band.

VV.AA. Bloodstains Across Sweden (RedRum) 14.00 EUR. 13 essential punk rock blasts! Featuring Watabout, Kriminella Gitarrer, Bugs, Rude Kids, Glo, Usch, Brulbajz, Mizz Nobody, Butter Utter, Vicuous Visions, Liket Lever, Blodarna. Booklet features liner notes with info on all bands and covers of their 45s. 

VV.AA. Bloodstains Across The Midwest (Fan Club) 14.00 EUR. Third record in the Bloodstains series. This, along with Texas and California were the originals of this series. The information given about the bands/records is as often fiction as it is fact. The Gynecologists, for example, were definitely not from Hogfuck, Indiana. I should know--that's my hometown! Actually, next time you are in Indiana, go to Bloomington, head to the corner of Kirkwood and Walnut, right on the town square. You'll see a video store called Plan 9 Video. It's downstairs, under a book store. Ask for Kerry Scott. He's none other than Tommy Afterbirth! Then you can go take a shit on John Mellencamp's front porch. Like Texas and California, this is one of the best in the series! However, being from the Midwest, this one has a special place in my heart.

VV.AA. Neighbors Annoyer (Fan Club) 14.00 EUR. Comp KBD from USA, Scotland, UK, Ireland (Cramp, 00.3 Minutes, Screaming Dead, 48 Chairs, Pink Section, The Toys, Joe Cool & The Killers, Eddie Fiction, VDU`s, The Scabs, Visitors, Voice Of Puppets, Vital Disorder, Puncture, K9`s,The Dazzlers) [16-songs] 500 made. Rare original 1977-1982 punkrock from the vaults.

VV.AA. Shiftless Decay – New Sounds Of Detroit (X! Records) 12.50 EUR. A collection of scathing tracks from the current Detroit underground. You get unreleased tracks from TERRIBLE TWOS, LITTLE CLAW, FRUSTRATIONS, TENTACLE LIZARDO, HEROES & VILLAINS, JOHNNY III BAND, MAHONIES, FONTANA, THTX (MATT SMITH OF OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY/VOLEBEATS), ODD CLOUDS, along with a pre-released track from HUMAN EYE and a TYVEK song that only appeared on the super-limited Flowers tour CDR.

VV.AA. Killed By Death #6 (RedRum) 14.00 EUR. The second Australian volume, reissued in 1998. The most international volume so far. Fewer classic tracks here though most are still above average. The Funeral Dress track is actually from 1987, though the label of the record is misleading. Goodies from The Kids, Dirt Shit, Next, Hitler SS and Tampax. Rating: 7.5.

VV.AA. Killed By Death #7 (RedRum) 14.00 EUR. Done as a joke, featuring records that were on the want list of the person who did #5 y 6. They even went so far as to put his address on the back of the jacket. An excellent volume, with the Village Pistols, Chain Gang, Guilty Razors, Absentees, Fresh Color and Maids being the standout tracks. No crap tracks here. This one was getting tough to find until it was reissued in 1998. Rating: 9. 

VV.AA. Killed By Death #8.5 (RedRum) 14.00 EUR. The first of 4 volumes of “All American Punk, No Foreign Junk”. Excellent volume, bringing to light some previously unknown (and ridiculously expensive) records. The cover of this one (an S&M theme, from the Public Disturbance sleeve) caused my copy to be temporarily seized by the fucking morons at Canaduh Customs due to the nature of the subject matter. Move into the 20th century assholes. Two pressing, I don’t know what the difference are. It’s damn bootleg, who cares! Rating: 8.5.

VV.AA. Killed By Death #9 (RedRum) 14.00 EUR. Still more obscurities and even more ridiculously priced records than Volume 8.5. Tapeworm is way over-rated. All of the tracks are winners, with Tapeworm probably being my least favourite tracks on the LP. Two pressings as for #8.5. Rating: 9. 

VV.AA. Killed By Death #10 (RedRum) 14.00 EUR. Still more US (and a few Canadian) obscurities for the 3rd “All American” volume. Quite a good record, similar in quality to #8.5, not quite as good as #9. Ratin: 8.5.

VV.AA. Killed By Death #12 (RedRum) 14.00 EUR. The final volume of the “All American Punk” series. More real obscurities, not that many killer tracks but consistent throughout. Ebenezer & The Bludgeons, Lubricants, Rejects (the second track), Meaty Buys, Nubs and Teenage PhDs are the winners here, with most everything else a close second. Rating: 8.5.

VV/AA. Killed By 7inch #1…#5 (RedRum) 14.00 EUR. A compilation of the first 5 Killed By 7 Inch EPs. Most of those were released only in editions of 300 copies and they quickly disappeared. If you missed out on those now you have another chance. An average collection of tracks. Rating: 7